Saturday, 4 January 2014

New Nerf Rebelle digital dart refill pack hits

New Nerf Rebelle digital dart refill hits

Interesting find by ExtremeNerf - what looks like new digital Nerf Rebelle dart refills? They appear on at €9.99.

The French description reads:
“Recharge in matching foam dart X12
Darts in stylish colors that adaptnet all Nerf Rebel arms!
- 12 darts stylish
- Accurate Shots
- Suitable for full range Nerf Rebel”
Possibly these darts are more a digital art cover similar to the ones on the Ultimate Nerf Blaster Book £12.07 $13.17
If these are indeed what they appear, then I hope we see some designs fall in to the Elite darts, Zombie Strike and even Mega darts (Bullet Bill Mega Darts anyone? :D )
As a collector, I might pick them up, but I suspect people will just leave them on the desk than rock the uniques out in an outdoor battle.

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