Friday, 14 February 2014

Nerf Zombie Strike concept design art

Thanks to Fastcodedesigns for sending me this!

It's always good to find latest news to share with Nerf fans, it's also a personal fist-pump when you are contacted directly with Nerf info from a source. Fastcodedesigns reveal the process of 3d development images in a breakdown of Nerf Zombie Strike concepts

Sneak peek of the new Scope accessory!

Anyone with me that they shoulda stuck with a longer barrel for the Slingfire?
I can hear you all shouting "Hell yeah!"


  1. While I agree in the aesthetics of a longer barrel, they usually result in poorer range (of foam projectiles). Sure do like that original steam punk design! Though the longer stock adds better ergonomics to holding and actuating the lever.

  2. I like the stock on the prototype, the fake -wood grain looks epic. Wasn't there a lever action blaster in the Max Force series (called the rattler, potentially) though I doubt it actually had a trigger.

  3. Nah, the Rattler is totally unlike what you would think. Probably the closest thing to this at the time was the Ratchet Blast which has a "break" priming system.