Friday, 30 May 2014

SmythsToys Nerf Elite Cam ECS-12 listing and release date

 SmythsToys Nerf Elite Cam ECS-12 listing - with crazy price tag

First - wow it's been a while folks! Been super busy studying for my Microsoft Technology Associate exam (Tuesday 3rd June @9am - eeek), but good to see this listing up on

Whilst there is no sales description right now, but it looks to be confirmed that the UK blaster will reach up to 85feet. It will take 8x AA batteries which is a monster size compared to most blasters that are being actively promoted right now.
The crazy thing is the price tag. £84.99. Wow. I know it is headlining Xmas as the 3 hero blasters, but it seems pretty extreme for a substandard(?) spec cam. More info on this blaster below:
So what info do we know? The lowdown is below: 
  • Blaster is headlining Fall 2014 (UK October 2014)
  • It will cost $75USD (84.99GBP)
  • It's supposed to be full-auto (prototype was semi-auto)
  • It packs an internal 1.77 inch screen battle cam. 
  • 0.3 megapixel cam, 20fps (low resolution)
  • Can toggle between Record, Picture modes
  • Playback and Delete options
  • Comes with 4GB SD card (4000 images OR 100mins record time)
  • 90ft range (UK confirmed as 85ft)
  • Supposed to come with a Clear Clip CS-12 on retail (looks pretty oldschool CS-12!)
  • Originally powered by x4 AA batteries = 3  hours recording time. It now has x8 AA.
  • Jams are cleared via large jam door
  • 2 tac rails
Yes it comes with a 4GB SD card, but those are worth peanuts even if it is considered as an entry level SD card. The cam resolution is what gets me the most. We could have had something much better, but I guess to the average Nerf Nation fan - it more than does the job.

When can we expect this blaster to hit the shelves in the UK? It would seem just before Xmas this year, the release date is 24th October 2014.

Let us know if the price point has put you off, or it will be worth it for you?


  1. Wow, still totally not worth it at all.

  2. Like the cam! Can be used for a lot!

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  4. I bought one of these in an Entertainer yesterday. I was weak.