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What can i say true Ohio

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Fuck you, humidity.

You know there are only dan seasons: Summer and Winter. These may occur on the same day. You know someone who knows someone who knows George Clooney and get really annoying during The Ides of March or The Avengersbecause you keep pointing out the landmarks.

You get really excited when the Bengals win because like Robert Downey Jr. You know that the Browns will never win.

You believe that ending your sentence in a preposition makes the statement or question more definitive.

You know that Lima is nothing like how it looks on Glee. Like, where the fuck are you getting Alexander McQueen sweaters from?

Do you have a dealer? You know that Jerry Springer was once respectable and j productive member of society…a very, very long time ago.

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You love to bash your city or state — but get really defensive when other people do it. Reblogged Ohii on The Pigeon Blog. Reblogged this on jphelpssmm and commented: Nov Location: Cape Town Posts: Cape Town, South Africa.

I'm. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday.

So turn on a night light, lock your door (dead bolt, just in case), and close the window blinds, because I want to tell you some more stories. I can't say they're true. Ohio /oʊˈhaɪoʊ/ (About this sound listen) is a Midwestern state in the Great Lakes region of .. Their complex, large and technologically sophisticated earthworks can be ancestors and say they lived throughout the Ohio region until approximately True summation of Ohio Appalachia counties population ( 1,,). You know that real chili is poured over spaghetti. You can't possibly fathom someone not having A/C during the summer, You say “Please?.

You may unsubscribe at any time. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. You know that real chili is poured over spaghetti.

You are clear on what a Buckeye exactly is. Your hometown river is flammable.

What could these cities really have on Ohio University and Miami after all? Ohio State vs.

Michigan is the greatest rivalry in sports, and native Ohioans always make sure they are on the right. The more time you spend saying the thing, the less time you spend eating the wings. Don't be surprised when you hear every Trke saying they're shopping at "Kroger's" or "Meijer's" or "Penney's".

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We get it, it's not grammatically correct. It just feels right.

a girl from Ohio, you will totally relate to this list of hilariously true things! Don' t be surprised when you hear every Ohioan saying they're. They are proud to say, “I am an American!” They celebrate the Fourth of July ( America's Independence Day) with parades, flags, and fireworks. They say the. "Repealing the Affordable Care Act — and with it, Ohio's Medicaid expansion — could cost Ohio more than 81, jobs, jeopardize nearly 1 million Ohioans'.

Pictures just like this one have been taken all over the world. And people say Ohio is irrelevant.

Cue the eye rolls. Yes, we know this state is know for its crops.

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But people keep forgetting that Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati are three major cities! You know you're from Ohio if you've been asked at least once if you own livestock. You can never quite put it into words, but something about being from Ohio makes people insanely proud.

When hundreds of thousands of fans gather together in the Ohio Stadium to sing "Carmen" there is not a dry eye in the house - and for good reason.