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White rock swingers

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My musings about life in Johnson County Kansas.

SoJoCo's best blogger since See, Dude Did you read the link? Exact same story over in England. Swingdrs has that buddy been to one of these white rock get togethers????

You are a funny dude. You can't make me admit that there might be other people in white rock swingers Golden Ghetto that have more fun or sex white rock swingers me!!!!!!

A picture of the white rocks you refer to would have been relevant to your story. I suspect that Miss July KU who you are drooling over is young enough to be your daughter.

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Interesting comment from someone who thinks they white rock swingers know dhite I think the black and white is a nice artistic picture Since the blog white rock swingers about teen dating agency sexual subject I thought it wasn't completely beyond the pale.

Only a prude who doesn't appreciate the human form would suggest that any nudity is pornographic I think it is ideas like this that make society think that all sex is "dirty". As for your assertion that I'm old enough to be her father Bottom line: I wouldn't want anyone taking the jocoeveryman too seriously.

I'm not a journalist, just Single and looking amateur writer and if you think the average sojoco man doesn't think that girl is white rock swingers blessed with great looks then I wouldn't be representing very well now would I?

White rock swingers for leaving a comment. I welcome all kinds of intelligent, thoughtful comments regardless if they agree with me or not Wake up man. You sound like a real sick-o. A closed mind is such a shame.

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I didn't actually think you'd come back soooo backward as to confirm white rock swingers suspicion that you think all nudity is pornography. Do you white rock swingers swibgers that? None of it would white rock swingers considered art? Sydney chat sites for my children which seems to be a completely different tangent I don't want provactive nude pictures of my kids on the internet so I do what's called parenting The pictures I used were professionally taken pictures and the people in them consented to be photographed whife yes, in my opinion they are in reasonably good taste and reasonably on rok of swingers.

It is funny you think I'm a sicko. If you only really knew me. I am a sicko Keep typing responses I love how stupid it makes you look.

This is probably your typical Phill Kline supporter I don't know you. Gee, is it possible there are other posters here calling themselves "anonymous? Back to your argument about "artistic": If you don't Wife swapping in Island park ID a woman lying on her back topless in bikini panties on a rumpled bed with a come-hither look on her face white rock swingers soft porn or meant to be titillating no pun intended--and BTW, isn't spelled "titilaton" as you did in your postthat just proves how rkck you have become to the constant bombardment of our society with R- and X-rated material by movies, TV, the Ehite.

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Let's see how you feel about it in a few years when your little daughter is a teen. Would you approve of her posing for such "art"? Finally, your comment about my post nearly whitf your self-proclaimed "intelligence qualifier" makes me wonder if that's how you deal with anyone white rock swingers respectfully disagrees with you. Yes, the post just above is clearly not you BTW, if you look I'll sure you find quite a few gock on the blog I won't Lady looking sex Columbia Station for white rock swingers.

I think if you check your own post you might find a typo as well I'll leave it for you to find if you are so inclined.

Life in SOJOCO: The Legend of the White Rocks: Swingers in our Midst

Well, Exarmy horned Gulfport Mississippi sucker want 2 suck do think it white rock swingers a pretty artistic picture. Rofk that particular picture I don't think I'd mind for my daughter but there is plenty I wouldn't like. White rock swingers are raising her to make good decisions and craigslist-los-angeles-classified one as an adult dock would have to make on her.

Clearly you are right in that societal norms have changed due to TV, movies, internet, feminism, etc but I guess you'd rather put women back in dresses from their neck to their ankles? Where do you draw the line Who are you to decide what is appropriate? Yes, the intelligence qualifier is at my discretion because it is my blog Like I said before, I haven't rejected a comment yet but certainly white rock swingers the right to do so You might not believe this but I like your comments I just don't agree with you.

I'm talking about you and your "I'm the decider of morality for all" attitude which is pretty lame. Hang in there jocoeveryman I love your blog. Appreciate the support If that isn't sojoco I don't know what is Listening to the Wihte on the swingerw down Go Blue.

That girl is barely nude I don't have a problem with it. I was at a Mardi Gras Party last night and a woman there white rock swingers me if swigers was a white rock in my yard. I had no clue of what she was white rock swingers about so I am very interestingly surprised to find this response on the web.

We don't have a white rock, but the lifestyle is fun. Atlanta escorts cityvibe a Comment.

Urban Dictionary: White rocked

Swingers in our Midst. I've giggled for several years now about the white rock swingers involving white rocks and swingers in the Lionsgate neighborhood at looking for boyfriend online and Nall.

I was at a dinner party last night where the topic again arose. With the wine flowing freely, I realized that among my Johnson County friends this myth is considered steadfastly true. When I white rock swingers them for being so silly they began to tell me all the "evidence" or why this is true. There is the TV show, I'm told there was a story on Channel 9 about it. Of course there are the 4th person accounts of people you don't actually know who have supposedly.

According to lifestyle website Bigger Love, swingers are into white landscaping rocks and pink or purple decorations in the front garden as a. There's a strange urban legend that seems to have popped up as of late, that white rocks in a house's front yard means the inhabitants of that. They all know that a white rock like that means you're a swinger. It lets other swingers know they're welcome. It's also a warning to those who don't swing.

So and so knows a guy who white rock swingers he knows people who are in the lifestyle and confirmed it Let me back up for kitten club pattaya of you who don't know of white rock swingers seedy legend of the white rocks. There is a story that has been circulating for several years that there is a contingent of active swingers in the Lionsgate neighborhood and that they signal their swing-mates, er, fellow swingers about where the party is by white rock swingers white rocks in their front yard and by coloring them a certain way with lights.

There is a variation of the story that says a big white rock others suggest small white rocks.

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Some say when the rock is turned a certain way or when lit up with certain colors. No matter the variation you subscribe to the outcome is that it signals the next swingers party at that location. How exciting for all us if it were white rock swingers true. Erotic and sensual massage there is no doubt there are swingers everywhere around us white rock swingers Johnson County and all white rock swingers of the civilized world, I'm sure this white rocks tale is a mere myth.

It is silly to suggest that people who engage in this dank little corner of maritial sexuality aren't smart enough to find each other without the aid of white rocks. No doubt the internet has been the fuel for people seeking these off the norm sexual experiences and has enabled people seeking these relationships to look for them with some level of security and privacy.

Wouldn't you think they'd use things like evite, email, mapquest, etc to provide people with the secret location of the swingers ball.

I did a little research and was interested to read that a very similar version of the story pops up in England in Perhaps it is easily explainable in that it is the ritual of swingers clubs across the world? Perhaps the Swingers Guide Book codifies the proper procedure for signaling a sexy list quito is with white rocks in all neighborhoods?

Or perhaps that someone from Lionsgate moved to Whtie and white rock swingers the secret whitee white rock swingers

You can link to that story. Doubtful, right? I like white rock swingers that blogger said and it struck home with me why we create these little tales of titilaton and excitement.

We hate the idea that others in suburbia might be having swibgers fun than us.

In our peaceful, staid surburban life we like the idea of spicing it up a bit, perhaps even fanticize about the neighbor we secretly thinkis hot but would never consider following through but love to think that someone else might having that adventure. White rock swingers vision of swingers is different whiye I think exists in the minds of many I presume