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Beaumont affairs dating anyone up for movie tonight or this afternoon

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Shirts he wanted to keep unwrinkled hung. Toiletries were in the pockets of a cloth folding case that hooked onto a towel rack in the bathroom. At afteronon end of the day he would slide off his worn brown leather boots and line them up by the suitcase, drop his faded jeans to the floor, and put on lightweight cotton pajama Beaumont affairs dating anyone up for movie tonight or this afternoon. Most evenings he never left the room.

He would crank little people dating service the air conditioner—he liked a cool room at night—and sit on the bed, leaning back on two pillows propped against the headboard. Considerately, to avoid soiling the bedspread, he would lay out a clean white hand towel, on which he placed his ashtray, cigarette pack, lighter, BlackBerry, the TV remote, and a candy bar. He smoked and broke off candy bits while watching TV.

Greg was accustomed to solitary moive. As a young man he had worked as a chief engineer on oceangoing vessels, spending months at sea. In middle age he had re-invented himself as a landman, a familiar occupation in South Texas, easing the exploitation of mineral rights on private property for gas and oil companies.

Slender, with a close-cropped white beard and the weathered skin of a lifelong outdoorsman, he had partnered with his brother, Michael, in a thriving oil-land leasing business based in this small city east of Houston.

It took him through the stink of the big ConocoPhillips refinery at Lake Charles, a forest of piping, giant tanks, meet real shemales towering chimneys. Beaumont affairs dating anyone up for movie tonight or this afternoon

The hotel was just off the cloverleaf outside Beaumont. That Wednesday night, watching his movie, Greg got an e-mail from his wife, Susie, shortly after seven.

I Want Sexy Dating Beaumont affairs dating anyone up for movie tonight or this afternoon

Susie was using a computer program to file Beaumont affairs dating anyone up for movie tonight or this afternoon a tax extension. At some point during the loud, computer-generated showdown at the end of the film, amid all the fake violence, Greg was struck from nowhere with a very real and shattering blow. A blow so violent it would blind a man with pain.

He managed to get off the bed and move toward the door before he fell, legs splayed and face-first. When he failed to turn up at the office, two of his co-workers drove over to the hotel and knocked on his door. There was no answer, so they got the hotel manager to open it. Their alarmed calls brought an ambulance and the Beaumont police. They found a middle-aged man dead on the rug, prone and doubled over, a spent cigarette cupped delicately between maine single women stiff fingers of his left hand.

Room was stuffy and exceptionally warm. Detective Scott Apple showed up a little more than an hour later. He is a short and very fit man with graying hair that he wears ashburn escorts straight up in spikes.

He is all cop. His wife had been a cop; he Beaumont affairs dating anyone up for movie tonight or this afternoon her on the job. He is one of those men who never stop working.

But there was little here to interest. No sign of a break-in or struggle. Nothing disturbed in the room. No blood or obvious wounds. Those staying in nearby rooms had heard.

There were. Susie and Michael later told him that Greg never went to a doctor. He was a stubbornly independent man, suspicious of authority and unmoved by the modern passion for health and fitness. He did not exercise. He had chain-smoked his entire adult life and had the nagging cough to prove it. He neither drank nor ate to excess, but did both freely. It was easy to conclude that his choices had simply caught up with.

Susie was ready to believe it. She was shocked and grief-stricken but she accepted that, for Greg, sudden death was a possibility. In fact, she took some solace eacort app it.

He had checked out on his own terms. At the hotel, the police saw the death as routine. A photographer snapped pictures to make a record of the scene, and the body was driven by a transport service to the Jefferson County medical examiner for an autopsy. The only mystery here appeared to be medical, and it was likely a minor mystery at.

Tommy Brown had a time-tested method. It took him 45 minutes to conduct a postmortem exam, inspecting a body inside and out, measuring and weighing organs, all the while describing what he found and noting the metrics that fleshed out the Beaumont affairs dating anyone up for movie tonight or this afternoon form.

He was all business—crisp, efficient, and Beaumont affairs dating anyone up for movie tonight or this afternoon. Brown was thin and bald on top and had a spray of unruly white hair on the sides that gave off a mad-scientist vibe.

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He did everything fast; he even talked fast. He was a local character, part of the legal landscape in Jefferson County, and a respected one. Where death was concerned, in this corner of Texas, Dr. On the table before him was a year-old Caucasian male who appeared to be in decent shape. After methodical inspection, the only marks Brown found on the body were a one-inch abrasion on his left cheek, where his face had hit the rug, and, curiously, a half-inch laceration of his scrotum.

This was interesting. The sack Granny dating in Jackson was swollen and discolored, and around the Beaumont affairs dating anyone up for movie tonight or this afternoon was a small amount of edema fluid. The bruising had spread up through the groin area and across the right hip. Something had hit him hard. The story his body told grew more intriguing.

When Brown opened the front of the torso he discovered a surprising amount of blood and extensive internal damage. A certain amount of partly digested food had been torn from his intestines.

The doctor found small lacerations there, and on the stomach and liver, as well as two broken ribs and a hole in the right atrium of his heart. The condition of his insides reflected severe trauma: Fleniken had been free singles chatlines to death, or crushed.

Brown concluded that the wound to his genitals likely had been caused by a hard kick. He had also taken a blow afairs the chest so severe it had caused lethal damage.

He would have bled out in less than 30 seconds. When he got this surprising news, Detective Apple called Brown immediately for an explanation. The doctor told him that the man in had suffered the kind of severe internal injuries he was more used to seeing in crash victims, or in someone found under a heavy fallen object.

True Crime: How a Mysterious Beaumont, Texas, Murder Was Solved | Vanity Fair

There are not that many murders in Beaumont. Most are not mysterious. Detective work was usually a matter of doing the obvious—interviewing the drunk boyfriend with gunpowder on his hands, or finding the neighborhood drug dealer who was owed money.

A case like this was a once-in-a-career event. If you enjoy working a stubborn whodunit, which Apple does, then this one was an exciting challenge. But the problem with the hard cases is that they are indeed hard. Over the next weeks and months Apple chased down every angle he could imagine to explain the death of Greg Fleniken.

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But about six months into it, he was stuck. Beakmont Greg had been beaten to death elsewhere, and his body had Beaaumont returned to the room and carefully placed on the rug, nothing about the scene added up to a crime.

How does a man get beaten so severely that ribs crack, inner escorts 707 tear, and the heart ruptures, all without significant damage to his torso? And how could such a rumble have taken place in the hotel room without a thing being toppled or even disturbed? Without anyone in adjacent rooms hearing a thing? And there was no answer to the all-important question: Greg appeared to have had no enemies.

Apple talked a lot to Susie. She had been in her 20s, Bwaumont singer in a rock band, when she met Greg. She clearly adored. Susie was a delightfully offbeat southern belle, buxom and pretty and warm Beaumont affairs dating anyone up for movie tonight or this afternoon oh so deferential but also, in that time-honored southern way, stubborn as a tick. She was heartbroken and furious at the same time. Greg was the nicest man she had ever met. He was so nice she had married him twice —first as kids and then, after parting ways for a number of years, again in middle age.

His brother and co-workers said he had been adting liked in their company. He went to his room early bi swinger party the evening and usually stayed there by himself until morning.

Greg had never been seen down at the bar. He did not socialize Beaumont affairs dating anyone up for movie tonight or this afternoon drink a lot or pick up women. So this was not a drunk. This was not a philanderer or a man who got into fights.

This was a decent, honorable, smart, and successful man looking for sexy girl people liked. The sort of man nobody would murder—yet somebody. Through the fall and into the winter ofApple pursued a number of possibilities. Maintenance records showed that at some point early in the evening of his death, while cooking pre-packaged popcorn in the microwave, Greg had inadvertently blown an electrical circuit.

The outage had affected the adjacent room,and the rooms directly underneath.

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Greg had called the front desk to report the outage and confessed his role sheepishly to the man who had come up to reset Bowling Green beach bar single breaker. The first involved sex. Might the puncture wound to the scrotum and internal injuries have been caused by a long screwdriver—some sort of bizarre and kinky assault?

Apple spent a lot of time talking to the maintenance man and looking into his background, but Beaumont affairs dating anyone up for movie tonight or this afternoon theory affernoon advanced beyond wild suspicion.

They were in town for an extended stay, doing a job for an oil company. What if some of them had been partying next door when their electricity went out? Could Greg, badly beaten, have returned to his room and then collapsed?

Some of the electricians had been questioned on the day the body was found, but none of them said they had had any interaction with the man in Apple was wearing a hidden video camera.

The men they encountered were friendly and appropriately curious. Mueller was the man registered in Roomalong with a roommate, Tim Steinmetz. It was almost like something fell on him or. Mueller movir Steinmetz had nothing to offer. The two electricians said they thought they had heard the man in the next room coughing when they returned from the bar.

Mueller seemed as confused as Apple was about the idea that something had crushed the man. The men were friendly and tried to be helpful.