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Content posted on MyLastDart covers toy blasters and the related products services. If you are a company and have a product, event or service you would like featured you are welcome to get in touch to discuss this further at:
MyLastDart (at) Gmail (dot) com

or Twitter @MyLastDart

Do note that I reserve the right to only accept what fits in with the tone, feel and content of my blog within the categories mentioned above.

All products featured on this site have either been bought using my own money, or have been sent to me by consideration by a PR. Some bloggers may choose to asterix or quote 'pr sample' in the post where a product has been provided and that may work for them, but for me I have found that it provides a negative bias and readers automatically assume that because it is a sample that the review will be nothing but glowing. This is not the case. If I find that it does not work for me I will say so.

If I am sent a sample to review I am not swayed by the PR or pressured to provide a positive review. I will give my honest opinion taking into consideration my taste, playstyle, comparison with other brands and will say if it will be more suitable for other types. Just because it is not suitable for me does not mean it is not suitable for others. Regardless of whether I have been sent a sample or I have bought it myself, as the majority of products featured are, I will give nothing but my 100% honesty and opinion.

If you do send me something for consideration and have a preferred time limit please state this at the start of your correspondence so I am aware of this straight away.

If you send me a sample that does not guarantee coverage on the blog. I may mention it on my Twitter, YouTube or Facebook page if it is not suitable for the blog alone. It may also be mentioned alongside other products and may not have a dedicated post solely for the product.

Below is a list of other medias I can be contacted by:

Email:  MyLastDart (at) Gmail (dot) com

Twitter:  @MyLastDart

Skype: MyLastDart
Xbox tag: TinyM19


  1. MLD, Not sure if this is news or not...found the Rapidstrike for sale online at Walmart for $37.88. Here's the link:


  2. Hasbro asked my kids to take down the site suggesting it was infringing on their trademark.