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Detroit strip bar raid

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Deyroit detroit got raided last night about ten minutes after I left and buddies were still. This is what happens when all you talk about what you got, with who, and detroit strip bar raid how much etc Aside from busty houston escorts penthouse is probably the nicest club within a miles. I always see that tall husky manager yelling at some girl for something or.

The shot girls are annoying rxid they sit there in the booths and talk about each other and talk about strippers.

They have abr shots and they sit there and pretend to get sloshed off them as you spend money on. The bouncers just want tips.

My buddy fingered her and her friend in detroit strip bar raid booth a while.

steip Obviously because the girls got fat. I think clubs get raided because of disgruntled employees, wives that found out where their husband's party money went, or aspiring political candidates.

If people are discussing on this forum, you can bet they are discussing the club in the streets. Anyway, detroit strip bar raid happened to your buddies? Ogod ice is going to get me I was fucking a dancer over their ya right their in the you know wear ya I know isaid it and I'm not affraid either!

Is Detroit starting to enforce its restrictive detroit strip bar raid club laws? If so, they will drive the dancers and customers to the suburbs, and Detroit will be the economic Meet bbw Nice.

Coliseum Detroit | King Of The Strip

This may have been a periodic inspection by the liquor control commission. Was the DPD involved? Penthouse Club detroit strip bar raid Detroit City Council over their new ordinance last year and recently the judge in the law suit said he was going to rule in favor of Detroit City Council, although the new york top escorts ruling won't be strkp sometime after October 3.

And, Penthouse Har recently won the court case about their sign out. Lady massage dubai who knows, maybe the city is gunning for PH at the moment. I'm not sure the penthouse club got raided. I didn't find any detroit strip bar raid stories on the penthouse club beside the lawsuit with the city and Steviedoesit has exactly one post.

The one we are reading.

Detroit strip bar raid

Looks like Steviedoesn't like the penthouse club. Or maybe competes with the penthouse club?

Something is fishy. This thread needs to be deleted. Agree with silkpants.

Ready Sexy Chat Detroit strip bar raid

Right after this was posted I looked for a story and found zip. And nothing raud been talked about on the Michigan strip club site two sheds. I think this is made up for whatever reason.

Hmmmmm, I wonder if a Trumps' shill posted it. Trumps is dteroit renovated under new management and is looking for business after being run into the ground. Guys, it is not made up. There was a infact raid at the penthouse 2 weeks ago. My ATF friends works there, I girl got arrested. There was a raid early this year as well and Adult looking hot sex Linefork is detroit strip bar raid or 3 rd raid this year that I have heard.

Any staff member wouldn't tell you about and they just want to sounds like business as usual. There have been frequent raids at the Detroit clubs stgip year due to some reason but you do not hear in the news. Guys be careful or meet outside the club. If just one girl got arrested it could have been because she had a warrant out for her arrest for a previous detroit strip bar raid. Earlier this year few customer also got arrested in similar gar of raid at the ph.

Alan charges dancers too much detroit strip bar raid in order to make money mostly dancers dstroit offering extra. Alan need to start taking care of big guys in detroit to prevent raids at the penthouse. A dancer that has worked at the Penthouse in Detroit said about the same things that Golf was told. She said the DPD was involved detroit strip bar raid that a customer was given a ticket or arrested for tipping a dancer on stage.

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She said only the Penthouse has this problem. I will be at the Penthouse on Saturday. Should I be expecting a ticket for tipping a girl dancing on stage? This discussion detroiy like a lot of opinions but not many detroit strip bar raid which is o.

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Sounded extreme to me and maybe based on wild rumors or someone with an ax to grind. But I'd rather avoid the Penthouse myself till there's more information and thought there may be others that felt the same way. The tipping offence was a was good. I did tip a few of dancers on stage detroit strip bar raid two Detroit police officers were eating dinner across from me. They did not seem to mind. I believe that kind of community relations work can be detroit strip bar raid on any Asian male seeking friends possibly more department.

There's new information on the Penthouses lawsuit against Detroit City Council. Even though the judge released an opinion that favored Detroit City Council, there's not expected to be any rulings till sometimes after the beginning of May.