Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Blaster Labs report new 2014 Nerf Tek Strike

Blaster Labs report new 2014 Nerf Tek Strike
Credits to Joe Meno for the upload.

Good friends Blaster Labs have been wetting their heads for the first time at the New York Toy Fair 2014, and boy have they not let Nerf fans down!

To date we have not had any definitive coverage on the event but they took the whole team down to make sure they provide some professional blog coverage :) You can catch more of them here: Blaster Labs

I got in contact with the EyeSpy Toys team, and they gave me more info!

The team got an invite from UK based company EyeSpy, who handed them the following press release:
Product Overview
Nerf TekStrike from EyeSpy Toys is an exciting new attachment for NERF blasters. With programmable Smart Darts, patented hit recognition technology and Bluetooth connectivity, Nerf TekStrike turns the backyard into an advanced wireless playing field.

Key Features
  • The Nerf TekStrike Storm Shield attaches to any NERF blaster’s tactical rail and casts an invisible sensory grid over the entire playing field. 
  • The Nerf TekStrike system works with Smart Darts, which each contain a programmable RFID chip. 
  • Using Bluetooth and RFID technology, the Smart Darts can be tracked. As a dart hits the Storm Shield, the type of ammo it was hit with and who the shooter was, are recorded, displaying the damage on the built-in LCD screen and sending the appropriate HIT points to the shooter’s screen. 

Game Play
  • To start playing, select an ammo type, wirelessly program the Smart Darts by swiping against the Nerf TekStrike Storm Shield and then begin firing at the opponents shield, instantaneously being alerted of successful shots.
  • The single player training mode allows individuals to improve their accuracy to get ready for the next battle. 
  • When players are ready for advanced battle scenarios, they can use a smart phone or tablet as a remote base to unlock new weapons, track team stats and select mission objectives – all available with the free Nerf TekStrike app download. 

For the full video game experience, players can attach a smart phone to the Nerf TekStrike Storm Shield for GPS tracking, blaster upgrades, accuracy stats and more!

Pricing / Availability Suggested Retail Price: $24.99 
*Includes the Nerf TekStrike Storm Shield and 10 Smart Darts
Availability: August, 2014

Recommended Age: 8+

You can't say we didn't see this coming, what with the lackluster effort of the Nerf Mission App Cradle left fans not really feeling it within the NIC. This is something much more to taste I think - we have rumours of a revamped Lazer Dart Tag and this looks like it?

Let us know what are your thoughts?


  1. So the darts have to actually hit the screen to be registered as a hit?

    If they implemented some sort of vest or chest plate that could register hits, I could easily see this replacing laser tag. As it stands though, it seems pretty limited.

  2. Still overly complicated compared to the honor system, to simply admit to being hit. But hey, a new attachment!

  3. thatawesomenerfguy18 February 2014 at 20:50

    Its a good concept, but I don't think it will successful at all. For starters it on the front, if you sneak up behind someone or approach from the side there's no place to shoot at. The target is kinda small in comparison to a person. The chest is the ideal target because of its size and if you aim a little high, miss the screen, and BAM!!! Little Jimmy's eye is gone.

  4. Hahahaha, what a fail. The gun that was used in the video was clearly a Retaliator, while on the blaster it says Recon CS-6. That is if you look at the paintscheme, of course. Anyone else spotted this?

  5. They could make a trek vest like lazier tag

  6. Darts that would matter when they got lost in a nerf war :(
    Programmable darts are cool, just have to programme them to come back...