Saturday, 1 February 2014

New 2014 Toy Fair products from Tek Recon!

Thanks to Tek Rekon for the pic from their 2014 Nuremberg Toy Fair stand!
Check the Latest 2014 Predator Tek Recon blaster!

So, New 2014 products from Tek Recon - can you find them? A bigger image is below:

As far as I can see, there is the following:
  1. A target board
  2. Havok blaster (on table)
  3. Hammerhead blaster (on table)
  4. Eye protectors (top right)
  5. Refill tubs (bottom right on table)
  6. In Point of Sale stand (far left) We see a Soft Shot x25 refill tub & Long Shot x25 refill tub

Tek Recon confirmed:
"New NRG rounds with varying durometers allow players of all ages to choose their preferred type of ammo for rapid short shots or long distance sniper hits."
"We have launched a much improved smartphone mount for both blasters (images below). Mount is fibreglass-reinforced with a universal foam pad that locks in any smarthphone with great strength."

All eyes should be on & Dartblaster facebook page as they are there at the show and are expected to be posting up images from the stand.

As for a new blaster, that's being kept under wraps so hopefully we see something from today or tomorrow. I hope the blaster is the by-product of fan feedback and they have stabilised a consistent firing mechanism and these rounds indeed do the job they allude to. They certainly seem to have taken on fan feedback on board - let's see if it continues!

In regards to the and team checking out the new Nerf flagship blaster, they were silenced with an NDA so we must wait for the NYTF to see the flagship 2014 blaster.

Have you spotted something i've missed? Do you think the rounds will fix the flaw of performance?

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  1. I stopped playing with my Tek Recon a while ago. I will test these out with my friends and see what happens. I love the look but the performance was weak.