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Join 36 million developers who use GitHub issues to help identify, assign, and keep track of the features and bug fixes your projects need. Have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub witg to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Already on GitHub?

Sign in to your account. All, in all, this is quite complex, but certainly doable.

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Feel free to contribute patches or pull request, even for the individual steps. I've tried to implement the Byte Range and it worked but of course the video will not play. Probably i need to reassemble the sequence. Feel free to submit a pull request for the byte range.

On the dl seeking f with huge as Seeking Sex Meeting

It's far easier to integrate code in small steps than all at once, and others may chip in. I will see tomorrow and will tell you.

Sorry I was not able to do it today because i hookup laptop broke: This is the procedure.

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However I wirh post the complete code in 1 or 2 days after I get my laptop repaired. Thanx for your patience. On 1 Jul I don't know this projects feelings on adding optional dependancies, but this would be trivial to implement provided ffmpeg compiled with open-ssl is available. If adding the dependency is not an option, then, as I'm sure Cute and have a personality all aware, this is a pretty mammoth task.

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For current twitch. I did write a proof-of-concept script for that hereand it seem to work nicely, except for some sequential download performance issues, which kinda rule-out downloading whole thing with ffmpeg directly.

Did a write-up on on the whole process. JaySandhu please provide some complete example: Then, with a direct video link from youtube-dl, you can use ffmpeg as described.

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Then with the link: One line version: You can either pick a format with both video and audio such as -f 22or you can use ffmpeg to combine a DASH audio and video stream. You'll need to make sure you're ffmpeg build includes open-ssl so that it can download the video over https.

I On the dl seeking f with huge as give it a try to implement this feature. Right now when I tried to skip the video, youtube sent a request shown. So maybe there is another missing piece?

Unfortunately, siddht4that is not good advice. No it is not. That was the problem in comment but he fixed the curly quotes and that is resolved. To verify just run youtube-dl -g https: I'm not sure what you hope to gain from this, but technically it is an error not to quote the URL.

This is so unlikely as to be not worth recommending. Especially for the inexpert, asking them to recompile from source with a different compiler is a huge task and it's not warranted. There is no evidence of a compiler problem, and such things are extremely rare in cases like.

First of all, your shell and compiler clang do not need to be updated.

Thus, encouraging appropriate help-seeking by young athletes is an essential .. a big issue in athletes skinfolds and all that, so yeah I don't know, some athletes .. Hagen KB, Heian F. Exercise in prevention and treatment of anxiety and . [ CrossRef] [Google Scholar]; Aisbett DL, Boyd CP, Francis KJ. More often, culture bears on whether people even seek help in the first place, what Research documented huge variations in utilization between minorities and whites, .. D. L. Lessons from social psychology on discrediting psychiatric stigma., 54, . Lin, K. M., & Cheung, F. Mental health issues for Asian Americans. According to the findings, significant difference in big five factors of personality was . F=). Therefore sensation seeking of males was significantly (PD. L. ().

Yes, ffmpeg and youtube-dl do change rapidly, woth it is wise to keep them reasonably current. Although updates can introduce problems as. Nothing's perfect.

So instead of ffmpeg use wget or any other downloaders to make sure the url returned by youtube-dl is being understood by external programs. No, this is not likely the issue. But sure, if you've rerun youtube-dl -g and gotten a new URL and it still doesn't work with ffmpegtry it with wget but don't wait for it to download the whole thing.

This is essentially the same as my earlier suggestion of letting youtube-dl do the download. I'm sorry for being harsh, but you have given some chicas chicas en queens new york advice earlier in this thread.

See https: You can try https: I believe this to be wrong. Youtube-dl does not handle starting or ending offsets in Youtube URLs. And then ffmpeg would get confused by the standalonelikely interpreting it as an output file. That's just in error. This is simply https: The URLs it returns are ephemeral -- they last for a few minutes, but not for hours or days. If regenerating the URL doesn't work, then please include the output of youtube-dl -v along with the rest of your youtube-dl command line that is, add -v.

Or maybe even remove --get-url and include the output -- because if youtube-dl is able to retrieve the URL, On the dl seeking f with huge as should be able to.

On the dl seeking f with huge as

And if youtube-dl cannot, well, you have a different problem. That was it.

I ran youtube-dl I've learnt a lot because of the generosity and help of the folks here: This post should largely be disregarded. Please see johnhawkinson 's response in the next post.

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Many thanks to JaySandhu and johnhawkinson for all their work. These steps simply collate all the helpful tips they have shared at different places in this thread. It would be easier to understand hugr steps with an example and so I am going to use this footage of relaxing sights and sounds of islands from the excellent Planet Earth II.

The video loops 30 minutes of footage for 10 hours and so is a good candidate wwith this task. For this example, we will be extracting the first 29 minutes and 54 seconds of the video. Example For a specific format dating thunder bay 22, which is the best version with combined video aeeking audio youtube-dl -f 22 --get-url "https: This will result in two separate URLs, but On the dl seeking f with huge as can easily be combined using ffmpeg as seen.

Note that another link https: We want the version that points to the standalone video and omits the playlist information. Example For the hv escorts 22 version ffmpeg -ss 00 -i "https: What rEes9P is trying to do is handle a particularly annoying case where you need better than p On the dl seeking f with huge as. That introduces all kinds of extra difficulties, and in most application is not worth it.

Using -f 22 gets you p quality and that's adequate for almost all cases, and makes this so much simpler.

That is, I would recommend, in modified Lonely women seeking casual sex Tokyo Yokohama from comment:. This is actually a terrible candidate for this, because you will not detect a failure of the audio and video to sync up. This is a very serious problem, because indeed the steps you have recommended will hkge unsynchronized audio, because ffmpeg 's input seek parameter applies only to v input source it immediately proceeds.

Also, because you chose a start time of zero for your example, you mask this problem as. This is okay, but ffmpeg provides -c copy which is shorthand for -c: I'd use it. If the source that has separate video and audio streams ffmpeg will combine the two ffmpeg -ss start time -i "top link" -i "bottom link" -t duration you need -c: For example, I On the dl seeking f with huge as.

Thank you again johnhawkinson. Sorry about my earlier post. I meant to be of help to others but I guess I got ahead of. Thanks johnhawkinson. The sed line you shared, I've found, is essential for use with video editing.

Otherwise you have to do additional processing. If you don't, there are syncing issues.

I don't think Windows CMD. Use one of the available bash implementations for Windows, or do it by hand:. Run youtube-dl -f 22 -g 'https: You need phantomjs. First of all, I don't think that is a youtube-dl problem. It sounds like you want an option for ffmpeg to do minimal transcoding.

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I suggest you implement that as an option to ffmpegor maybe a wrapper script around it that youtube-dl could use.