Sunday, 5 January 2014

Click Click Bamf interview author Nathanial Maraunus of Ultimate Nerf Blaster Book

Click Click BAMF

Click Click Bamf interview author Nathaniel Marunas of Ultimate Nerf Blaster Book!

Words of the Author - The Ultimate NERF Blaster Book, is the first podcast and web interview by the Click Click Bamf team and was it an awesome 12 minutes. They got to find out the background of the author, the origins of the book itself, and some rumour hunting too - the Nerf Elite Javelin is a real concept headlined for the Elite range but shifted over to Mega.

It's also awesome to actually be noted in the Acknowledgement section of the book for helping to put the book together :)

We see some of the concept art below:
This is actually more like the blaster I used back at the London Toy Fair - could this explain the big mix up and explain the internal system? If this was destined for the original Nerf Elite range, then it may well still be on the shelf for future release. Plot thickens to say the least, whilst this is more likely concept art (/sadpanda) It's probably worth noting that this blaster keeps popping up in email alerts by Nerfers in China - namely in Beijing. Watch this space is all I can say folks.

How about plans for an original 3 barrel 100 dart blasting Vulcan? It got shelved due to the oversize and cost the customer would have to of paid. Hasbro have said that this might be a collectors edition at some point in the future.

Be good to get your thoughts?

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  1. Probably just pre-production designs of the Centurion.