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Customer Success Stories. Featured Event. All the women come to the front. All the women in the.

Eharmony login mobile

eharmony login mobile This is about falling in love. You need to be front and center. Thank you so much for joining us at our third session just before lunch. This is the business track eharmony login mobile MongoDB World. We're really excited to have you here today. We just listened to ehqrmony to bring together clinical and research data and cancer, another great topic.

But I confess, there are more women in this presentation than any of the. Thank you for joining, because falling in love and MongoDB don't really go together in my mind. I wish they did. And, in fact, we're going to hear how that works.

Look at this picture. It looks like-- oh, what's the name of the movie eharmony login mobile about love? Love Eharmony login mobile, thank you. Love Actually, that's the picture it looks like.

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We're going to hear about mkbile today. We're really pleased to have the CTO of eHarmony. Thod Nguyen is with us. He doesn't do very many presentations, so we feel particularly honored. He is a CTO renowned and bringing about agile development, new technologies. He's been the CTO at wharmony other medium and small startups. He decided to eharmony login mobile eHarmony, I'm not exactly sure why, hopefully he'll tell us, two years ago, and in that process, MongoDB has come in. He shared that he's also excited about Find Sex Dates - meet me on Japan to blow me vision for MongoDB we've heard this morning.

And as more and more people straggle eharmony login mobile, I'm going to thank him for joining us today. He's going loginn share the story about how MongoDB is helping make matches, how more and more people can fall in love more quickly. Imagine, if you could take the speed of development that MongoDB brings and bring it to love, we eharmony login mobile cut out all logih noise eharmony login mobile dating and actually eharmony login mobile find our soulmates, right?

Thod Nguyen, thank you so mobi,e for joining us. Please share the story for us. Please turn off your phones. Put them on silent. And at the end, I'd ask you to fill-in the survey about whether or not you fell in love today.

Well, thank you, eharmonu guys, for coming. It has been an honor to be. I'm very excited to be part of this kansascitybackpage ever MongoDB World.

And like you see in a lot of those pictures-- those are not stock photos, if you have any questions. Those are real, successful couples. We have about more thaneharmony login mobile couples since the founding of the company 14 years ago.

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So just to let you know some of the very interesting statistics. So, well, I'm Thod Nguyen. I'm the CTO at eHarmony. For those of eharmony login mobile who haven't heard about eHarmony before, we are a recommendation service that provides singles with long-term and happy relationships. We currently operate across three different continents.

Mobilf, on eharmony login mobile, we have about people that get married on eHarmony every single day.

I Looking Couples Eharmony login mobile

With 51 million plus registered members that we have, and 25 million plus visits per month, and mohile than 1. Warren, that's a lot of people. That's a eharmony login mobile of use engagement. And that's a lot of activities. And that translates to a lot of data that we need to store, manage, and process. So how much eharmony login mobile are we talking about?

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In support, 60 million plus queries, complex multi-attribute queries, daily looking across plus attributes. Our systems store ebarmony manage about million plus photos with 15 plus terabytes of data in our photo storage. It also manages about four billion plus relationship questionnaires, with 25 plus terabytes of data.

So this CMP application was built on top of eharmony login mobile relational database. And it started to perform quite slow, way too slow. It eharomny taking us cd escorts than two weeks to reprocess everyone in our entire matching.

And that was way, way too long for our customer. So since we migrated to the MongoDB data storage solution, we achieved amazing results. eharmony login mobile

eharmony login mobile So today's talk is about our compatibility matching system, and how and why we rebuilt it on MongoDB data storage solution, and a lesson we learned Would any lady near the cherryhill area like the way.

So for today's agenda, first I will eharmony login mobile about our compatibility matching system, which is logib key to generating all those happy couples and satisfied marriages that I was talking about earlier. Then, I will talk about the old system, how it was architected, and where we ran into problems. Then, I will talk about the new system, our requirements, and the technology we evaluated, and why we selected the MongoDB solution.

And finally, I will discuss some of the lessons we learned during the MongoDB transition and some of the new cases we plan to use MongoDB.

So eHarmony's secret sauce is our compatibility matching. It consists of a very sophisticated three tier process. The ehzrmony matching models identify potential matches based on your core compatibility, derived from the 29 dimensions of personality and psychology traits and based on your user set of preferences as.

The affinity matching models predicts the probability of communication between two people. That is, eharmony login mobile these two people connect, or want to connect, even eharmony login mobile the two people are very compatible, because they have similar interests, they have similar beliefs, they have similar values. eharmony login mobile

However, they may not want to connect because of other reasons. For example, they could be completely different age groups. One person could be 30, the other person could be You know, like Donald Sterling, for example. Eharmomy a bad example, by the way.

eHarmony Troubleshooting Tips for Using Alexa and the Echo with eharmony

I didn't mean to refer to Donald Sterling. Or they could live about 3, miles apart. She lives in Eharmony login mobile Flirtbuddies login, and her soulmate lives in New York. So that's way too far, right? But also, they may not be attractive to one. So this mobilw to the last process, which is our match distribution model.

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It helps to ensure that we deliver the right matches to the right user at the right time and to deliver eharmony login mobile many matches as possible across our entire active eharmony login mobile.

Meet local sluts, for the purpose of today's talk, I will stay mostly on the compatibility matching system, allowing us to focus a lot more on the usage of the MongoDB solution.

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So the compatibility matching system is a two-step process. So traditional search is uni-directional, right? To understand how it works, let's loogin a look at Nikki eharmony login mobile an example.

In this particular scenario, Nikki's in the market looking for a toaster erotic massage in beijing Amazon, for example.

All that really matters in the uni-directional search is to return the toaster that meets the criteria that Nikki had specified. And whichever toaster, she gets to take it home. The poor toasters have no choice in eharmony login mobile matter. So dating is more complex than this, especially when you're trying to create a very meaningful and romantic connection between two people. Eharmony login mobile dating is bi-directional.

Both people need to want to be with one. At eHarmony, we develop a sophisticated bi-directional system to make sure that the user preferences are met both ways, or bi-directionally.

eHarmony Reviews & Sign in Guide | How to Login to eHarmony

Let's take Nikki as an example. This time, she's not looking for a toaster on Amazon.

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She's tired of Amazon.