About MyLastDart

Where to begin, I don't know, so the start is normally a good place.

My name is Ash, i'm 33 years old and I'm a Nerfaholic.

I started Nerfing waaaay back in the 90s with my brothers, school friends and cousins. I guess much of who I am is because I came from a working-class backhground, and we never had a lot to play with. When my cousins came round we would play with their Nerf stuff. So I guess now that i'm older and have paid all my bills, groceries, etc I have some money left over to indulge myself - be a kid again :) I remember it mostly being Super Soakers and old range Nerf blasters. I know i'm 33 (2012), but you are never too old to Nerf!

Like most people, as we get older, new opportunities come along and we slowly move on. I ended up making the shift over to Paintballing (Markers) and Airsoft (BBgunning).

It was a blast, but a few facts made it difficult to continue. Firstly the cost of upgrading or experimenting kept you "stuck" with what you had. The good stuff can be hundreds of dollars. Secondly, you are limited in where you can play, you have to go to designated play fields because they are replica firearms. Last but not least you can't spontaneously start a battle.

In December 2012 I met up with an old friend and a bunch of guys came round (30 or so) and were going to have a Nerf battle. They were a man down, so I had an Elite Retaliator thrown in my hands, and the rest is history :)

My love for the hobby was reborn, and with all the advances, my passion for Nerf is as strong (of not more) than before.

I am a big fan of writing fantasy / sci-fi stories and photography. I used to write a lot about the raids or PvP battles/skirmishes I had in the online games I play(ed) such as LineageII, Diablo(I, II,III), Dark Age of Camelot to name a few - so writing is as much as escape as a hobby.

I have a Canon EOS 500 D camera and a JVC Everio. I'm currently looking into picking up a GoPro and on the lookout for a new HD camera - any  recommendations I welcome!

I never thought of running a blog much less writing one to be honest with you. The main aim of this blog is to simply share my love and passion for the hobby in all its forms. From modders to other bloggers to news and battles. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

As a kid I used to get bullied (kids can be awesome at being mean) and I do feel I lost a bit of my childhood. I never knew how to deal with it at the time, or who to speak to. I could have been a very shy kid/person growing up. So when I learnt to stand up for myself and learnt to hit back - I hit hard ;) So when I see it creeping in to the hobby I love - I don't take it lightly on or offline, at myself or at others.

The greatest thing about Nerf is how it doesn't care about your colour, creed, religion, if you are big boned or a twig. As long as you love the hobby, you are accepted into a brilliant community online - and in real life. It is a brilliant ice-breaker, and lets people just talk about what they do, what they hope for in the hobby, and everything else that comes with it. I am blessed to have met some amazing people, bloggers and communities so far, and I know the journey will continue :)

I don't pretend to be the worlds greatest modder, best paint jobber, or know-it-all. But I try my best to be in the know, and share the news I find out with others who love the hobby. My reviews are always honest, and tho I make mistakes, i'm glad people point them out and I grow in knowledge :)

There are a lot of great communities out there, I don't think any one community is the best. Every reader, hobbyist has their own opinions and that is what makes any community amazing. the MyLastDart blog exists because of you good people :)

So keep up YOUR good work, and help me do a good job :)


  1. Wow the way you sound on all the forums is like you are a lead engineer for the Nerf line at Hasbro. You started the exact same time as I did. Granted I got the bug too, I'm a little older than you at 38. However it was my kids that got me started, I think I have dropped close to a thousand dollars on Nerf stuff.

  2. (Link) Hey Ash, we've updated our address: www.softtasmania.blogspot.com

  3. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only older Nerfer... I started collecting recently. I was just going to get a Maverick, and it escalated quickly.... vintage blasters are my weakness.
    ~ Cap7a1n Falc0n

    1. I know so strange and addictive

  4. Go for it

    Its nerf or nothing

  5. u should get the nerf mega punisher when it comes out (not avalible til 2015)

  6. Hi Ash, I am the otherway around, 22 years Paintball, 6 as a pro now just about to run the first freestyle arena in the UK, I will keep you posted.