Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Special goodbye to NMR

As another legendary NIC blog closes its doors, we give a special goodbye to Nerf Mods & Reviews.
The first I heard anything about this was from Tactical Tag, and I have to say I was pretty shocked. Even tho i'm no real modder, It was like Urban Taggers all over again - I felt for all the modders.

Originally starting back in Monday January 19th 2009, starting with a review of the Big Salvo, the individual known as Jerm781 started something that would run for a half a decade.

"I feel grateful for everything it brought to the community, and proud of the quality content it brought that inspired others to hold a higher standard. Maybe not the "best" mod, but my favorite, and the blaster that I discovered NM&R with, was easily the MA5C Assault Rifle from Halo. My best memory was talking in the Chatbox with other fans and then seeing jerm781 log in to say "hi". Seemed like a celebrity to me at the time, so I was ecstatic. That was the start of my many great experiences working with him." Mike, Author of Tactical Tag

The site has built up a talented number of contributors over time, who all had a hand in keeping the popular mods Nerf news and reviews site collaborating with other modders, simply a source of inspiration and advice.

Official roll call of NMR
Clocking up some 6,863,601 pageviews, and 889 posts over its time, real life takes a toll on all of us. For Jerm781 that end came when he went A.W.O.L March 13th, 2012. The site as many say never came back from his departure, but the contibutors listed above sure did an awesome job of keeping the NIC updated with Nerf news, new and exciting mods and their unique reviews giving that modders insight.

"I'm sad to see NM&R go, but I understand it was time. The site had been winding down for awhile with more emphasis on news and reviews content than the modding it was founded on. Personally I'm a sucker for Longshot mods, so a big favorite from NM&R's history has got to be this mashup post of all the various Longshot mods. My best memory from the site was after being a reader and enjoying the blog for so many years, when I got the e-mail in my inbox asking if I'd like to come on as "the range test guy". It came as a huge surprise at the time, and really made me feel like I was making a contribution to the NIC." RandomShadow09

"It makes me feel a little sad. But to be honest, it's hard to fill in the shoes of Jerm781. Nobody else can do what he did, nobody else was solely committed to that blog. Unlike most blogs that provide information nowadays, Jerm's blog (and I'll always call it that in my heart) was always about his mods. Most of his mods weren't "practical"... however, mods are mods, and hands down, his mods were unique, creative, and based off pure fun. That's also where I drew inspiration for my mods from... boundless limits, it was all about just fun. It's not so much about the performance of the mod... it's about the mod itself. No I can't! Dude, there are WAY too many mods there... so, so many, it's a crazy treasure cove! Some that immediately come to my mind are the Longshot-Raider, the Longploy, and there was even one where Jerm781 reshelled a Recon's internals into a Super Soaker Tornado Strike! It's much too many. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~ My best memory of NMR is the time when Jerm sent me an NMR t-shirt. Up till today, I still rock that tee. NMR is also the first time I got connected to another Nerfer internationally, and I saw it as more of a friendship than anything else." pSyk
"Abit sad to see NMR closing, though nothing is forever anyways, people move on with life and switch hobbies, sometimes they might hop back in the hobby again after a hiatus, who knows right? The best mod would be Jerm, the rest were great too (sharing all their latest info and reviews), but to me the essence of the site chronicled Jerm's journey in the hobby and that's what i followed along the way too. It wasn't like numerous other blogs that just re-post news from other places, Jerm generated tons of original content in his own style. Best memory of NMR is Jerm's reviewing of every single thing he bought, even the cheap knockoffs that worked terribly, those are the best reviews since no one else bothered to review them. I also enjoyed reading his blaster mods which were done just because it was fun to do it, it didn't matter if the mod wasn't designed to be used for actual games, its was just about having an interesting idea and actually sitting down, enjoying the modding process and completing the project." SGNerf
"Of course I am always sad if one of the big blogs decides to close down, but I can understand it. Leaves some place for another blog coming up. I think they were the ones who built the MA41 pulse-rifle of a recon, raider-buttstock and longshot-frontgun. Great idea and a fantastic mod." Blasterparts

"We are deeply saddened by NMR closing its doors. Jermaine was the only blogger that was willing to help us out when we first started making mod kits and without his support we would not be where we are today. His enthusiastic reviews and the awesome mods contributed by the NMR contributors will be sorely missed. The mod we like the most was Jermaine's Vulcan Handgun mod . We always loved how he managed to go full Frankenstein with his shell chopping mad-scientist creations while keeping everything so clean no paint job was needed. The older mods where airsoft guns were converted to shoot Nerf darts were always a fun read as a proof of concept and we all drew much inspiration from the NMR blog posts. Our best memory was meeting jerm781 in person for our webinar. The webinar itself was pretty hilarious and we had some technical difficulties in the beginning but hanging out afterward was really cool. Actually, every review video NMR put out was a good memory be it for our products or blasters and mods in general. The enthusiastic tone and mature atmosphere really set NMR apart from other Nerf blogs at the time. NMR was all about the enthusiasts and hobbyists and never took on that "holier than thou" tone that was pervasive in some of the more prominent Nerf modding forums." OrangeModWorks (OMW)
"As much as it's sad to see it go, it was never the same without Jerm there. Even with the many contributors, it didn't feel like NM&R. It just wasn't the same without him. My favorite mod he ever did was the Longshot/Recon combo. Something about it stuck with me and it's what I remember most easily from the site. That and his love of hotgluing CPVC into stuff haha." Bobololo
Longshot Recon / LR7

Nerf Mods & Reviews will stand for old fans and new as an online library as does Urban Taggers. The NIC has lost an important site, but as mentioned before, life goes on, and I hope it continues to inspire existing sites and give us new fresh talent too. I can imagine how hard it was for Mike at Tactical Tag to sit thinking long and hard about finally closing the doors.

                (  \|__
                (   \/)
                 (  (/\)
                  (// | 
                   /  |
           _____/      \\_____
          |   _    ___   _   ||
          |  | \    |   | \  ||
          |  |_/    |   |_/  ||
          |  | \    |   |    ||
          |  |  \. _|_. | .  ||
          |               _  ||
          |  |\ | |\  /| |_\ || 
          |  | \| | \/ | | \ ||
          |                  ||
          |  19.1.09-10.1.14 ||
          |                  ||
          |first of a dynasty||
          |long lived & long ||
          |   long loved     ||
          |                  ||
  *       | *   **    * **   |**      **


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