Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Nerf The Mindy Project

Nerf The Mindy Project
I got got be honest, I never really liked this show, because I didn't think it was really funny. But one day the missus showed me part of the show that she thought I would find funny, and after that i've been hooked.

The show is totally hilarious - written, produced and stars the arguably main character Mindy Kaling. I say arguably because there are some episodes that are quite literally stolen by the other characters rather than Mindy herself. The comedy is genius! It's almost from a guys point of view rather than a typical chick-flick TV show, and that is where the hook is :)

"So that's all good and all MLD but... why do we care?..."

Well, check this out, it should get one or two laughs:

I was totally cracking up when I saw the Nerf whole office war and it was so fitting to see it as a scene, but I never saw it coming. The intro clip shows an after hours office war with covered Nerf branded Retaliator, Rough Cut 2x4, Strongarm, and Elite Rayven.

The series charts the life and loves (or lack of) of an OB-GYN surgery in a New York practice. From one die hard romantic and her best friend, to an ex con nurse, a British doctor and a hilariously awesome frat doctor.

So if you want to check out more, you can do, this is what I use to catch up on stuff i've missed. After a short break (or much needed filming time!) the show is back for its 3rd season kick-off where the opening intro is set to have an overhaul (I love the current intro...) but that's just me - right?

Anyhow love Mindy, love Morgan, Love the project :)

Any other Mindy fans out there? :)

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