Friday, 14 February 2014

Exclusive! NEW 2014 Tek Recon Predator

Exclusive! NEW 2014 Tek Recon Predator

Before I get in to the Press Release from Tek Recon, I HAVE to give my 0.02pence!

I am TOTALLY blown away by this new design, and it's ALL SINGING TACTICOOLNESS!!!
Mark Loon from Tek Recon Singapore rocking an all tacticool Havok

Image work by Nerf Canterbury

What do we know:
  • 100ft ranges
  • 100 NRG capacity
  • 6 new accessories
  • 3 viable sling-points
  • Side rails
  • Price: tbc

WHERE DO I BEGIN?? Okokok, the shell. WHAT THE HECK!! I have to say, I can't remember the last time I was this fired up to see an awesome looking shell. It just looks so darn awesome. It looks so much of a beast, I can already picture myself hunting down opponents in my iron sights (pun intended).

Speaking of iron sights - is that a red sight or scope?

The blaster looks to be rocking a removable tac-grip?

Inspired by many fan pics - a tac-light? Definitely fan inspired!

The mag cartridge seems to have had a work over? It now packs 100 NRG rounds. It definitely looks awesome.

We heard about the new fibre-glass smartphone mount recently from the Germany Toy Fair

In true fashion, we see an awesome stock on this beast of a blaster. Note the sling hook on the stock. Looking good :)

Speaking about 100ft range performance, it's likely to be with the new type of NRG rounds we saw from the German Toy Fair:
>>More info here<<
Unfortunately, as easy as it is to get excited, until the new rounds are fan-tested and internals investigated for range performance, I will hold judgement right now even tho it looks so darn awesome. The real proof will be in testing out these new Longshot and Velocity rounds.

Press release from Tech4Kids, maker of the Tek Recon blasters:

"Tek Recon Unleashes the Predator at New York Toy Fair! 
The new Predator delivers the ultimate blaster experience 
TORONTO, February 14, 2014 – Tek Recon gears up to release its’ most epic, high-performance blaster. The Tek Recon Predator is ready to leave its’ mark on the blaster world with unparalleled performance, ammo capacity and blasting distances. On the heels of a successful Kickstarter launch in 2013, the Tek Recon Hammer Head and Havok left blaster fans wanting more. In 2014, Tek Recon introduces the most aspirational blaster designed to satisfy every enthusiast’s performance desires. The Predator features rapid slam firing, with ranges exceeding 100 feet. It holds up to 100 ‘NRG’ rounds, more than any other reusable ammo blaster. To help enhance the Tek Recon experience, a newly designed magazine that allows for rapid loading firing will be introduced to enhance the battle experience. The Predator comes equipped with six accessories; including scopes and LED targeting technology that can be customized and mounted on tactical rails. “Our fan base, the ‘TRibe,’ have told us they want even more from our award winning designs,” says Brad Pedersen, President and CEO, Tech 4 Kids. “With such devoted fans, we have listened and worked hard to develop an aspirational blaster that not only satisfies, but surpasses their expectations. The new Tek Recon Predator delivers the ultimate performance, distance and capacity.” To optimize the real battle and team experience, Tek Recon has developed a free iOS and Android App that uses Wifi and GPS technology to bring players into the battle. The App has received global accolades on its unique ability to create a real life first person shooter play experience. Approaching 100,000 downloads, the App is designed to enhance play and enrich the gaming experience. In addition to the Predator blaster, new accessories for 2014 include different performance ‘NRG’ rounds, like Long and Soft shots. These special rounds come in a variety of colors and provide more customization for the fans. Join the TRibe on Facebook  or find out more at Tek Recon. The ultimate Predator blaster is available fall 2014."

So who's excited? Let us know your opinion on this beast of a blaster! 


  1. I hope that we get the 100 rounds it can fit! Other then that this thing looks sweet!!

  2. Hopefully! I think that a lot hangs on the performance to get those 100ft ranges!

  3. Ish it was full auto

  4. This looks promasing for hvz

  5. I was hoping for full-auto :( all ten recon products are nearly identical...

  6. I wonder if we'll get an actual cock-and-trigger-pull system instead of the previous stretch-and-release one.

  7. First off; Vector from CoD? :D Second; MLD, is there a estimated retail price?

  8. I agree with Scorpio that the tek recon predator should be full auto not slam fire.