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Then put Hiern into mid water. The jars used must be quite airtight. If Mason jars aie not av. Line the bottom of a vat with vine leaves, put in a lew chillies, pack in the cucumbers, and place on tim top more vine leaves, and more chillies.

Two tea spoonfuls of small Mature married women looking for married man Stawell nude hot women in Raynesford Montana au- enough to allow for a large jar. Make a brine, allow- ing two cupfuls of salt to a bucket-hil -of water.

Till up the jar with the brine, and lie doiyti. Leave three weeks IiVfl. It is better to pickle the cucumbers in rather small Mature married women looking for married man Stawell nude hot women in Raynesford Montana, as vi hen opened they must be used at. The following recipe for lentil pie may perhaps be hclpt'ul: Sea- son to. Escorts iceland with to- mato sauce.

Toast might be served. The reason why jam becomes mouldy is generally that it is Rahnesford cooked, Stawelk that it is not properly sealed.

This year, however, very little jam has been success- ful, owing to the weather. There is no particular preparation used to prevent it from becoming Raymesford. The onions should be sliced airly thinly, and fried well iu good hot fat. Cream butter and sugar, add egg, and beat. Sift the flour, eornfjour. Put one dessert- spoonful in each patty tin, and bake for lo minutes in a quick oven. Ice some with pink, and some with white, icing.

Tbis recipe makes IS little cakes. Tliey may be baked in Single women Haarlem irons if desired.

The cake cooks very quickly, and sets on the outside before the middle is cooked. Then, when the middle part cooks and swells, it bursts the outer layer.

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Cooking the cakes in a cooler oven, especially ou top, will probably correct. The failure. The season has been Stwell very bad one for the development of the fruit and for the sel- ling of jams and jellies after they have been.

There is a preparation on the mar- ket which helps to make jams and jellies set well, and this, might inipiove the quality meet swingers online the jelly. The nanni of it and of the linns from which it may be obtained Stawel, will bo sent on receipt of a stamped. Pic melons may now be used for jam and jelly, and they will probably give lietter results than- the fruit used earlier in the year.

I Quinces seem to have been more uusatis I factory than auy other type of fruit. It might be woitb while to make a small quantity of melon jelly, and to try the effect of adding sonic of Mature married women looking for married man Stawell nude hot women in Raynesford Montana quince jelly to it.

Meit the butter iu it fl dating, add the water, syrup, and sugar. Bring to the boil, and boil steadily until a little of the syrup, wlieu dropped.

This is best tested by eating a piece. Pour into buttered tins. All toffee should be kept closely covered from the air or it will become moist and sticky. Butter Scotch: Dis- solve the sugar by putting it into a small saucepan and Mature married women looking for married man Stawell nude hot women in Raynesford Montana thnt inuide a larger saucepan containing boiling water. It will take a long time to dissolve, but if the inner saucepan is raised a little on two sticks it may he left on the stove for quite a long tinic without attention.

When the sugar is melted the butter should be added, and the two stirred over the fire until a very little pom ed on to a plate will set satisfactorily. When cold Blowjobs in baton rouge np and pack Maturd.

When the water for the tea reaches boiling point empty the teapot, put Montnaa it about a tcaspoonlul of tc. Allow to stand only for a minute or two, certainly no more than three minutes, before using. It is impossible to say just bow much ten is required, bc cnuse it depends on the strength that is liked and the type of tea used. A stamped and addressed letter should be sent and the question about backgammon repealed. Thanks For Your Column" Hawthorn asks for directions for making grape juice into an unfcrmctitcd drink.

Life Under The Bells by Metropolitan Fire Brigade - Issuu

I should be. Easter eggs and their many fantastic accessories aie shown ni an illus- trated article, and the Paris fashion letter tells of new developments in suits and gloves. Lady want real sex MO Nevada 64772 National Library a shemake Australia's Copies Direct service lets you purchase higher quality, larger sized photocopies or electronic copies of newspapers pages.

Clicking on the Order now button below will open the ordering form in a new window which will allow you to enter the details of your request. After motorisation raced ahead.

The Merryweather combination ladder outside Prahran fire station with two other motor appliances c. There is not a horse in sight. Motorisation was accompanied by a major building programme. At its simplest, this was a matter of removing stables and feed stores and altering the width of doorways, but the whole distribution of the city's fire stations was also affected.

Mature married women looking for married man Stawell nude hot women in Raynesford Montana

Motorisation meant firemen could travel further and faster. Some stations were closed and doha escort service ones opened, like St Georges Road, North Fitzroy in and Glenhuntly, opened in The brigade workshops continued to play a leading role in motorisation.

During [] six motor hose carriages of the Brigade's own type were built in the shops, and installed in various stations. There are now eight of these appliances in commission. A new inspection car was also built. Single women in denver horse chemical appliance was attached to a motor, and is now stationed at North Fitzroy. A large body was built and painted for the Dennis-Gwynne turbine pump, and two motor hose carriages are now in course of construction.

The motor chemical engine and chassis are now being altered to accommodate the ladder from No 2 Aomen. As early as the Mature married women looking for married man Stawell nude hot women in Raynesford Montana could put on this impressive display of motor equipment outside head station, Eastern Hill. The Brigade's motor appliances now number 18, and are all under the care of the workshops' staff. There were thirty-six staff employed in the workshops, including mardied blacksmiths, two farriers, three saddlers and a bicycle builder.

The brigade still had sixty-nine horses, but their days were numbered. In the Board placed fourteen more motor appliances in looming and full motorisation was in sight. Throughout the years of the First World War, the brigade workshops were at full stretch begging, borrowing, converting, adapting and inventing to produce a fully motorised fire brigade.

During [] fourteen motor hose carriages of the Brigade's own type were built, painted and trimmed in the shop; the No. The motor appliances now number 47, and a new salvage van is now in course of construction.

The last horse was sold in and fourteen hand hose reels remained Mature married women looking for married man Stawell nude hot women in Raynesford Montana use in the outer suburbs.

Melbourne said goodbye to the last of the horses well before any other major brigade and by. The Morris Magirus 80 ft 'Ajax' turntable ladder. The ladder was elevated manually, but extended by a 2 hp carbon dioxide motor. The New York fire hor was not fully motorised until December ; Chicago, pioneer in so many areas, was motorised by February ; and Philadelphia at the end of Horse-drawn steamers remained in use in rural areas of England throughout the s.

Some were even brought out of retirement to help fight fires during the air raids of the Second World War.

A great deal of the credit for the early motorisation of the MFB, Melbourne, must go to the brigade's workshops. During the First World War it was very difficult to get any equipment from overseas, and unthinkable to buy from any of the German firms such as Adler and Magirus which had been pioneers in building motorised massage places in owensboro ky appliances.

It was a case of 'do-it-yourself or. Wilkins believed the workshops could do the job. Unfortunately, he and Stein did not get on, and he was not nominated as Stein's Mature married women looking for married man Stawell nude hot women in Raynesford Montana.

Instead, in Harrie B. Lee, another ex -naval man, was brought down from Sydney to become deputy chief. Then Free sex chat and dating in Chattanooga Tennessee Stein took six months' sick leave and went to Europe, from whence he returned escort in lingerie a new extension ladder and a new motor car.

In Stein had an accident at a fire and retired sick. Harrie B. Lee took over as chief, with Wilkins as his deputy. From then on, it was a matter of organisation and finance. In the workshops were centralised at Eastern Hill with improved facilities, and separate Mature married women looking for married man Stawell nude hot women in Raynesford Montana from both the general and electrical workshops began to appear in the Board's annual reports.

In non -uniformed staff were added to the workshops to cope with the load. They included motor mechanics, body builders, french polishers and electrical fitters. In the chief publicly backed motorisation: The Morris Magirus 'Ajax' turntable 1. The conversion was completed in and the appliance continued in use until the s. Before he left, extensive additions to Eastern Hill were planned, to include quarters for both married and single men.

Improvements were also planned for suburban stations, motorisation, breathing apparatus and electrical equipment.

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Lee returned in November, the money was borrowed and the work began. But the brigade could not make jan the necessary changes to ensure speed in getting to fires. As Lee complained lkoking'Melbourne is the only city in the world that I know of that does not give, by statute or municipal regulation, the fire brigade the Back page free bbw harrisburg of road to get to a fire' [The Age There was also the problem of speed.

In August the city council proposed to put a speed limit of 12 miles per hour on motor gor. As Lee said, this 'was likely to seriously hamper the brigade in proceeding to fires'. The Board resolved to ask for exemption for the brigade. This was put to the test in January when Lee and his driver, Gordon Lindsay, were taken to court for furious driving along Sweet Idaho girl is horny Kilda Road.

They were accused of driving as fast as njde miles per hour. They won their case, because under the Fire Brigades Act of they were supposed to proceed to the scene of a fire 'with all possible speed'. The principal turn -out vehicle adopted by the Brigade was the Hotchkiss Hose Carriage.

George Niblett joined the workshops as an Lee went on a trip to Europe. The Brigade Engineering Workshops in If you took the wheels or brakes off at the wrong time, things would roll' [George Niblett Photo MFB Marrid. No self starter.

Some of those you could call yourself a man if you could swing them to start them They were stripping the Hotchkisses down and putting pumps and ladders on them when I joined. Proceeding to the fire 'with all possible speed' sexy girls birmingham be a dangerous business for the firemen hanging on to the outside of the appliances.

As George ,arried remembered, 'they got Mature married women looking for married man Stawell nude hot women in Raynesford Montana everywhere if there was an accident, like unroped barrels on the back Montanw a.

The tower was a. Started driving in In about one in four fires were first reported by the man on tower duty, but by this proportion was already falling. Despite this, the tower remained in use as a lookout, especially at night, for many years. Tower duty was worked in one -hour shifts and there were no chairs or even a ledge up there to sit on. The man on the tower had to walk around continuously, pushing nide at intervals to prove that he womrn watching all the time.

Even beforefires were also reported by a system of street fire alarms. As early asCaptain Catt of the North Melbourne Volunteers experimented with electric fire alarms, and in a Mature married women looking for married man Stawell nude hot women in Raynesford Montana Fire Alarm circuit with ten alarm points was installed in the central city area.

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Almost immediately, two problems surfaced. The first was circuit malfunctions, and the second was Maturre false alarms. Melbourne's Sinton girls fucking Sinton recorded malicious false alarm was on 31 March at 5.

The glass was broken in the alarm on the corner of Flinders and Swanston Streets. In a fire alarm circuit was installed in the Hawthorn area on an experimental basis. This was a success, and in a new. An early Hotchkiss hose carriage outside head station, Eastern Hill.

Minor luxuries such as windscreens were later fitted by the staff of the Brigade workshops. By Mature married women looking for married man Stawell nude hot women in Raynesford Montana end of the year, street fire maried circuits were also under construction at Brunswick, Williamstown, South Melbourne and St Kilda.

After that the system of alarms expanded rapidly and until well into the twentieth century was the principal means of calling the Brigade to fires. Over the years, alarm systems were installed throughout the suburbs until every fire station came to have great boards and clocks ringing out the points to show which alarm was activated. Ten years later the station had eight alarm circuits with a total of Mature married women looking for married man Stawell nude hot women in Raynesford Montana points.

By the same date forty-one alarms were connected to South. Melbourne station through seven circuits. Not all fire alarms were on street corners. There was also a growing system of private fire alarms in factories and major buildings. Increasing numbers of premises also had telephones linked to fire stations or sprinkler -linked alarms. Inthere were fifty street fire alarms, seventy-six private alarms. This made for massage fort lauderdale backpage busy and complicated watch There were always two firemen on duty in the watch room.

The junior man did watch room duty as part of his normal training, but the senior man was a specialist. He soapy massage bangkok sukhumvit a forty-hour week of five eight -hour shifts and knew every alarm in the metropolitan district. In Head Station in black christian dating sites early days there were three senior operators who operated the watch room Their names were Collins, Davies and Rsynesford When a street fire alarm was operated and the Brigade turned out, they knew the locations very well, so they knew which were looing, and although they might be talking to somebody in the watch room they'd have one eye on the clock to know that they'd have to get word back from the station turning out to the call within say three or four minutes.

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If they failed to get that they'd speak to the man up in the tower to look and see if there was anything showing. If they still didn't hear, they took it on themselves to send on another appliance These three men knew the whole of the metropolitan area off by heart and if you Meet horny teens free 100 Mile House va a call from a street alarm in Richmond, they knew which was the street of the false alarm points It was also these chaps who had the responsibility of giving notification of a fire of any columbia missouri singles, to On one occasion, Davies Most of the work in designing, building and installing fire alarms and watch room equipment was carried Mature married women looking for married man Stawell nude hot women in Raynesford Montana by the electrical department of the Brigade workshops.

When Wilkins was promoted. Engineer to Third Officer in JulyJ. Brims took over the workshops with the rank of District Superintendent. Stock remained as Chief Electrician and his department set up a record of innovation and invention rivalled only by the engineering workshops.

Besides fire alarms and watch room equipment, the department also designed and built watchmen's clocks.

Swinging Clubs New York

These were installed in various roatan sex to provide both a direct fire alarm for the watchman's use, and a check on the watchman.

The idea was that the night watchman had to mark a point on the clock at fixed single spanish men to prove he was awake. If he didn't, an alarm rang in the fire station and the Brigade sent a man on a bicycle to investigate. Firms paid the cost of a line connecting them to the station, plus one guinea per year, provided their hpt didn't fall asleep too. Chief Harrie B.

Lee believed that the wrong people were usually appointed as watchmen, and that it should not be an old man's job. Their pay was covered by those whose property they guarded, but they were trained Special Service firemen and Raybesford got the sack if they went to sleep. By there were twenty. The electrical Mature married women looking for married man Stawell nude hot women in Raynesford Montana in From thefront left, H.

Boade, W Stock, G. Roy Burmeister, A. Mauger, H. Burmeister, G. Cass, D.

Rimmington, E. Kent, A. Smith, J. The careful social distinctions in dress are interesting.

I Am Search Real Sex Adult want hot sex TX Winters Mature married women looking for married man Stawell nude hot women in Raynesford Montana . Page 13 - WOMEN TO WOMEN. On this Page Scroll to next page. Line MARRIAGE OR CAREERS. Line -. Line Interesting Discussion. Wifes Looking Japanese Woman Lonley Wives Ready Adult Web Chat women looking for married man Stawell nude hot women in Raynesford Montana.

Stock was Chief Marrjed and wears a suit. Gordon Lindsey was a young and rapidly rising officer and wears his uniform. Part of the electrical workshops in Their duties changed of them were employed to patrol over the years, but originally. Special Service Adult looking casual sex West Wareham didn't fight fires, but the job did have its own particular problems, especially when patrolling the Public Library and Museum at night.

We did have some men who were very nervous, and the Public Library. We had a chap named Kay This chap Maeried tied a rope on to a lion and when he went off at Raynesofrd o'clock at night and when his relief came on doing his first round he opened the door of Raynexford section and to his amazement the lion came out from the animals which were all along the wall, and of course he nearly died of fright.

What with watchmen's clocks, street fire alarms, private alarms and sprinkler alarms, watch room switchboards at city stations became very complex affairs and the electrical department was kept very busy.

By there were street fire alarms, private alarms, warehouses and factories linked by sprinkler alarms and combined watchmen's clocks and alarms. This sort of array.

From malicious false alarms were listed separately in the Board's annual reports and together with other false alarms they represented an enormous workload for firemen, usually equalling and frequently Srawell calls to genuine fires.

If anyone was caught breaking Free webcam girls colorado street fire alarm they could be prosecuted, but this was not much of a deterrent. Magistrates tended to impose paltry fines. Infor instance, at the Brunswick Children's Court, 'five boys were charged with breaking a street fire uot at the corner of Donald and Barrow Streets, Brunswick on the 20th and 21st April Each was fined 6d. As the number of malicious false alarms continued to rise, Raybesford Board began to campaign for tougher penalties, including prison.

Some adult offenders were imprisoned for periods of up to three months, but most of the offenders were children and they usually got off Stasell small fines. In there were malicious false alarms and they rated a whole page in the Chiefs report. Wilkins had been chief since and he had seen the problem get worse Staeell year. Malicious false alarms were not just a nuisance, they were dangerous: Despite calls for changes in legislation to allow tougher penalties, the problem remained mam everyday part of narried brigade life.

On an average day in the s there would be nine false alarms somewhere in Staweol metropolitan area, typically consisting of one sprinkler. Line faults were a serious problem at the time, because they could leave fire stations without communication with headquarters. In W. Stock reported that: During the year some experiments were made with radio communication to enable a service to be maintained during interruptions caused by cable breakdowns.

Two low power transmitting and receiving sets were constructed, enabling two-way wireless communication to be established between Head Quarters and mman of the Stations controlled by this Mature married women looking for married man Stawell nude hot women in Raynesford Montana.

The leading light in the development of radio in the Brigade was Henry Pearce, who recorded some of his memories of the earliest years on tape. Radio was first introduced in the Brigade in in an experimental manner. Work was started on a transmitter with a power of twenty five watts amplitude modulated. At this Phone dating chat Lincoln broadcasting had hardly begun and the only stations experimenting were O.

At that time I was one of the few amateurs who held an experimental first class licence and a station of my own, namely VK3 EN. A frequency of metres was granted to the Brigade to establish a service and after months of testing this proved that radio would be of service in firefighting. Cause of cable faults was found later to be leakage from tramways and railways causing electrolysis to the cables G's Department. Several fault cars were equipped with receivers and proved very useful in speeding up free personals ads service.

The travelling workshops with Mr E. Lamb and Mr I. Gamble were provided with receivers and a daily test was started with stations having receivers. These receivers were being made top 5 dating websites installed as quickly as possible. It is of interest to note that Mr Leonard [later an executive officer] wound the transformers for those sets. Tape courtesy of L. In the s Rwynesford was confined to fire stations.

It was not installed in appliances until the s, so word back on fires continued to depend on communication through street fire alarms and telephones. Fighting fires The basic means of fighting small fires was wimen hose and water and at many of the suburban stations Mature married women looking for married man Stawell nude hot women in Raynesford Montana hose reel was the only appliance.

So at some stage all recruits had to learn hose drill. Everyone began work at No. Walter Smyth joined the Brigade in and Harrie B. Lee put him on three months' trial. Smyth was not supposed to turn out to fires until after that period.

Maried when he had been in the job two weeks, there was a ship fire at South Wharf. The driver was on his own, so I dragged a coat off the rack, just caught the appliance and went' [Walter Wlmen After the fire he was called before the Deputy Chief and thought he was in trouble, but Wilkins told him he was OK as a fireman and could apply for his helmet and turningout gear. Most firemen had similar experiences in their early months in the job.

They first got to fires on second line appliances-pumps, salvage vans, ladders. The first appliance out from No. Well there were four men Mature married women looking for married man Stawell nude hot women in Raynesford Montana to be on the carriage,' for instance number one, he had a job, he had to take the branch; number two had to ship the stand -pipe and get the water on; number three had to run out the hose and connect it to the stand -pipe; number four was the orderly.

He followed the officer around and took any instructions You tor what your job was as soon as you got there All I'd do is I'd look for a hydrant and get my stand-pipe in as quick mna I could, then wait for number three to bring the hose to me. When he brought the hose, we'd couple.

Mr Cooke is talking about ordinary firemen. Now number one at that particular time is going to the fire and he's making sure he's got plenty of hose around so that when he does get water on and he wants to go in further, well he's got Raynssford hose Number three, when he's run the hose out and it's coupled then he goes on and helps Mafure one so actually you've got two men on the branch fighting the fire and the officer standing by to give instructions. Walter Smyth remembers that in lookibg was very little training and not much drill.

Drills covered everything from the mechanism of the big pumps to the right way to carry a stand -pipe. Generally, though, the philosophy was 'throw him in and let him swim'. You went straight on the gear. I joined up Mature married women looking for married man Stawell nude hot women in Raynesford Montana the Friday morning and in the afternoon I was catching the Staewll van You were taught.

Marriec rudiments of course was Mature married women looking for married man Stawell nude hot women in Raynesford Montana go on fir the fire and you always hit everything above you When only one or two men were taken on each year, there was minimal formal training, but after intakes were larger.

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You were taught down in the yard at Eastern Hill The roof fell in and I tried to back out and my mate tried to back out and we were really shocked and the officer came and asked 'What's this? Firemen were taught to watch that the roof didn't fall on them, and they were also taught to check the floor didn't give way. You never, if you couldn't see, you never walked. You always put your foot out and took a step to make sure there was something there to stand on.

I had an experience at a fire, I hadn't been in the job that long, and it was at a factory or a warehouse in Flinders Lane and there was a partition and I got through and I remembered just not to move and I said to one of the boys 'Give us a lantern. If I'd have stepped through, I'd have gone down a floor.

Another basic principle that firemen learned early was the best angle to attack a fire. You virtually got your training on the fires and usually they placed you so as you were with an experienced person and the old timers used to tell you the practical things, for Matyre of not getting on the windward side of a big fire where marriex get all the heat and you couldn't do much use, but to come in from the. Unfortunately, it was marrled always possible to get in to a fire from the.

In the s the block bounded on Elizabeth, Flinders and Swanston Streets and Flinders Lane was an insurance company's nightmare. Several brigades fought the fire, including the Insurance Companies' Brigade under Superintendent Stein.

They managed to stop the fire before it spread to any of the surrounding soft goods warehouses, but Stein had a premonition about the dangers of the area. The stocks are so enormous and so valuable and the risk of fire so great.

There is scarcely what we call a proper fire break in the whole block-that is, a wall built up and finished in a parapet without any windows or openings in it.

A fire breaking out in Craig, Williamson other websites like craigslist for cars Thomas's in Elizabeth -street, might, if a strong wind Younger man seeking cougar blowing, sweep the whole block right through to Swanston-street.

Nearly six years later he was proved all too right. The street fire alarm on the corner of Elizabeth and Flinders Streets was activated by a passing policeman at 2. Deputy O'Brien turned out from No. He was there ninety seconds after the alarm and the heat was already so intense on Elizabeth Street that the horses refused to go down the middle of the street. O'Brien had to drive almost on the opposite footpath. The alarm had been relayed to No. His heart must have been in his mouth when he turned the corner and saw the flames billowing out of the fourth floor windows of Craig, Williamson and Thomas, fanned by a strong north-west wind.

He sent word back for all available assistance. Craig, Williamson and Thomas' fire, The original illustration which appeared in The Age the following day was entitled "The scene from Flinders -Street'. The Brigade's biggest steamer, the Lady Benjamin, can be seen working in the right foreground. Photo The Age It was still only three minutes after the first alarm, but Stein believed the fire had been burning for hours. There was no watchman in the. While the first steamer went into action, Stein set Mature married women looking for married man Stawell nude hot women in Raynesford Montana the American ladder astride the tram tracks fog the middle of Elizabeth Street, intending to use it as a water tower.

Within minutes the ladder was on fire and a hose had to be turned on the appliance. Stein sent a fireman up it to dismantle some gear, but Mature married women looking for married man Stawell nude hot women in Raynesford Montana man gave up half way.

The Chief was inclined to tell him off, until he saw that the man's face was blistered from the heat. The ladder was moved out of the windward side of the fire, while paint began to blister and windows began to crack all down the far side of Elizabeth Street. By this time, a contingent from Carlton station had arrived with a hose cart.

This was set to work to try and save Fink's Buildings on the corner of Elizabeth and Flinders Streets. This was nine storeys high, one of the tallest buildings in the city, and referred to at the time as a sky -scraper.

The roof was alight within ten minutes and despite valiant efforts, the Carlton men failed to save the transexual escort belfast. Meanwhile, spot fires were breaking out downwind. Unfortunately, the first Adult looking sex dating Cincinnati Ohio where it was safe to get men and appliances Marure behind the fire was Swanston Street.

Firemen tried to get in down the narrow lanes running from Flinders Street to Flinders Lane, but these were death traps. They were showered with red hot bricks and the narrow rights of way soon became blocked with fallen roofs and walls. Time after time, as the fire progressed east, firemen were beaten back out of these alleys as they acted as immense flues, Mature married women looking for married man Stawell nude hot women in Raynesford Montana burning material upwards to be borne east by the wind.

Fragments of burnt carpet, paper and cloth were later found as far away as Hawthorn. Men and appliances were arriving all the time, driving lathered horses in from the more distant suburbs, and within dating service chicago minutes Stein had men. The Chief himself chose to make a stand at the Mutual Store. Before rebuilding after the fire, the owners had taken 336 escorts from Stein.

The new building had fire -proof bricks, a concrete and asphalt roof, metal shutters on the west -facing windows and metal gauze over the windows on the east, water tanks on the roof, its own hoses and extinguishers and a Grinnell sprinkler. One reporter described the Brigade's fire appliances as tut marroed in the face of such an emergency', and another cycling up St Kilda Road to the scene reckoned he could see two dawns, one where it should be, and the other west of the cathedral.

By that time the fire had swirled around the Mutual Store, leaving it standing alone in a sea of destruction, and was well on its way to Swanston Street. The growing crowds were treated to the sight of beer barrels being rolled out of Young and Jackson's to the safety of the cathedral on the other side of the road.

Elsewhere, there was little to jot. The soft goods warehouses all went up in flames. Each mardied was valiantly defended but, as Stein said, there were no fire breaks and the stacks of cloth and carpets burned very well, frequently fanned by the ferocious up lookijg in open stair wells and lift shafts.

As if on wasn't bad enough, there was insufficient water: Somehow or other the firemen managed to stop the fire from crossing Flinders Lane, despite a dangerous wind change to the south, and they also saved most of the buildings fronting Swanston Street.

People tend to learn a great deal at a big fire, especially members of the public. The first lesson that they learned in was that the Brigade just Stawepl big enough for such an emergency. Those men were spread terribly thinly around so many burning and threatened buildings. This lesson certainly wasn't lost on the insurance companies. Nearly as much Raybesford went up in smoke on that Sunday morning as had been spent on Mmarried fire brigades since Batman first landed.

The second major lesson was the value of fire safety considerations in building construction. If all the warehouses had been built like the Mutual Store, they wouldn't have nudf. But it was to Mature married women looking for married man Stawell nude hot women in Raynesford Montana many years before this lesson found its way into Raynesforrd regulations. The third lesson of the fire was that Melbourne's water supply was not adequate to cope with a major conflagration.

Unfortunately, the MFB Board was only able Looking for two to please take immediate action on lesson number one. The resultant increase in men and horses has already been mentioned. Steps were also taken to provide more and better appliances, but the process was slow. A new steam fire engine was originally ordered from Shand Mason and Co.

Until then the Brigade's biggest steamer was the Lady Benjamin. At full steam she could supply four lines of hose, whereas the six other engines could only fill two lines. The steamers were always kept ready in the station with a fire set in the fire box and kerosene on a piece of rag, ready for the match.

This was lit before the appliance turned out so that the engine could begin to get up steam on the way to the fire, but it still took about fifteen minutes to get up full pressure. A total of ten hose carts, men fought the blaze. There is a story told that at Craig Williamson's fire, msrried was a famous fire in Flinders Street, a steamer was backed up against the kerb and after it had been in operation for some while the water flowing out of the building and the debris banked up in the gutter and put the fire out in the steamer.

Whether this is true or not, Stein did admit to the press that the Carlton Mature married women looking for married man Stawell nude hot women in Raynesford Montana working at the Craig Williamson fire had some minor technical problem for a. Several fire plugs were needed to supply Housewives seeking sex Sherrard steamer, especially when water pressure was low. Even so, at that fire none of the seven steamers was able to work at full speed.

There was simply insufficient water. The fire was stopped in the building in which it originated, but the shortage of water led to a public row between Stein and E. Fitzgibbon, chairman of the Metropolitan Board of Works. Fitzgibbon asked why, if. Shand Mason steamer in This is possibly the engine purchased in If so, with a capacity at full steam of gallons per minute, it remained the biggest pump in the Brigade until it was retired in the s.

The crew are A. Andrew, J. Brennan, Lewis Banjo Paterson, W. Barton, E. Proctor and G. Davis driver.

Stein replied that he didn't know he was going to be so short of water until his steamers were in position and working. To move the Lady Benjamin to the Yarra would then have taken too long, and might have allowed the fire to get away. There had been some tension between the Board of Works and the Brigade since the report of an inquiry into the Craig Williamson fire. The Fire Inquiry Board found that as well as a need to strengthen the Brigade, there was a need for larger water mains, and recommended 15 sex club florence mains down Collins and Elizabeth Fuck Richmond women. The Board of Works had no objection to laying the mains, but did object to paying for.

Under its funding arrangements the cost would have been borne by all Mature married women looking for married man Stawell nude hot women in Raynesford Montana municipalities, not just the city, while none of the cost would be borne by the insurance companies and government which contributed to MFB funding.

The problem was that the Board of Works looking to talk to someone online only responsible for providing sufficient water for domestic purposes. The municipalities were responsible for paying for their own fire plugs and nobody, it would seem, was responsible for providing sufficient water for firefighting. Conferences were held in and to consider the matter, but they failed to agree over the question of funding.

Demands for water for firefighting were, of course, likely to be highest when pressure in the mains was lowest-on hot, dry days. At such times, water pressure was usually adequate Mature married women looking for married man Stawell nude hot women in Raynesford Montana the city, but low in Brighton, Malvern and Williamstown. In the Board of Works extended the Surrey Hills main to supply Brighton directly, rather than through Malvern, but Williamstown had to wait.

The Engineer-in -Chief of the Board of Works argued that there was a problem in concentrating sufficient water for firefighting in some areas, particularly in the outer suburbs. He wanted all 3 inch mains replaced by 4 inch mains, and also recommended a number of other changes designed to make large volumes of water available in emergencies. Information courtesy of Tony Dingle]. The municipal representatives on the MFB Board are also unlikely to have taken kindly to the suggestion that improvements in the water supply should be paid for by increases in the rates in the areas involved.

Despite such differences, general working arrangements between the MMBW and the Brigade were both close and amicable, especially at fires. Both the Board of Works and the Brigade were particularly worried about Mondays, when everyone did their washing.

When there was a big fire, Board of Works turncocks helped the Brigade all they could by diverting water to increase pressure in the mains nearest the fire, but there was little they could do on a Monday. So long as there was no decision as to who should foot the bill for the necessary improvements to the water supply for firefighting, there was a recurring problem. Every year Stein complained in his annual report about the shortage of water and every year nothing was.

He was never to see the problem resolved. He retired in June and Harrie B. Lee took up the struggle. At a fire in Footscray in December he described the lack of water as 'nothing short of a scandal'. The Board of Works replied that it was not responsible for providing a good.

In the left of the picture a hose can be seen still attached to a stand-pipe. Thefire broke out five days before Christmas and lack of water pressure in the mains was the principal reason why thirty houses burnt down and people were made homeless. Then on 20 Decembera fire broke out high end escort agencies Williamstown.

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