Wednesday, 30 July 2014

First ever Nerf Annual 2015!

Official Nerf Annual 2015 hits pre-order on Amazon!
Hey folks! How are we all doing? SO! What's new with me? Things have been pretty insane busy for me as of late (that's a long call really since my last post was Friday, 30 May 2014?), but I have to say I've really enjoyed keeping up to date with SBNCTactical Tag, the lads over at Bay Area Nerf and Jasons video shenanigans @BasicNerf :) I've been tied up doing study and sitting exams - which I passed :D I'm now an Microsoft Certified Professional in networking and working towards my CompTIA A+ which I hope to sit in August sometime. Then 1 more year working towards my CCNA and some other qualifications. A hard slog but will be worth it. I'm super proud of myself for having to learn how to walk again to hitting the books again after many years! You guys have been awesome dropping me emails and such to stay up to date with my progress. You are all super awesome! Hopefully I can start getting back in the the groove of posting too.

In what spare time I've managed to find, I've been working with a number of start-up companies who are designing new blasters so hope to bring you some more news on those projects. 

Back on track now, with something I'm extremely proud of producing - I recently completed a project with Pedigree Books authoring the first ever Official Nerf Annual 2015! It's a first for anyone in the NIC, so I hope I've done it justice! You can check out the 80 page annual that's up for pre-order right now at:

Fall 2014

Release: September 1st, 2014

It was a pretty awesome project, and was something of a challenge I will say that juggling my study and the deadlines of producing copy. I want to thank the Studio Management team and the designer who supported me with my ideas for the annual. Most importantly, thank you to all of you! You haven't known about this because I was under an NDA (hate_hate_hate that word!) but you inspired me to put this together, and drive what i've been doing. Without you I would never of had the opportunity to get involved :) Much love to you all! I've never written anything like this before personally, but was grateful to have given a helping hand with the Nerf Ultimate Blaster Book so I had some idea of what would be required.

A special thanks goes to BayAreaNerf Shawn, SBNC Rob and WikiNerf for their site reference when I was researching :) <3 you guys!

The main difference is that I've tried to bridge the NIC and the Nerf Nation together. More so for them to be better prepared I guess and be in the know for HvZ and the like. There are game types and more for players to get their teeth in to, as well as other various challenges. There is a ton of other stuff, but I will wait for a more in depth release.

It's primarily aimed at teens but I've tried to keep it engaging enough for older readers. Hopefully I can get some press updates shortly :)

Keep cool and make every dart count :)


  1. nerfinstructabler .30 July 2014 at 22:32

    Wow, great job MLD! Congratulations on your successes in school! Your new annual looks amazing! Let's hope it makes a big stir! I expect it to! Cheers!


  2. elijah leighton31 July 2014 at 16:51

    Yay you're back!!!