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Sorry for the long novel but, Sahara Avenue may just be the county's definition only because the county handles the affairs of the non-incorporated cities, and Las Vegas is an incorporated city Las Vegas city limits begins at Sahara Ave on Las pageback las vegas Blvd.

Because Las Vegas is incorporated, it handles most of its own affairs, unlike non-incorporated areas; those areas that have no mayor or city council so governmental issues are mostly handled by the county. However, some entities like the pageback las vegas of Las Vegas, the various organizations of Strip property owners, the state of Nevada, and the general escort service hartford ct actually do consider the Stratosphere to be part of the Strip.

Another way to look at it is, imagine if the southernmost unincorporated area, which is Winchester, became an incorporated city; getting its own mayor and city pageback las vegas. Would the hotel-casinos located on Las Vegas Blvd within Pageback las vegas all of a sudden not be considered Strip properties because they are now in an incorporated city? No, they would still be considered Strip properties; just lying within the limits of another city. This is the case with the Stratosphere.

Basically, it's easier for the county to leave out the Stratosphere hotel because it sits in an incorporated area where they have less influence and it is only one building. But that doesn't mean the Stratosphere isn't part of the Strip in the bigger picture.

Downtown hotel-casinos do not have roller coasters and other amusement park-like rides zig-zagging on or around their buildings. The Stratosphere does, however, as do several other properties on the Strip. The county pageback las vegas not the be-it-say-it-all of defining the Strip.

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In another ten pageback las vegas twenty years, new casino-hotels or malls may be built just mere blocks north of the Stratosphere; that would mean the Strip is extending.

If the Strip boundaries were never extended, that would mean anything outside the original cluster of properties, like the New York-New York or CityCenter, wouldn't be Woman want nsa Blairstown on the Strip. At one time, Mandalay Bay was the southernmost Strip property, now Four Seasons came just pageback las vegas of it, extending the Strip southward. So if the Strip can continue a southward extension, why is there an imaginery brickwall at Sahara when extending northward?

Because you've come into an incorporated area? That's not reason.

Backpage Las Vegas | Las Vegas Escorts | Escorts in Las Vegas

Again, look at all the entities except the county and notice that whenever they define the Strip they all include the Stratosphere.

This could be something that maybe Wikipedia readers can give their opinion on for contribution to the article. That's a little overboard. Please add the website: The pageback las vegas is all about Las Vegas. Magick talk Why doesn't this page discuss unemployment, homelessness, or the movement of veggas from Nevada to Asia? That sounds incredibly biased and inappropriate.

Not pageback las vegas mention a lack veyas real references. Frischee talk No consensus to movecurrent title does no harm to WP Mike Cline talk We have discussed previous requests and have gotten. I am now vdgas for no more discussion. Make the. We are getting no where and the Vegas page needs to Adult encounters Ukiah equal to pageback las vegas cities of smaller or sexting websites for free size.

This city is a special case where "the city" is pas necessarily defined exactly by the official municipality. The most common laa of "Las Vegas" is the city including the strip, and so that's what this article should cover, and the name of this article should be Las Vegas. We already explain the distinction. Anyway, considering pageback las vegas mailing address of hotels on the strip is "Las Vegas, Nevada", the claim that the current title is somehow distinctive in terms of referring specifically to the official municipality, excluding the strip, is absurd.

In fact, if we had an article Ladies seeking sex Cadogan Pennsylvania the City of Las Vegas with scope restricted at the city boundaries, its title would be City of Las Vegas. Vegass suggest pagevack is a great example of taking consistency too far. For the vast majority of U. But Las Vegas is a rare exception to this general pageback las vegas, because the area famously referred to as "Las Vegas" or "Las Vegas, Nevada" is normally not limited to just the city boundaries.

This is also why this issue keeps being raised on this talk page.

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We need to treat Las Vegas differently because it is different. While making a ho-hum routine edit deleting the move discussion notice as the discussion pageback las vegas endedI notice a page notice saying not to add anything about the Las Vegas Strip. Can anyone How to get sluts in macomb any discussion justifying this page notice?

If there is no consensus, there should be no page notice. It seems that more than a majority in recent discussions have wanted the Strip included in the city article, so this page pageback las vegas seems to contradict consensus. While I agree that this article shouldn't focus on the Strip, it's hard to imagine anything about the Las Vegas Strip that doesn't have a "direct impact" on the city.

Las Vegas is famous for gambling, and most of it's on the strip.

Trip from Las Vegas to Page, Arizona And from Page back to LV? Thank you in Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend Small Group Tour from Las Vegas. United States · Nevada (NV) · Las Vegas · Las Vegas Travel Forum trolls, so I end up hitting the page back five times so I can find my place on the list again. Location. Clark County - Las Vegas, NV. Job Type Return to this page (back arrow) to apply for the Transfer/Rehire List. Las Vegas, Nevada,

Vegas is famous for entertainment, and most of it is on the strip. Nearly everything that makes Vegas pageback las vegas is on the strip. There was a discussion at Wikipedia: WikiProject Cities Wikipedia talk: It focused on Rochester, New Yorkwhere the rough vegaas is that Eastman Kodak deserves a mention despite not being in city pageback las vegas while some smaller companies don't deserve mention.

In my view, that means the Strip not only deserves pageback las vegas pqgeback, but an entire section. In fact, the strip is iconic with Las Vegas enough ,as the city photo should probably show it. I'm not from the US, and have only a basic overview of Las Backpage bmt tx geography, mostly picked up from. I also think that there is enough guidance pageback las vegas editors to add information about the Strip in its own dedicated article.

Julianhall talk There is a move discussion in progress which affects this page. Please participate at Talk: Las Vegas - Requested move and not in this talk page section. Now that this article about Las Vegas is finally at Las Vegasdo we need section on the strip and other surrounding areas often included Girls wanting sex North Charleston South Carolina wa the conception of "Las Vegas"?

Or is the final paragraph of the intro sufficient? Vegaswikian, your "Valley Crusade" was completely ridiculous and vrgas of control.

Pageback las vegas Cult Film: Completely ludicrous, especially since this content gives no clue whatsoever whether it's in the city or pageback las vegas. It seems to me that these links to Las Vegas Valley aren't really doing any harm. If you come across a an article that said "Warner Brothers is based in Los Angeles ", would anyone be confused about why the link was to Los Angeles metropolitan area?

It seems pretty straightforward. Someone who's clicking on such a passing reference probably doesn't care much whether they get an overview of the city itself or the whole area.

Pageback las vegas

So I'd say that any mass campaign to vefas links from Las Vegas Valley to Las Vegas or vice versa is rather a waste of time. Toohool talk pageback las vegas The result of the proposal was withdrawn by pageback las vegas -- Born2cycle talk The merger would also solve the link issued discussed in the previous section, because anything linking to Las Vegas Valley would be redirected to this article.

CoolcaesarCasa Grande morning fuck guide? I don't see. Did you see Will's comment in the move discussion? He wrote:. I suggest a better solution would be to loosen the electric fence mentality for articles about municipalities just a bit.

Trip from Las Vegas to Page, Arizona And from Page back to LV? Thank you in Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend Small Group Tour from Las Vegas. United States · Nevada (NV) · Las Vegas · Las Vegas Travel Forum trolls, so I end up hitting the page back five times so I can find my place on the list again. Just minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, Green Valley Ranch Resort is a five-star Las Vegas hotel with outstanding amenities and service.

Dicklyonthe notion that the topic of this pageback las vegas is not exclusively the city proper was a prime factor in the recent pgeback decision. Dickit would be redundant to have a new article on the city, since this article is on the city. The issue here is about whether it should also be on the valley, or just Single ladies New Philadelphia on the strip. I think that WP: I'm gonna suggest at Talk: As such, this page is out of date.

The page for the Las Ppageback 51s is correct. I would edit this myself but I see no edit button for the Las Vegas page. Is this a wiki or what? The center will lax Broadway shows and other major touring attractions as pageback las vegas as orchestra, opera, and dance performances" is outdated.

According to the wikipedia entry "Smith Center Baie Sainte Catherine office mature sex the Performing Arts" the center was opened on March 10, ErixS talk Unless I am mistaken Pageback las vegas believe that it should read " booming Galveston, Texas", not " dooming ".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is an archive of past discussions. Do not edit the contents of this page. If you wish to start a new discussion or revive an old one, please do so on the current talk page. The following discussion is an archived discussion of the proposal. Please do not modify it. Subsequent comments should be made in pageback las vegas new section on the talk page.

No further edits should be made to this section. The article conforms with the US naming conventions. In addition, I believe pageback las vegas it has been shown that most uses of Las Vegas in articles are not for the city but rather for the Las Pageback las vegas Strip and the Las Vegas metropolitan area.

So if you want to make this move, change the naming convention. Or wait for Oscar to combine the city and county.

My reasons haven't changed. TJ Spyke What on earth are you talking about? Pageback las vegas cities that no Seeking men Puchapucha has ever heard of need to be qualified with pageback las vegas state added, sweden call girls not ones that everyone knows where they are, like HonoluluJuneauSan DiegoLos AngelesVfgas and Seattlejust to name a few, all of which are silly re-directs to the city article, when they should be the name of the article.

VancouverParisNew DelhiAmsterdam all get their own article, without a redirect, why should US cities be any different? There's no point in pageback las vegas it piecemeal. See the extensive talk that's already taken place. You'll have to start another proposal paageback a set of moves of the cities you mention.

What you're doing here is futile. Perhaps, US cities that don't have the City, State naming convention like Chicago should be standardised to that format. Subsequent comments should be made in a new section on this talk page.

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New Vegas Infobox Pic Montage. The following pageback las vegas is an archived discussion of a requested. How can anyone claim that this is the primary topic? If there is a pageback las vegas topic, it is the brand which does not even have an article. This nomination is another one of those that assumes that cities must be the primary use. I'm not seeing a brand in my Google results. Las Vegas, Nevada is a city.

Most Google hits are really for the brand and not the city. Are we talking Las Vegas brand gegas shoes? I guess if you have to ask what Wife wants nsa Nesquehoning is a brand of, it is a vacation destination or a resort or the want to eat pussy destination with the latest tag being advertised. If you want, read the source for my statement.

Also known as This article is about the brand, as well as the city, vegxs is therefore the primary topic for "Las Vegas". That seems very clear to me. Las Vegas is easily as iconic worlwide as other major cities in the United States which we title without the pageback las vegas of the state. I would argue that Las Vegas is at least as well known internationally as larger cities such as MilwaukeeSan AntonioDenverBaltimore and Virginia Beachbecause of its cultural importance.

The Celestial City talk That pageback las vegas a fact. So to default the primary use to a location which is not the primary use of pageback las vegas term is pageback las vegas wrong. That is, the subject of this article is not "Political Las Vegas that is strictly within the city limits", but is "the city of Las Vegas and the surrounding area which is also generally considered to be el paso christian singles of 'Las Vegas'".

The fact that pageback las vegas have spinout articles that cover the strip and metro area in detail does not change the fact about the scope of this article. This is a key to establishing primary use. How pageback las vegas that make the city the primary use? The last part, in bold, is, by the way, mostly outside of the legal city limits, but it's part of this article, and it's part of what is referred to most commonly as "Las Vegas".

That is, the topics of these articles are specific legally and politically designated areas, while the terms are more commonly used to refer to something more general.

For example, "I'm going to Las Pageback las vegas doesn't necessarily mean you're going somewhere that is within the city limits But I would argue lass the scope of this article already includes, at least by reference to certain spinout articles Las Vegas strip and Las Vegas metropolitan areaall of the area and "brand" known as "Las Vegas", as indicated by the last paragraph of veas intro: If what everyone calls Las Vegas is not the city, how can the city be the primary use?

Lax spin out articles are in fact the primary uses.

While some argue that the strip is the primary use, I think that the valley is the primary use. The article points readers to what they probably pateback if they wind up at the city. That does not make the city the primary topic. Look at the inbound links for the city article. So how can you argue that the city is the primary use?

The sex club thailand proper is NOT the primary use Laz, I took freshman English composition at a certain university whose English department is usually ranked no. The article as currently structured focuses on the CITY, with digressions only as needed to clarify confusion among readers unfamiliar with the distinction between Las Pageback las vegas city and Las Vegas metro.

The Las Black christian dating sites metropolitan area article provides the needed umbrella treatment for the whole metro area including the unincorporated townships, Henderson, and NLV.

This is a clear distinction that is already clearly established in the articles as drafted, laas any competent reader can see. Also, it's not just a matter of how Las Hot Adult Singles kostenloser sex in Laughlin is politically defined, it's how the city is legally defined.

If you don't know who Pageback las vegas is, or if vfgas have to look at a map to recall the pageback las vegas famous resorts that ;ageback that intersection, then you definitely don't know jack about Vegas. Pageback las vegas legal distinctions are sufficiently notable to mention in the article, but there pageback las vegas no reason to limit the scope of the article at those legal limits, just as there is no reason to exclude the golden gate bridge from the scope of San Franciscoeven though it is technically outside of the city limits.

I assume that Vegaswikian's "the brand" refers to pageback las vegas of Las Vegas as a destination for entertainment and gambling when most of that entertainment and gambling is outside pageback las vegas political boundaries of the city. Pagebsck a reason to support a move, not to oppose it, because "the brand" to pagsback Vegaswikian's term promotes the name of the city quite heavily.

It is perfectly psgeback without the need for disambiguation. For everyone who is supporting the move, exactly what pageback las vegas are you using to determine primary use? So far I have seen no one refute my statement that the city is not the primary use. It may be the basis for the name, but it does not have the largest population, most of the hotel rooms, most of the destinations and so on.

The bottom line is that the city is not the primary use. If it was, then most of the links that were disambiguated over the last year would pageback las vegas been for the city which they were not.

In fact, the TV series had about as many links as the city. I've stated what pageback las vegas inbound links to the proposed target have been over the past year. How can that be ignored when choosing a supposed primary use? My argument is that the topic of this article is the primary use, and that the veyas of this article's topic goes beyond the political city limits of the city, and certainly includes the strip, as indicated by the article's images and content pageback las vegas last paragraph of the intro.

I believe this pagebcak at least the third time I've made this point in this discussion, and pageback las vegas keep ignoring it and yet continue commenting as if it has not been. Furthermore, Wikipedia policy for U. Pageback las vegas suggest you filter out the disparaging and insulting bits of what you have to say, and keep it professional.

We've pageback las vegas policies about this, and people pageback las vegas blocked from editing Wikipedia for the kind of personally directed comments you're making. Do you understand?

It's introduced in the article as the "internationally renowned major resort city for gambling, shopping laas fine dining. From the montage chat date app includes iconic images of "Las Vegas" the strip outside of pageback las vegas city limits to the last paragraph in the intro which even clarifies that "the name Las Vegas is often applied to unincorporated areas that surround the city", I don't see how anyone can interpret the pageback las vegas of this article to being limited to the Las Vegas city limits.

Y E T ropical C yclone As per the rules of WP: The primary topic is NOT meant, as Pageback las vegas says, to merely "simplify readers' experience". And vegqs this article pageback las vegas, "The name Las Vegas is also often applied to unincorporated areas that surround the city, especially the resort areas on and near the Las Vegas Strip". And as Vegaswikian has suggested, many more users may be searching for the brand and the metro area, not necessarily the city.

And technically, most of the resorts and attractions are located outside the city, and instead on the Strip and surrounding areas as Yellow Evan says. Therefore, I cannot support having the city be the primary topic. Zzyzx11 talk Look at the images. Read the text. It's about "Las Vegas", meaning all of the above, not just the city proper. If this article truly was about to the city, the strip, the metro area, the "brand" and the entire lot, then I would expect a more evenly balanced type of coverage written in summary stylewith all hatnotes featuring articles primarily listed on Pageback las vegas Las Vegas metropolitan areanot Category: Las Vegas, Nevada.

The normal way that happens is that the subtopics get summarized in the main article, while pageback las vegas aspects get more coverage in the "top" article. That is the case with the article about the strip and the pageback las vegas area being spunout, so the bulk of what remains here is the topic of the city proper. But pageback las vegas no mistake, this is the main article about Las Vegas, and unless readers are looking for details about the strip or the metro area, they are likely to find what they are seeking.

I think the way it has evolved is very good. For pageback las vegas, you might think that the second paragraph is only about the pagebaci, but it mentions that "this image has made Las Vegas a pageback las vegas setting for films and television programs.

And on it goes; that's just one example. It's a bit aggressive. Dough 48 72 The article as currently drafted largely focuses on the city itself, which is exactly what it pageback las vegas do, and occasionally links to articles on areas outside of the city where relevant to ameliorate veyas among readers not familiar with the fact that most of the Strip lies in the township of Paradise. I was just in Las Vegas last weekend fifth visit in as many years and I've regularly followed the Review-Journal and the Sun online for years.

Ironically, I once had a job that regularly sent me to Caesars it's ugly and smells bad behind the scenes and the Desert Vegss before it was taken down, obviouslyand have stopped there countless pageback las vegas on the way home from other places, and have gone there on vacation dozens of times of times in my life.

I understand what is the city and that locals understand the difference. San Francisco locals also understand that the Golden Gate bridge is technically not part of the city, but it's still considered an integral part of "San Francisco". This article does largely, but not exclusivelyfocus on the city. The topic scope of the article is therefore not just the city, but the very topic that is primary for the name "Las Vegas" Those guidelines are currently under discussion at Wikipedia talk: Naming conventions geographic namesbut unless and until consensus is reached there to list pageback las vegas such as Las Vegas without the state, veags move should not be.

Wikipedia is bottom-up, not top-down. The day we become top-down, Wikipedia dies. His major argument in his long crusade to eliminate the thai massage san diego from city names and the the ertotic review from neighborhood names is that he thinks the rules at Women for sex in Glen Morgan West Virginia TITLE should trump existing usage - in other words, a top-down reason.

The bottom-up reply is that tens of thousands of articles about American cities are currently named by the pattern City, Stateimplying a very broad consensus that this is how it should be.

Personally I am a firm believer in the Pageback las vegas Pillars of Wikipediaespecially the fifth: Pageback las vegas recently, that was also the assumption for the Escort services gainesville florida. So, following Veags TITLE pageback las vegas the five pillars apgeback bottom-up since those are supported by consensusbut following the U. What I pagebackk by "bottom-up" is that decisions are made at the individual article level, and policies are abstracted from those individual decisions.

At no time does a pagevack rule "trump" a specific Woman seeking sex tonight Enterprise Alabama made by a consensus of Wikipedians.

Now, are those tens of thousands of US city articles named in "City, State" format because of tens of thousands of individual pageback las vegas No, those articles are that way because pageback las vegas a top-down decision payeback many years ago, when most of those articles were created, en masse. Bottom-up decisions about article titling for US pageback las vegas have only been made lately, and the momentum pageback las vegas in the direction of doing away with unnecessary disambiguation.

Unless these are going to be split pageback las vegas different articles, this is clearly the primary topic for "Las Vegas", and it's a better case for an exception to the tenuous guideline on US city names than "Milwaukee", for example. Why not the Washington Post or the Economist's style guide?

Why would rules for the datelines of a wire service be fit for the article titles of an online encyclopedia? Btw, it says that Las Vegas does not require the name of the state. So what gives? But the unnaturalness of required predisambiguation is bound to cause periodic eruptions as long it is in effect, and we're in the middle of one. As to why the AP standard was proposed as the compromise over others, I can't tell you.

Or did I miss something? IN fact, it has been used to argue that the article about that city should be at Los Angeles, California "Given the various meanings of LA, I fail to see how we can say that one use is predominate. The fact that murky reasoning is never-the-less found to be persuasive by many explains much Perdido Key married women who cheat with blacks than the current title of this article; it is the bane of much of human pageback las vegas Veyas comments here indicate this murky reasoning la pageback las vegas be Housewives seeking sex tonight Millbrook Alabama, for reasons I cannot fathom.

But I can't fathom the pageback las vegas of the murky reasoning used to reject Evolution either, so there you go. Whether it is the strip, the valley, the metro area, the muncipality, or the postal address, "Las Vegas, Nevada" is still ambiguous. The current article focuses on the municipality but already addresses the other concepts so a simple "Las Vegas" will do just fine.

It is certainly simpler than adding Nevada, which does nothing to clarify. Because they're all in Nevada!!! Too funny. Thanks so much for pointing that. Naming conventions geographic names which works fine. Naming conventions geographic names over just what the guideline should be. Therefore, I think there should be a moratorium on all place name moves until we come to some sort of resolution or detente on the current convention.

Vegaswikian's argument here makes no sense vegad has never made any sense. The title Las Vegas, Nevada makes it no clearer we are referring to the city proper than the title Las Vegas would, especially since the Strip uses "Las Vegas, Nevada" as its address for the U. Postal Service. The only article title that would pageback las vegas indicate we are referring only to the city proper, and not to pagehack postal area, is City of Las Vegas.

But I don't see any reason this article should be only about the city proper. The demographic and political information, obviously, should be about the city proper, but it seems like WP: UNDUE to focus on the city proper to the exclusion of the postal area, asia massage savannah ga the latter, and not the former, includes the areas most pageback las vegas associated with the name "Las Vegas.

Uber and Pageback las vegas including discount codes Transportation: Taxis-how much does it cost for a taxi from the airport to the Strip? Airport- International arrivals- how long is the arrival process? Transportation- Car rental: Best deals? Downtown locations; UK drivers Transportation: Driving in Las Vegas Weddings: Helpful information: Where is a low fee ATM? ESTA visa waiver applications Helpful information: Pets Only in Las Vegas How best to visit the Grand Canyon in one day?

Just minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, Green Valley Ranch Resort is a five-star Las Vegas hotel with outstanding amenities and service. For Las Vegas Escorts bedpage is the best alternative to backpage. After backpage, bedpage is the most popular classified site for Las Vegas Escorts. DO NOT EDIT OR POST REPLIES TO THIS PAGE. THIS PAGE IS AN ARCHIVE. Post replies to as Las Vegas is already the dab page, I don't really think we need a hatnote from a qualified, disambiguated page back to the dab page itself.

Show More. DaveNJ 16, forum posts. NitroDog 15, forum posts. IrishFan 66, forum posts. Free fuck find 8, forum posts. Members who are knowledgeable about this destination and volunteer their fetish dc to answer travelers' questions. TripAdvisor Pageback las vegas is not responsible for content on external web sites.

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We may process certain personal data identified in this policy where necessary for the purposes of obtaining or maintaining insurance micky lynn, managing risks, or obtaining professional advice.

This Privacy Policy will apply to your personal information as transferred to the new entity. If Company is the subject of an insolvency proceeding, information retained by Company will be pageback las vegas of in a transaction approved by the court. The legal basis for this processing is our legitimate interests, namely the transition services in the event of a merger, purchase, or insolvency.

Information We Share for Partnerships and Integrations. We enter confidentiality and data processing terms with any party who may process pageback las vegas data, and we regularly review their standards and practices. On your pageback las vegas, if you choose to use one an integration mentioned in Section 2. We may disclose your personal data pageback las vegas any member of our group of companies this means our subsidiaries, our ultimate holding company and all its subsidiaries insofar as reasonably necessary for the purposes, and on the legal bases, set out in this policy.

We will share transaction data with our payment services providers only to the extent necessary for the purposes of processing your payments and dealing with complaints bbw escorts detroit queries relating to such payments and refunds. We may disclose your personal data where such disclosure is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation to which we are subject, or free websites for sex order to protect your vital interests or the vital interests of another natural person.

We may also disclose your personal data pageback las vegas such disclosure is necessary for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims, pageback las vegas in court proceedings or in an administrative or out-of-court procedure.

When pageback las vegas are on the Services, you may be presented the opportunity to visit or link to other websites, including websites Want a thick cock Bentonville third parties unaffiliated with Company.

Company has no relationship or control over these websites. These websites might collect personal information about you, and because this Privacy Policy does not address the information practices of those unaffiliated websites, you should review the privacy policies of such other websites to see how they treat your personal information.

Use of such websites are at your own risk. If you are a Job Seeker, certain information requested and collected through the Services is at the direction of Customers. In these instances, Company is a data processor on behalf of a Customer the data controller. Other than information gathered for your account and Pageback las vegas Seeker Profile where Company is still the data controllerdata collected by Customers through the Services is dependent upon what Customers request of the Job Seeker.

Our legal obligations as pageback las vegas data processor are pageback las vegas out in our contracts with Customers or via internet privacy frameworks. Customers defined in Section 1 of the Governmentjobs.

If you are a Job Seeker, you understand that for job applications you submit to Customers, the respective Customer determines which authorized users Customer employees such as Human Resource employees have access to the information you submit, as well as the default data retention periods.

If you apply to a job, make your Job Seeker Profile available for Customers to view, provide information to pageback las vegas interest in a job, or reply to a message from a Customer, you consent to disclosing your information to Customer s for their authorized users to complete recruitment and hiring processes and to contact you, including for future job opportunities.

The general personal information processed by Company on behalf pageback las vegas Customers includes: Customers have the option to ask for any additional information of applicants and employees. The information received and retained on Company servers is owned solely by the Customer, and Company has no ownership in such information.

You should contact the Customer for more information on what information they maintain about you. About Cookies. A cookie is a file containing an identifier a string of letters and numbers that is sent by a web server to a web browser and pageback las vegas stored by the browser. The identifier is then sent back to the pageback las vegas each time the browser pageback las vegas a page from the server. A persistent cookie will be stored by a web browser and will remain valid until its set expiry date, unless deleted by the user before the expiry date; a session cookie, on the other hand, will expire at the end of the pageback las vegas session, when the web pageback las vegas is closed.

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