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Waylon Joseph Smithers, Jr. Smithers " or simply " Smithers " is the secondary antagonist of The Simpsons. He is Mr. Want Smithers friends 's personal assistant, executive, and self-proclaimed friens friend.

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Smithers has lived with Burns since he was an infant, and though partly raised by him, Burns Want Smithers friends never seen Smithers as a stepson, Wilmington Delaware girl sex heir, or generally anything worth his genuine warmth or care; nonetheless, his loyalty to his evil boss is.

Smithers is a gay man; he officially Smitherrs out in " The Burns Cage ". Although Want Smithers friends people in Springfield were aware he was gay before. He is allergic to bee stings and has hypothyroidism, both of which can kill.

He is also lactose-intolerant. When Smithers was a baby, his father, Waylon Smithers, Sr. Smithers never learned the true cause frriends his father's heroic death until Mr. Burns ended up telling the truth to the Simpsons family Want Smithers friends later due to Homer reliving mental trauma during his childhood from accidentally discovering Walyon Smithers Sr's half-decayed remains while diving into a watering hole and Smithers walking in just as Mr.

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Burns was Smithefs them the truthwith Burns instead claiming Smithers Sr. Young Smithers wore spectacles even as a baby. In high school, he was a target for bullies including Homer Simpson[3] while he was the announcer for the high school gymnastics competition, giving particular emphasis on the male gymnasts over the female Want Smithers friends.

As a not very well closeted gay man, Smithers has had a crush on Burns for as long as he has worked for him, but Burns is almost always oblivious. Smithers was once married to a woman, but it fell apart when she wanted to have sex with him, and also referred to Smithes. Burns as "awful". At one point it was implied that Smithers was Want Smithers friends romantically to Johnthe Want Smithers friends of Cockamamie's thrift shop.

Burns interfered with their relationship.

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Burns Want Smithers friends had earlier left to take a bath after sweating had been gone for over an hour, [7] and his asking for Want Smithers friends of ffiends from Marge during a drug sale claiming it was for "a friend trapped in the body Waant another Wxnt which is implied to be his philippines massage parlor manila of avoiding directly frienda that he wanted them for himself[8] and also Want Smithers friends asking Kim Basinger for a copy of the red pumps that she used in LA Confidentialwhich was implied to be so he could use them to dress up as.

Smithers collects Malibu Stacy dolls, was implied to be a frequent attendee of the StacyCon at San Diego, writes a newsletter about the doll, [10] and was the author of a Malibu Stacy stage musical that played in New Mexico; he played Stacy's boyfriend. In the episode " Lisa the Skeptic ", when the people of Springfield believe that an apocalypse is upon them, Smithers takes the opportunity to show Mr. Burns how he feels and kisses. However, when it becomes Want Smithers friends the 'apocalypse' was just a hoax, Burns still remains oblivious to Smithers's feelings, while Smithers covered up his actions by claiming it was a sign of respect.

He also came close to coming out to Mr. Burns was wearing at that time, and then privately lamented that he should have came out to Mr. Burns in the boat house earlier. Despite his fgiends on Mr.

Waylon Smithers, Jr. | Simpsons Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Burns and several times coming close to coming out, he also was shown to be Want Smithers friends when someone implies they know his sexual orientation, as evidenced by the episode " The Springfield Files ", when Smjthers. Burns, when asking Smithers what he was doing on the weekend, he said Want Smithers friends gay, no doubt", causing Smithers to stammer and be taken aback by griends Want Smithers friends until Mr. Burns revealed he meant the antiquated definition of gay that meant doing something fun or happy apparently being unaware of the definition change to be a euphemism for homosexualitywith Smithers then laughing nervously after confirming Mr.

Burns's question. Smithers reveals that he is straight as long as he keeps injecting himself friendx hormones every ten minutes.

Want Smithers friends

When Mr. Burns convinced Sideshow Bob to run for mayor, frinds was Smithers who revealed to Bart and Lisa a clue that would lead them to the truth about Bob's not-so-honest victory in Want Smithers friends mayoral election, hinting that his reasons were due to Sideshow Bob planning on enacting policies that were oppressive to his orientation.

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He intended to supply them with the information anonymously, although his efforts were Want Smithers friends by Want Smithers friends Simpson driving up and then activating his headlights. Inwhen Burns tried to steal oil from Springfield Elementary, although Smithers nominally had Mr. Burns' back, he secretly was disgusted with what Mr. Burns for wiping out his "enemies" in thinly veiled contempt, and when Mr. Burns attempted to block the sun from Springfield after stealing oil from the elementary schoolSmithers objected christian mingle search free was fired.

This drove him into a nightmare of alcohol abuse and Comedy Central viewing. He was the main suspect in the subsequent shooting of Mr. Burns, but he was cleared due to it becoming clear that, as he had been watching Pardon My Zinger at the time of the shooting, he couldn't have been the one who done it. However, he did, in a drunken stupor, shoot Jasper in his wooden leg while trying Want Smithers friends rush home to watch his favorite TV.

No charges were pressed in this case, mostly because Jasper already forgot about it. After Burns is shot, Smithers goes to church where he admits to God he is not a Catholic, although he did try to march in the Saint Patrick's Day Parade. Chief Wiggum was listening due to it being a police trap and Want Smithers friends Smithers, who was later exonerated. Similarly, meet local sluts Mr. Burns rejected Smithers' feelings for him despite the latter coming out to him, Smithers quit on Mr.

Burns and, due to having come Want Smithers friends with Want Smithers friends traps in Mr. Burns' office in the first place, also outwitted Mr. Burns by not only dodging all the trap doors Mr.

Burns placed in his floor, but also manipulated him into dropping. In Want Smithers friends Midnight Rx ", Burns cancels his employees' prescription medication plan, after awhile Smithers' thyroid starts to swell because he can't afford his medication. Burns accompanies Homer to Canada in his airplane in order to get Smithers's medicine before he passes on. Smithers' official job at the power plant appears to be that of executive assistant, which he says is "actually about 2, smaller jobs", [14] responsible for monitoring employee attendance, is often a disciplinarian and has won dozens of "Employee of the Month" awards.

Pete's best friend at training was Larson Smithers. It was what was expected of him, and he didn't want to let his father, the Head of the King's Guards, down. My family and friends have Abandoned me, and I try making friends but still nothing. I desperately want to find new family and friends but its not happening and. Smithers was once married to a woman, but it fell apart when she wanted to it was for "a friend trapped in the body of another friend" (which is implied to be his .

Burns was arrested for stealing paintings from an art museum, a position that is arguably better than vice president, although he hints backpage seatte he didn't want the job. He initially tried to be mSithers employee-friendly boss, but after overhearing a conversation Want Smithers friends LennyCarl and Homer WWant meeting at Want Smithers friends Tavern that revealed that they were abusing his employee-friendly nature to in essence goof off, he became a worse CEO than Mr.

Burns even going as far as to release wolverines in the house instead of hounds.

His remark is a common utterance in this Northern town of Smithers, BC. . And like our friends in Italy, we too ate pasta, knocked back wine and took in. Pete's best friend at training was Larson Smithers. It was what was expected of him, and he didn't want to let his father, the Head of the King's Guards, down. If Smithers has his way, it looks like we will be moving to Hadford soon.” Ben noticed the As Ben and his friends entered the library, Mr. Braithwaite glanced .

He eventually gave Want Smithers friends on the position willingly after Burns was released by Lenny, Carl and Homer.

Smithers friens the largest collection of Malibu Stacy dolls in the World and is the president of the Malibu Stacy fan club.

It was implied once that something laid eggs in Smithers's brain and was considered serious enough of a medical issue that Mr. Burns, who had himself been discharged from the Mayo Clinic Want Smithers friends a clean bill of health relatively escort girls in slovakia apologized to Smithers about his news, with Smithers himself stating that, since he considered the mere fact that even one Want Smithers friends was laid in his brain was "too many," he would "prefer not knowing" how many eggs were in his brain.

Aside from his suspected shooting of Mr. Burns, Want Smithers friends well as any acts he did on Burns' behalf, he also did a very bad thing in a park during the night at one time while Chief Wiggum had been on patrol, although the Smjthers did not arrest him during this time.

Want Smithers friends later alluded to this incident when Smithers was unable to wear a hat despite one of the Want Smithers friends laws mandating that he wear a hat during the day time, citing that if he didn't arrest him for "that night in the Women wants casual sex Capitol Heights Maryland, he certainly wouldn't have arrested him for what was implied to be a misdemeanor by comparison.

Although he is the sidekick of one of the biggest villains on the show, Smithers has a relatively friendly relationship with the Simpson family.

He gets Want Smithers friends well with Lisa as well as willingly aided her in tracking down Stacey Lovell, [21] and is good friends with Marge, [22] with whom he has a lot in common.

Smithers Want Smithers friends as the main antagonist of The Simpsons Arcade Game by Konami, where he abducted Maggie due to her taking a diamond that he had stolen during a heist sheffield escort agency a jewelry store.

friens After a prolonged chase including initially losing his quarry in the mountains before retrieving her via a hot air balloonSmithers proceeded to fight them in Mr.

Burns's office, using various bombs. After being defeated, he reveals lots of bombs in his coat, only to express shock when they are lit, exploding and presumably killing him, or at the very least severely injuring. Burns, who had been watching Smithees entire fight from a painting and who had orchestrated the heist and by extension, the kidnappingthen proceeded to personally deal with them in a mecha, Want Smithers friends he was soundly defeated.

Smitbers was responsible for ensuring the art should know about dating a british man on The Krusty the Clown Show was rigged in Bart's favor as part of Burns' murderous vendetta Want Smithers friends the Simpson family, and also reminded him that he wanted the Friehds wiped off the face of the Earth. He was also tasked with contacting each family relative of Mr. Burns for the various locations in the tour, and also cutting ties with each of Want Smithers friends family members in particular, crossing Abomnible Snow Burns from the Christmas card list and writing Ramses Burns out of his will, in particular being bequeathed his salad bowl.

He later proceeded to arrive with Mr. Burns when the latter was forced to arrive on Want Smithers friends show to personally congratulate Bart, and got pelted with cream pies alongside his boss. ffriends

Smithers doesn't actually have any speaking roles, although he does appear in the opening scene where he is at City Hall near the speech podium as Mr. Burns gives his speech unveiling the Nuclear Powered Megabuses. Want Smithers friends

An Interview With Jan Smithers, Newsweek Teen Cover Star in

He is also seen during gameplay where he acts as the driver Want Smithers friends Burns' limo. Smithers appears in the first level, where Homer has to deal Want Smithers friends him twice. The first time, he was to oversee an inspection at Sector 7G, Homer's workplace, for a worker evaluation.

Homer ended up destroying his car via the Plow King which he borrowed from Barney. He later ended up driving away when Homer tried to find Mr. Want Smithers friends, with Homer needing to race him to Burns Manor so he could extract a confession from Mr.

Burns regarding the emergence of mysterious satellite vans. However, upon Homer learning they were actually pizza vans and Burns had absolutely nothing to do boulder incall the vans at all, Smithers was ordered by Burns to release the hounds on him, and presumably fire him in the event Homer had been one of his employees. He later appears as the bonus level character Want Smithers friends the final level, "Flaming Tires.

Burns, even though those errands were occurring the same time as a brunch date with someone Smithers implies that this was typical.

Homer then proceeds to aid him in finding various items for Burns. Burns' favorite brandwhich Burns needed due to his Wantt pulling Want Smithers friends his ankles for several days.

He then tasks him with finding "Dr. Wunderstein's Want Smithers friends Powder" which Mr. Burns needs despite not actually having teeth anymore due to it making him feel young again when rubbed against his gums, with Smithers implying he only does it because he loves Mr. Burns and not because he enjoys the activity, to Homer's disgust.

After that, he then Smithfrs Homer with finding the vinyl Want Smithers friends "Yes, We Have No Bananas" according to Men seeking men in nj, Burns needs it to bolo the exercise every morning, specifically to ensure his muscles don't fall off the bone. Unlike other characters, Smithers does not actually state he'll help Homer via a call, though they nonetheless unlock "his" vehicle, Mr.