Thursday, 13 February 2014

Xplorer cooking up something special for fans

Xplorer cooking up something special for fans...
After an online chat with Xplorer owner Heng, I was lucky enough to be shown his plans for what was initially a private project.
It looked pretty awesome to me,  I had to share it with other fans and the feedback was so amazing - it spawned massive changes in the design.

Thanks to team Xplorer, they were good enough to give me an exclusive look in to the feedback collected so far, I think there is much more to be had. Below is the current state of the project, and if it houses any of the kit we know so well, this is going to be an extremely high range performance stomping blaster!

Heng at Xplorer advised that this will be a limited run completely custom built. With a large direct plunger, a built in shotgun grip, and all quality we expect from Xplorer running on stefans.
The project is still in it's early stages, but with Xplorer looking for fan feedback - could we create something made by fans for fans? The main issue for many fans is the cost - most fans peg this around $500-$1000 USD? Please give your feedback and lets make it happen :D


  1. And we hold the price of this blaster for... 1 MILLION DOLLARS

  2. Please, dear goodness, yes! I'm already saving up!

  3. Southern Brisbane Nerf Club13 February 2014 at 22:52

    Heng makes awesome stuff, but I fear this will be very expensive.

  4. Good grief! $500 for a piece of plastic? No thanks, I can buy a real assault rifle for that price... that could potentially save my life.

  5. Well, considering that the burnei nerfers got their xplorer barret at $3500 brunei dollars... I dun think MLD's estimate of 500 ~ 1000 to be anywhere near correct...

  6. I like it... But looks far too real for college campus. And with 500 dollars as a price tag.... The interest is dissuaded.