Monday, 6 January 2014

New 2014 Nerf Rebelle Blue Crush Super Soaker hits

New 2014 Nerf Rebelle Blue Crush Super Soaker hits

Want to thank Dustin Knisley for this find!  UK Fans this will be an Argos exclusive - keep them eyes peeled! More details below:
Nerf Rebelle Blue Crush Soaker

Product Description
Step up with strength, style and stealth with the Blue Crush soaker! It's easy to load this elegant water blaster with up to 20 ounces of water for cool, splashing fun. When you pull the trigger, your stylish soaker launches a blast of water at targets up to 38 feet away. Let the soaking begin with the Blue Crush soaker!

Compact Blue Crush soaker fires a stream of water at your target
Soaker holds up to 20 fluid ounces of water
Hit targets up to 38 feet away

Well, this is certainly something new, and I guess for the girls, a reason to get in to Super Soakers for those summer parties! What is funky is that it blasts UP TO 38ft and if that doesn't make you want to break out in to a Little Mermaid toting soaker then I don't know what will! It starts to look pretty Rebelle-esque but then becomes rather hideous to say the least when you get towards the back of the Nerf Rebelle Blue Crush. It's like the guys went on a lunch break, returned and sent it straight down to the factory - totally forgetting about any design on the butt-stock of the blaster. Don't get me started on the no real-trigger.  I won't be getting excited about this, but it's there for the girls to have fun in the sun!

If anyone remembers the Dolphina Bow breaking out on TaoBao (good find SBNC!), I have no doubt that we will see yet more of a range opening it up to some big water capacity tanks!

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