Saturday, 1 February 2014

Nerf has overhauled Lazer Tag for 2014!?

According to Hunter Moore over at GeekInsider, Lazer Tag is in for a massive overhaul 2014
Many fans have been speculating as to or not, Hasbro will revisit their unloved child (much like the Revonix360) and give it an overhaul. Well the answer is "yes!" - kind of.

Here is an excerpt from the GeekInsider  article:
"The LAZER TAG app uses the iPhone’s camera feed overlapped with an onscreen display, which includes your ammo count, radar, health, armor and the match time. Since the iPhone is directly attached to the gun, there is no need for Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi connection. Along with the trigger, there are buttons to reload and use a shield. Every time you shoot, a laser trail will be displayed on-screen, along with a sound."
BUT. There is a but folks! It will not be available for all us Android users - yet. It is only compatible with with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPod touch 4th gen, all of which need to have IOS 5.0.1 or newer.

We have at least three options of gameplay available in single-player campaign, co-op campaign, and a live multiplayer mode.
  • In campaign mode, you can fight against "hordes of aliens", using the integrated iPhone. As you play, you will get experience to level up and unlock special upgrades.
  • In co-op campaign, you and a friend will battle thru the Single player campaign.
  • The live multiplayer mode will let you play against up to a staggering 24 players in a free-for-all OR team match. In this mode, the iPhone is used as a display for the target system to aim and a radar to find other players. When you hit the enemy player’s censor, the display will show them being blown to smithereens.
Don't let the whole Apple thing throw you off, the Lazer Tag blasters are still fully functional without having to attach any smartphone. What is odd, is that they link you to the old Lazer Tag blasters here? So it looks like they have simply reworked the software side rather than sex up the old blasters.

A little disappointed I got to say.

Wonder what Tactical Tag has got to say? Well actually he reviewed it back in July 2012!


  1. This pretty much describes everything from the current LTAR set-up, right down to the lack of iPhone 5 support. Perhaps you could outline any differences you see?

  2. It would appear the overhaul is software side in the App only. Disappointing to say the least. I guess we will have to wait on the Elite Dart Tag stuff to pop up on a totally unrelated Nerf site ~_~;