Saturday, 4 January 2014

New Nerf Zombie Strike blasters hit UK shores on!

Thanks to SmythsToys PR for the heads up on this! UK fans Nerf Zombie Strike has landed!

UK Nerf fans have had to suffer for sometime whilst we've seen our fellow Nerfers across the pond enjoy the new Nerf Zombie Strike range. But no more! Zombie Strike has landed on our shores!

NERF Zombie Strike Deco Darts

When the zombies strike, you'll be prepped to double- or even triple- tap them with this Zombie Strike Dart Refill Pack. The 30 darts in this big dart pack work with your Zombie Strike blaster, but they also work with any N-Strike blaster (sold separately). Get them into your arsenal and you'll be ready to take on the zombies, no matter how many there are. Includes 30 Zombie Strike Darts. Use with Crossfire Bow or Sidestrike blaster (sold separately). Darts also work with N-Strike blasters (sold separately) 

NERF Zombie Strike Target Set

Practice your zombie-blasting skills with this hardcore Zombie Strike Target Set. Set up your 3 zombie targets and take aim with the compact, stealth-sized Jolt blaster. You've got 1 dart for each target, so take careful aim and develop your precision-strike skills. Those lurching, staggering zombies won't stand a chance when you hit the streets. Includes stealth-sized Jolt blaster, 3 Zombie Strike darts, clip-on sight and 3 targets. Zombie Strike Target Set has what you need to practice your zombie- blasting skills.Set up the included 3 targets and practice taking them down.Includes stealth-sized Jolt blaster for target practice Clip-on sight lets you zero in on the zombies.Includes 3 Zombie Strike darts 

NERF N-Strike Elite Firestrike

A fast draw is all that's between you and rampaging zombies! Practice quick-drawing your Sidestrike blaster from its holster before your next mission. You can keep your 4 Zombie Strike Darts in the holster's storage compartment, and attach your holster to your belt with the belt clip so you're completely mobile. The holster also fits your Firestrike blaster (sold separately). Go for the fast strike and take out every last zombie with the Sidestrike blaster. The sleek Nerf N-Strike Elite Firestrike features a red light targeting beam with independent power trigger for aiming in the dark. Go for fast draw with the sidestrike blaster. Carry the blaster in the holster. Features Dart storage compartment and belt clip.

NERF Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow

It's Nerf or Nothin' With Nerf blasters and sports gear, you can unleash your competitive spirit as you team up with friends or challenge yourself. Show off your skills and strategy, or have a blast in a spur-of-the-moment game. Nerf products let you play almost anywhere for active play indoors and outdoors. Now you can defend the world against zombies with the Nerf Zombie Strike CrossFire Bow blaster. You can become the ultimate zombie-fighter with the new Nerf Zombie Strike CrossFire Bow blaster that features real crossbow action and blasts foam Zombie Strike darts. Load the Nerf darts into the dart blaster, draw back the string and pull the trigger to fire. Includes CrossFire Bow, 4 Zombie Strike darts, and instructions. 

So what you folks waiting for? Get shopping :D

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  1. Do you know if the Sledgefire will come to the UK?