Tuesday, 21 January 2014

New Nerf Elite Mega Sonic Ice Centurion?

Really...? New Nerf Elite Mega Sonic Ice Centurion?

Thanks to Gavin Fuzzy for this image! Well what can you say? A new Nerf Elite Mega Sonic Ice Centurion seems to be in the works over at the Hasbro factory?

The original was facepalm enough... do we really need a Sonic Ice version? I guess the general Nerf fanbase picked up enough to make them commission this version.

Can't say I will pick it up - even if it makes its way to Europe/UK. How about you?


  1. Southern Brisbane Nerf Club21 January 2014 at 08:22

    I can't really tell if that plastic is see through? It's defs a Centurion shell though

  2. Seriously, the reports of the Centurion being terrible seem to come from a very vocal minority. I've had only a SINGLE jam with ours, and that was because my son didn't prime it all the way one time.

  3. Heck yeah, this way you'll get to see the digestive process of the centurion's feeding habits

  4. I probably won't but why did they do donic ice why not of something like "MEGA lava" and make it translucent red?

  5. Well, at least now we can sort of see inside to see what's breaking

  6. I have no idea why people haye the Centurion. I have not had it eat a single dart for the entire time I've had it. It's powerful, good looking, and gets it's acclaimed range. And what do people do? Hate on the Centurion! Sometimes I think that you guys hate on it just to hate on it.

  7. disqus_FdXTHUT9M618 July 2014 at 02:32

    I have some jams on mine but due to not priming properly.
    And ate darts due to bad darts.
    But the range is not as claimed 100ft.
    I think my Magnus is better than Centurion... :(