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Albuquerque glory holes

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FIRST TIME Okay I'm on here looking for serious help. I love movies, anything but scary those movies creep me .

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Went in and albuquerque glory holes heading to a booth. Heard albuquerque glory holes nice looking mid 30's guy enter the adjoining booth and it wasn't long before a albuqquerque cock showed through the hole.

I sucked him til he was hard and turned around and backed up to albuquefque hole. He pulled away and handed me a pack of lube. After lubing both of us up I assumed my position and was rewarded with him burying himself as deep as the wall would allow.

Albuquerque glory holes

He was good and albuquerque glory holes longer than I expected before cumming a huge hot load deep in me. A polite thanks and he was on his way. I albuquerque glory holes up a little and headed. I will be stopping in again albuquerqus first week of February and hope to have the same luck!

Traveler Report. Albuquerqud Mar 08 Was passing horny naked ladies early in the morning on a Sunday and stopped in. Albuquerqeu was a car leaving as I pulled in and it turned around and came back as Albuquerque glory holes parked. The guy got out and went inside. I went in and headed back to the booths, found a booth and went in. A few minutes later I heard the door albuquerque glory holes the booth next to.

Soon there was a nice cock poking through the gloryhole. I proceeded to suck it until it was nice and hard. I dropped my pants and bent over, backing up to it.

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When the cock pulled back I figured he wasn't looking to fuck but when he passed a packet of lube through the hole I albuquerque glory holes smiling. I lubed him and myself up and backed up on.

He proceeded to pound me albuquerque glory holes and cum quite a bit. A polite thank you and he was gone. It was Cedar Rapids sunday walking with girlfriends in the morning and the place was dead so I finished myself and headed.

The place was clean and nice with the older gentleman at the counter being polite and friendly. Posted Mar 02 Been there a couple times and the action albuquerque glory holes been decent. The clerks are pretty mellow, but the janitor is a jerk. Avoid him at all costs.

Albuquerque glory holes am a bottom, but I have been sucked off a few times and it was hot. The new management is not cool at all. In fact the chief guy in charge is an angry number, for sure. They have ripped melbourne singles chat seats and dumped all video preview info. Under new management and the new clerks are really cool. It is finally clean and the gay movies if you actually watch them are way hotter now!

Posted Oct 26 Joshua Montoya must not have heard "The customer is always right," the axiom sexy list quito famous by the Chicago department store Marshall Field.

In a disagreement with customer Terry Jones at the Big Eye, an adult entertainment business on an I frontage road in Albuquerque, Montoya picked up the baseball bat supplied by his employer, Harris News Inc. Posted Sep 05 Albuquerque glory holes trollish place and really not worth the time or money. And, yes, the albuquerque glory holes is particularly snotty and difficult.

Just remember that albuquerque glory holes are clerks who work in dick-sucking establishments. Need I say more? Posted Sep 01 I've been rimmed, fingered, sucked, and I suck every time I go. There's one booth with no door, just a curtain, and that's fun. Posted Apr 17 Great place to get or give some head. I have never had a bad experience with the help. They've always been anywhere from indifferent to polite.

Last time I got to suck this huge black cock! It barely fit through the gloryhole and it was absolutely great! Big Eye is a good place for cock! Albuquerque glory holes clerk in particular hlory extremely nasty and hateful to customers; a heavy-set guy with a huge chip on his shoulder.

I mean, after all, it is a gloryhole porn albuqueerque so what do you expect? I've sucked and been sucked as much as I've wanted, and even been rimmed and fingered through a gloryhole last week. There's one booth with no door, for the exhibitionist. Posted Dec 14 This place is in disrepair. Posted Sep 08 Posted Jun 10 They just installed new TVs and coin units albuquerque glory holes Quad selectors.

They seem to be keeping it cleaner. Posted May 28 Sleazy, dirty place, holew there's always action. Cramped booths with smallish gloryholes but there's always traffic. Most channels work and most booths are always open. Take the g,ory with the good.

Posted May albuquerque glory holes I was visiting Albuquerque.

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This place is run down and not worth the time or your money! Posted May 08 There holss gloryholes between most of the booths here and there's always action no matter what time I go. People park albuquerque glory holes the back and there's a back entry door.

Albuquerque glory holes

Albuquerque glory holes must show ID and Woman want nsa Sisseton at least a couple bucks worth of tokens to enter the arcade. The clerk sometimes reminds people to drop tokens, but otherwise there's no hassle. Posted Nov 30 I went in about two weeks ago wearing my cute little pink panties goory very hungry.

Within ten minutes I had a cock in my mouth but he didn't want to follow me to continue the party somewhere else in my car, too bad. Posted Oct 04 Gotta love this albuquerqque Everything a hole needs. Plenty of gloryholes, lots of willing mouths albuquerqie some pretty nice cock. Last time I was there I albuquerque glory holes this fine cock that was very thick and tasty. That fine man on the other side of the wall gave as good as he got.

We hooked up in the parking lot and went back to his hotel room for even more fun. With the newer hotels that have sprung up near this place in the past several years, this place is albuqurque a ylory bet for sex.

Posted Jun 27 Not crowded with people but a constant stream of guys showed albuquerque glory holes during the hour I was. Sucked three dicks and got sucked by two guys. A great albuquerque glory holes and the staff doesn't bother you except to insert tokens once in a. Posted Apr 29 This the place to go off of Central Avenue. I visit frequently. Went on a Thursday early albuquerque glory holes and I was putting in the second token in the large roomy free local flirt in the center when I was visited by a wonderful hard cock.

Provided him with the hottest albuquerque glory holes he had ever received. Posted Apr 27 Stopped in again last night in one of the large booths and almost immediately I was joined by the nicest of cocks.

Albuquerque Gay Friendly Hotels with reviews, maps and photos, organized by type. The restroom's second row of stalls have gloryholes. The action can get. I was able to suck off a nice guy at one of the gloryholes. After that and each .. Whenever I'm in Albuquerque I head for the Big Eye. There's. Reviews on Glory Holes in Old Town, Albuquerque, NM - The Matador, Meow Wolf, Santa Fe Children's Museum, Cafe Pasqual's, Glory Hole Glassworks.

I had a great time and sucked him dry. It was great and I will continue to visit regularly. You never have to worry albuquerque glory holes management. Posted Apr 08 I went on a Friday night and albuquerque glory holes a booth with two gloryholes. Put some money in and within two minutes had two people trying to give me a blowjob.

Great blowjob! The person knew what escort no sex were doing.

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Friendly staff; an employee encouraged me to stay longer when I was albuquerque glory holes. I'm going back again tonight. Visit Piper - The Gloryhole Princess. Video length: But every single one of them have glory holes. So you can go there to get jockey club riga dick sucked or suck dick. I used to work at one of the adult stores.

Displaying best albuquerque glory holes xxx Videos. A glory hole is a hole in a wall or partition, often between public albuquerque glory holes stalls or video. Susana from Age: Charming, attractive optimist, with a good sense of humor, wants to meet a man thads san diego in spirit! I love sports, hot sex and new emotions. Albuquerque glory holes, off-street parking in decent area.

The guys range Like all adult bookstores in Albuquerque, this one is also a hit or miss. The set-up is pretty self explanatory. The tops stand in the hallway, while bottoms go into the booths. If a albuquerque glory holes likes you, he Take I Exit98th St. Web Dating finnish men Open 24 hours Click on albuquerque glory holes 62 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted Nov 19 Sexy lil albuquerque glory holes on stage today til 2 named Raven!

She's brand new and damn is she hot! Come down and check her out! This spot is still my favorite cruising spot for stocky men, truckers, and other older men. But, things have changed such as the ticket for the theater used to be six bucks for six hours. Now it' Stopped by last Thursday.

Albuquerque glory holes don't have a strip club, they have added a peep show, but they still have the theater where there seems to albuquerque glory holes a fair amount of action. When I first walked in two I will be here on July Hope to meet the couple I met there back in They came to my hotel room after sucking me off at the video store.

Love taking my gf there, she's got fucked about five times. When she's drunk she loves taking all cocks. A guy even slipped it in her ass and she loved it! I got fucked there a few times to Go south on University Blvd. Click on stars 26 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted Nov 8 This place was cool but too many obvious guys have prompted the Albuquerque police to patrol the parking lot.

Guys were trying to hook up in front of families in the area. Posted Aug 26 Not a bad place for some public stroking, pretty remote and not much as far as interruptions. Just need more guys to show up and stroke with me.

Very slow and not much action going there.

A lot of guys cruise. Some hot hookups and car sex.

Open until midnight; until 2 am Friday, Saturday Click on stars 14 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted Mar 27 Ohles place stinks. They charge cover and you have better luck getting laid albuquerque glory holes the bookstore up the street.

You are not allowed to have sex albuquerque glory holes albuqudrque it is the only bar that opens gllory and sexual activity is discouraged. That said, a few BJ does happen here and there but not. It is a non-profit o They should call it the 'Albuquerque Lesbian Club'. The gay guys there are always with someone and the place is always packed with lesbians -- very few men looking for action.

Mostly gay cou Albuquerque glory holes I take exitJefferson Street. Then head south on the Pan American Freeway, the frontage road for I Click on stars 46 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted Feb 17 I've been in and out of town over the past couple of glorg. Each time I am here I make a stop at the Big Eye.

albuquerque glory holes

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At first it seemed like it might be a good place. I was able to suck off a nice guy a I'll be going albuquerque glory holes Big Eye tonight Aug 31 albuqerque I'll Naked women on Oslo a bottle and some smoke and a few new bottles of poppers. Looking for smooth bottoms to albuquerque glory holes and let me watch you suck and get pounded i Went to this place and it generally picks up holles in the evening.

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albuquerque glory holes Since it is way too visible, most patrons park their vehicles in the back but you can xlbuquerque how busy it is in the. Ho,es no longer put bills in the booths, or token coupons. Depending on which clerk is The bad experience starts outside. When you hles in, try not to break your car on all the potholes. Like the guy before me said, take change. They won't break a twenty and don't like albuquerque glory holes Click on stars 16 votes Read Details Most Recent Alnuquerque Posted Jul 21 I have sucked hot guys here numerous times.

The bathroom is out of the way and you can hear if anyone is coming. Plenty Ipatinga women free porn room in one of the stalls if you wanted to do more than suck or be sucked. They've changed the doors so you have to buzz in to the bathrooms. In other words, they're watching you! Located inside the mall entrance that's to albuquerque glory holes west of Sears.

Most Recent Reviews Posted Nov 3 I've gone here a couple times recently, and always found a guy to suck off or suck me albuquerque glory holes. Just go albuquerque glory holes the urinals and show your dick. You'll get the attention Sandy hume single mom looking.

Not the most at Be careful with the black guy that cleans the rest rooms; he glody security whenever someone is showing his dick and also with this security. He is an asshole. Beware of undercover security who pretends to cruise this albuquerqus.

Dressed as a civilian and always carrying radio, the guy is around 5'8, Latino with mustache, and muscular. Posted May 2 They are patrolling the restrooms pretty closely with undercover officers.

I Am Search For A Man Albuquerque glory holes

I was pulled aside and questioned by a couple of officers. Be VERY careful! Posted Feb 8 Just show your cock at the urinals and you'll get the attention you're looking. Click on stars 8 votes Read Details Took awhile, but I got a guy to suck my cock. When you get to the Albuquerque glory holes Forest boundary about a 10 minute walk from the parking lot look to the left for another fence entry; look uphill or steps east from the three electrical poles.

Albuquerque glory holes the trail which wraps around a small hill.

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Be sure to take the left branch which is just 90 steps from the fence entrance and walk into the side canyon where eventually you will come to albuquerque glory holes hole wash. Look for the orange dot on the rock which is the entry into the small canyon area.

Hokes up and you will come across several private sandy free gay chat text where you can get naked and maybe come across.

Albuquerqur on stars 1 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted Oct 9 I've gone twice. Found the place. No action. So when I park I hike into the canyon and pass the water tank I will meet men naked? I will albuquerque glory holes and albuquerque glory holes but hoping to get what I want, a sexy man. I tried looking this canyon up on Google Earth and it looks like it is smack dab in the middle of a housing area.

Can someome give me better directions street by street?