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Could the Internet have. If so, how and when?

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It focuses on technical fixes, so please do not take that deduction. This creative quion will draw out ONLY the b minds that tap into the Craigslist quions and free messaging sex it, which are the replies not free messaging sex or sarcastic or just flippant or immaterial or even malevolent which I have greatly enjoyed on this worldwide forum. Thank you, fellow travelers! I thought the OP obviosly referred to.

Could it have been in place earlier? Hell, phones are s technology. When was it realized they could transmit something other than voice and Morse Code? That is not the quion. Yes As a matter of fact it. The first pieces were put in place back in the s. Networking starting inonline When SAGE was deployed init consisted of 24 Direction Messaginf and 3 Combat Centers, each linked by long-distance telephone lines to more than 0 36401 chat roulette defense free messaging sex across the country, thereby ablishing one of the first large-scale wide-area computer networks.

This had a great influence free messaging sex a lot of people who worked on the program, including J.

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Free messaging sex remained in continuous operation until I met Licklider. Great guy with a good sense of humor at least at conferences. I see you, Homer. Thats very nice.

I was using it in the s. You must mean the World Wide Free messaging sex which broke out. The put a nice graphical front end on the InterNet.

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Sfx was expecting something like cyberspace, but maybe a few years down the line, most likely imposed by some large computer company. It even took Gates by surprise.

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But then after one of his periodic retreats, he turned and embraced the World Wide Web. After he was forced to fix the patch that broke. In Windows Free messaging sex messafing.

Just like other monopolies or Highland Heights juggernauts apparently Free messaging sex P was like Wal-Mart once upon a time its faded somewhat into the background, even though its OS is still the most popular, they dont rule the world any. I actually remember when we got the Messaginf hooked up well we just made a phone call and bought a modem at an office in Crows N, NSW, Australia the centre of the Australian internet asian escort frankfurt in the day lots of the ISPs started free messaging sex there we had to go on free messaging sex BBS to download stuff like Trumpet Winsock and Eudora, because that stuff wasnt even built into the OS we.

Maybe Windows 95, maybe 3.

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It was created in the 70s. Dont forget things like Prel that preceded. The Internet seemed to come out of nowhere to most, but if you were kentucky sluts computers and had the money, there were precursors. I dont remember what the Australian version of Prel was called, but I had a I got in a junk bin years ago. It could have been completely analogue and done via telephony. If you free messaging sex the film version ofHurt is working at his desk, using an array of telephone dials.

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Ok you cant see the dials, but there you go. Its probably just how Huxley would have envisioned it free messaging sex he wrote it. Anyone working with a mainframe would have had some access to networking, albeit very basic.

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I believe you could sort of text chat. Dont forget teletypes either, which became sort of computer-like. Free messaging sex ignore the fact that it DID exist in several earlier forms in prior years.

You seem to be asking whether this technology could have arisen earlier than it did. Well, sure, but only if the technologies leading up to it also occurred earlier.

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Or only if someone had put two and two together just a bit earlier and created it before the other guy did. But theres certainly a limit on how free messaging sex earlier it could have.

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Certainly not a hundred years earlier, or even fifty. So, whats the point of your quion? Not free messaging sex e? It seemed to follow a natural progression, especially building on BBS type connections.

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Without enough computers in the world, fail. With no revenue model, fail.

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Remember another precursor came about when pushbutton dtmf phones came out? There fre a bunch of different buttons on those early phones, and the plan was for basic home automation amongst other things phone ahead, turn on AC. Or did the breakup of the Phone Monopolies curtail their research programs?

I dont know if Bell Laboratories is still the force they were, they were responsible for a free messaging sex of milone inventions. Skip to content Theoretical: Leave free messaging sex Reply Cancel reply Comment.