Sunday, 12 January 2014

Zombie Strike officially hits the NerfNation!

Zombie Strike officially hits the NerfNation!

A funky(?) tv commercial hits the NerfNation FB page. I got to say it's a bit Cosplay-esque with plenty of blasting fun. Actually, it has dawned upon me, after reading this:
No one knows exactly what happened the day the zombies struck. In this exclusive sneak peek, find out how we're striking back!

- the Fusefire, Crossfire, Sidestrike we have known about for quite some time, but the Zombie Strike range MIGHT very well be linked to the big unveil? It's just very oddball that they have uploaded this to their FB page in time for the big unveil.

Who knows. Let us know your thoughts on the range so far, and what is your stand out blaster so far!

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