Thursday, 31 January 2013

Augment This! Nerf Lazer Tag for iOS battle tested

I'm a big computer/console gamer, and when I saw this, it totally made me want to go out and pick one up:

Anyone actually got the Nerf Lazer Tag? Is this something you would try? I saw a couple of these being shon by a number of other Toy Companies at the London  Toy Fair 2013.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Feedback from Hasbro!

Just an email exchange with the Hasbro team:

"Many thanks Asif, the points raised have been insightful and can change our path of development on future generation blasters. We appreciate everything you do, and it was a pleasure meeting at the Toy Fair"
I encourage you all to keep the thoughts and feedback coming on what you would like to see in the next gen Nerf blasters, accessories, etc

Feel free to post your thoughts here, thanks guys keep it up! I will collect the feedback from here, and update them as time goes.

Interview with the Nerf 'in Modfather

When I write Nerf interviews, the most important ingredients to find are love, respect and passion the individual or group shows for the hobby. Without that, there is little reason to look any further. I would like to share with you a piece I am equally proud of to have done so far for you :)

 One of my favourite movies of all time is the Peter Jackson movie 'King Kong (2005 film)'.  It's one of those movies you love to hate - because you love Kong and hate his inevitable doom. 
One of my all time actors is Marlon Brando. An amazing actor who shows it no where better in The Godfather.
So what happens when you mix the two together with a healthy amount of foam and Powerglove? The fate of Beastly Nerf blaster mods end up in the hands of The Modfather.

So who is The Modfather?
Between his mead making, ManVsFood, suped-up Nerf shenanigans, we have grown to love the honest fun-fuelled YouTuber.  One of the few genuine modders who take time to comment on feedback.

Guys n Gals... HeIsBobololo !
I can't tell you how long I have spent watching Bobo's videos, and taken tips, inspiration and advice worth it's weight in gold. So sit back, get the popcorn peeps I give to you a unique behind the scenes insight to The Modfather:

New Hasbro Nerf TV Ad - Elite Stryfe, Strongarm & Firestrike

If you haven't already seen or got these blasters, this new video Ad from Nerf will definitely help you see how awesome they are in this short snippet!

I have all 3 of these blasters, and you can check out the reviews I have done on each of them: Elite Stryfe, Elite Strongarm, Elite Firestrike.

Which do you have - or do you plan to get?

Basic Nerf music video HvZ game roundup

Hey guys, check this latest video out from Basic Nerf. What I love about these videos he does, is that they are pure, bare bones, with no fancy special effects. You see the battles and HvZ games for what they are.

And you know what? you can't help but smile and want to get involved! If you want to look up a HvZ group in your area, try checking out It's a community that has rulesets, advice, and most importantly people who love rocking HvZ!

Camarillo Winter 2012 Humans vs. Zombies Music Video Recap
Let me know if you have played any HvZ games - if you have could you share your tips as a Zombie or a Human player? What do you think would be a great loadout for the HvZ game?

Sunday, 27 January 2013

When Nerf fans get nasty

I have been operating my blog for now what must be 6-7 weeks?

The support has been immense, and you can see how much this has grown in that time.

The support I have got from the community and Hasbro has been inspiring, and it has encouraged me to want to make it grow with a passion I share with all fans. Well nearly all fans.

Apologies to Nerf Mods & Reviews for this pic, to clarify - BlackBoarderV (now ex-mod on NM&R) had banned me at the time and was further slandering me with other hearsay from UK Nerf War.
I mentioned I was proud of my traffic - because it is an indicator to show the support from the community, and it would appear for some people it's not enough. They have to go ahead and steal it. I'm kindly requesting this be put right. They have mislead fans. That's not a prank, that's being malicious in whatever light it's painted in. If I wanted a billion hits i'd make a Psy Gangnam or Bieber blog.
In the background I have had some comments, and if you have read my about me section you will know I will not tolerate any bullying remarks made against me or others in any form. Blogging is a new thing for me and I have been overzealous and made mistakes. I admit that, and I have learnt how to better conduct myself in the NIC. What I post just shows my passion for it without any malicious intent, but it seems some do not like my passion or the way I run my blog. You Live, You Learn, and I have.
There is an element of healthy competition in the NIC (Nerf Internet Community) but this is taking it too far. Borderline malicious.
Thankfully fans who care about what I do have brought it to my attention that certain people are stealing my traffic and hits, namely by creating domain names in my name, referring back to themselves: and Try it yourself and let me know what you think.
I spoke to UK Nerf War only last night when I asked the question as to why he deemed my site to be unfit under his UK Nerf links section - it's his own perogative what he does and doesn't put there, I was simply seeking feedback. Clearly he didn't want readers to be aware of what they had done.
In essence this means they have tried to sabotage my hits and prevent me from owning my own domain name. I did not see this blog growing as quickly as it had done and certainly not more than this webspace but these guys see me going further than we both envisaged and want to  put a stop to it - if not take it for themselves. I can assure you that when you click on these links they are not me. And they are not affiliated with me.
These pranksters in all their wisdom have not protected their personal information, which I have noted. While it is not illegal to buy a domain name it is illegal to impersonate others; persons; groups; corporations; or brands; and to steal the aforementioned intellectual property rights (IP Law).
I urge the individuals to make an apology for their disgraceful actions and to put this right before I seek further litigiation on Monday morning.
Your comments are welcome.

As Chris Cartaya says:
Don't hate the hater, hate the hate.
(I saw the video, and was not quite sure what to say - was left further dumbfound when I saw "Drac going down" video...wth...)

Saturday, 26 January 2013 Nerf Holster - a MUST have guys!

A major problem for many of us Nerfaholics is carrying the blasters in a sensible and practical manner.

Mostly a holster. We have seen many mod videos on YT but none that hit the 'Yum-Factor'

Our good friends over at recently displayed this beauty...

2013 Nerf Holder from at 24,90 €

When Nerf meets The Dark side of the LARP Sun

One thing that I love about Nerf, is that it seems to have absolutely no limits. I don't mean that it will help you leave the atmosphere but it will certainly free you of any stresses and worries for part of a day or even a complete weekend. Whilst we have the  Modders, the HvZ'rs and Nerf battlers, we also have a massive community called the L.A.R.P.
In my younger days (not so many moons ago!) I used to LARP a lot in my GamesWorkshop days when I used to manage a store. It was something I got involved when a group of lads who did the hobby also reinacted battles and had a set of Live Action Role Play governed by a set of rules created for live characters, backgrounds, props and locations befitting to the storyline. 
Dark Sun LARP (Sci-fi) - Jump in I dare you
Dark Sun LARP is a sci-fi Live Action Role Play based over in East Sussex in the UK, and I met with a community recently to find out more for myself as much as you guys.

Justin Bieber Investigated for Assault with a Nerf blaster?!

If anyone remembers I originally Tweeted Justin back in December 2012 about what he does to wind down with friends when he has the chance. He said he loves to chill with Nerf when he can.

So then this happens...

Basic Nerf in a manic HvZ game #1

Check out Basic Nerf in a manic HvZ game #1 (He tries his hand at Dualcam filming). We get a unique insight to a decent run.

What do you guys think about the video mode of dualcam? Would be good to get your feedback so we can help Basic Nerf perfect what he is trying to achieve :)

I personally love the dualcam mode, you can see his reactions and emotions to a situation and at some points its hilarious to see what is going on and his facial expressions!

Let me know what you think of the first dualcam game.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

GoPro Nerf tactical rail mount mod

This is an absolute gem of a find for all you GoPro'rs out there!

I guess this can actually be applied to other digi cam mounts.

Major props to Nethowler, here is the guide, and below a video of it in play on a Rough cut 2x4:

Coverage of the Hasbro Nerf Toy Fair London 2013 stand Part III

Ok, as promised I said I would list the top Questions I asked the Design team, please understand these questions were the most popular I could put to Hasbro with the prep time available from communities.

I think it would have been extremely selfish and a waste of time if I had just asked a few things that I wanted to know and walked on out. To me, this was an opportunity for all fans to ask what they wanted. This is your hobby too, so I hope I succeeded in asking what I was able to.

I am still under the NDA embargo, so understand I can't say anything on certain topics until 9th Feb, this content is approved:

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Coverage of the Hasbro Nerf Toy Fair London 2013 stand - part II

Ok here's part II guys, here are pictures I was signed off to release on N-Strike Nerf accessories, I will give a commentary from what I was told - please note these are *not* the top secret accessories I was able to play with:

Waiting to be reboxed for UK launch, 2013 Super Spy camera/video glasses - suped up version.
These work super great. Really good definition recording and camera shots. (Its no Canon EOS 500D but still amazing)

Coverage of the Hasbro Nerf Toy Fair London 2013 stand

Hasbro stand, Toy Fair 2013, London Olympia


I don't know where to begin, but ohmygosh we can expect some fireworks. A LOT of fireNerfworks.

I can't disclose certain details about new releases right now - this is due to signing a legal Non-Disclosure-Agreement (NDA) before I could see the blasters, play with them and all the accessories.

Chinese site Baidu releases Dart Tag Stinger pic

Wow, props to our friends over at Canberra & Southern NSW Dart Tag (Nerf Wars, HvZ) for this find:

It looks like a funky new blaster - but at closer look is this a suped up Jolt? It looks like it has a 2 dart-holder built in, but i'm wondering if this has anything to do with a new AR system?
I was told by Hasbro UK to expect "new everything" so I question this to our mod community - could it be a new Internal system?

Saturday, 19 January 2013

10,000 pageviews today!

A little over a month ago I started out blogging, and today I hit 10,000 pageviews :)

Thanks to everyone for all your support, comments and support (did I thank you all for your support?)

You all rock, keep up the awesomeness, and Nerf On :)

I'm going to have to work out a Giveaway for some blasters to celebrate this - stay tuned!  :)

Elite Alpha Trooper UK confirmed 1st March 2013

I spoke to, and a couple of weeks ago regarding the new range of Nerf blasters (and to confirm the release dates of the Elite Triad, Elite Rayven and Elite Pinpoint - no sign of these in the UK yet...)

Originally this popped up a couple of weeks ago from a leaked source.

The retailers  above told me to stay tuned to their new catalogue launches and Argos's Saturday launch - true enough, a fan sent pictures of the catalogue early this morning to UK Nerf blog.

I also spoke to and, who told me to stay tuned to their catalogues and online sites. So i'm positive we can expect some awesome new range blasters to hit the web shortly. lists new Elite Alpha Trooper in new catalogue launch

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Nerf War - SEQ Backyard of Blood; Blob

Oh my god, I LOVED this video, it's hilarious folks, check it out!

I love the ruleset, it lets the game run so smooth, and no one complains. Please Subscribe to these guys , we can definitely expect more awesome Nerf Wars. There is something about this War that sets it apart in its own category of awesome.

"Footage from the Backyard of Blood event held by TNT's (Tweed Nerf Troupe) Northern Brethren; SEQ.

Blob involves three teams of equal numbers spawning in three corners of a field. Each team has an established region of play which is cordoned off from the surrounding teams. Players may not leave their team's region. If a player is killed that player then changes team to the side of the player that killed them. The game continues on until all players are on one side or a time limit has expired."

"Oh my god they killed Kenny?!"

What did you guys think of the rules? Who wants a "Is Kenny Alive??!" Tshirt?

Wednesday, 16 January 2013 - a Magic Mod company

Hi guys!

We all love our Nerf, and whilst most of us are happy with Stock blasters, some fans want to customise theirs. This might involve spring replacement, a simple trigger hammer lock removal, to voltage  increase and bolt-sled upgrades.

I found this awesome website, for a company called (translated using Bing Website Translator). Please watch the video below.


Did you scream loudly at the level of awesome?

Now, do I have your attention for some more awesomeness? Read on fans.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

New Elite Scout... sorry nasty knock off

Posted by Chow Fook Cheong, writer of the hilarious diary of a Support Engineer - Oh!pEnions he posted a pics and a break down of what at first appeared to be an Elite Scout.

With SDL also pumping out shady knock offs, but they have better AR, tight seals and great plungers, their ranges are impressive.

Credit: Chow Fook Cheong
Something tells me this is not the last of nasty fakes and knock offs. With Chinese manufacturers realising that the world is crazy for Elite colour Nerf blasters, they will do what they can to cash in fast.
Similar to the other rumoured Nerf Elites: 2013 Nerf Elite Incinerator and 2013 Nerf Elite Counterstrike

Interview with a Nerfenstein

For many Nerfers and Modders, this is a familiar image. For those that don't, please do click the link and prepare to be taken into a fabulous world of prop creation and Nerfaholics anonymous. The beauty of Nerf is it has no borders.  Strangers can sit down and speak till blue in the face about their common interest. A wonderful community you want to be part of, that is the feeling I got from this site.
When I first jumped into this world, it reminded me of Tim Burtons 2012 hit movie 'Alice in Wonderland'. A wacky world where creativity is the currency - and your only way to book an all expenses first-class ticket there. 

Tim Burtons 'Alice in Wonderland'
In what many might think is a man's world, move on over 'cause Girl Power is taking the throne - imagination is the law of this Queens land.
I wanted to get behind the .jpg. Get to know this prop creating, Nerf modding Mama from Alabama (she's not really from Alabama) - so what better way to do that, than to blitz a girl with a ton of questions!  

Basic Nerf Siege the Fort game #5

Basic Nerf hits back with another great Nerf battle - this time its Siege the Fort. We have seen them run this a couple of times in previous videos uploaded, and it's a little more thorough in the fact we get some nice insight into Siege rules and strategy. Check it out

Basic Nerf: The number in the title refers to the amount of darts I usually carry in my clips/mags in my chest rig. In this game especially, it proves to come in handy.

Basic Nerf game #4 - Protect VIP

Hey guys, its Basic Nerf hitting up with game #4, this is a great video to see a Protect VIP game live. We get to see some nice strategy in protecting the VIP and some good battles :)
Basic Nerf: Happy Sunday everyone! Check out my latest Nerf War video, Protect The VIP. This is game 4 of 6 games we played.

Anyone else tried some Protect VIP games? How did they go?

Basic Nerf takes on CTF game in game #3

Here is game #3 for the 2013 uploads from Basic Nerf. This was a good video from the point of hearing game strategy from seasoned players. Some very good tips here - and you will see how they work out in the end!
Basic Nerf: Game 3 out of 5 from my last play sessions. This game was Capture the Flag. And without going into too much detail, lets just say that it was a pretty close game.

Basic Nerf leads team in Nerf Scavenger hunt Game#2

Hey guys, check Basic Nerfs vid, along with his commentary, its video #2 for 2013:

"What happens if you combine A Nerf War and a Scavenger Hunt into one game? You get a good amount of fun actually."

I really enjoyed how their rules work for this type of Nerf battle :)

Is this something you will try too?

Monday, 14 January 2013

RIP Nerf Elite Incinerator

Been tracking this for a while, and i'm glad to say, another rumour demon put to rest (like the 2013 Nerf Elite Counterstrike)

I called up ABGee, and said I was interested in stocking the item #285 53378 Nerf N-Strike Elite Incinerator:

I said I suspected it to the Nerf Elite Firestrike at that price, but needed a picture confirmation before I bought it in units to sell in my online shop UberShineyToyShop.

Hasbro stock - a playful option

This is a little different from the norm of Nerf :)

I touched on this at Xmas, about Hasbro stock is worth taking on into your portfolio.

So it's funny that an associate writer friend from my professional LinkedIn Eric Savitz of Forbes Tech Trade sent me an article he came upon Hasbro's 3.9% Dividend Yield: Why It Looks Better Before You Unwrap It.

I accept no responsibilty for how, why and what you trade for, I am simply highlighting
 this news.

If you are a gadget and tech junkie, I strongly suggest following Eric, he has a healthy following of industry heads and business figures. He writes as it is, and is not bias in any view. That's one of the qualities any respectable journalist worth their salt can have - and he's weighted in gold :)

Sunday, 13 January 2013

RANGE TEST: Nerf Elite Rayven vs.Original N-Strike Rayven

A great range test of the Nerf Elite Rayven vs the N-Strike Rayven by Griffin Mods.

This is a really thorough and concise range test by Griffin Mods. We can see that the Streamlines hit around the 40-50ish range arc-fired. The rate of fire on the N-Strike Rayven is good enough to pepper enemies at a distance do that's good enough honestly speaking when it comes to Streamlines.

The Elite Rayven is using the new Elite GITD darts, and easily achieve the 70-80ft range. Note that this is pretty much in the arc-fire range.

The weather seems pretty good, no sway from a breeze (camera picks that up well on sound).

So what can we say? Gogogo Elite power :)

I can't wait for mine :) Can you?

Heads up to New York, US Nerfers!!!

Hey folks!

A heads up for you about a Nerf Dart Tag event YMCA are holding in the village of Kenmor, NYC!

Who doesn’t love a fun game of Nerf tag? Bring your own Nerf guns and protective gear from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 27 to the Ken-Ton Family YMCA and get ready to run and hide.

Registration is required by Jan. 23 and the cost is $2 for YMCA members and $5 for program members. Ages five years and older are welcome to come, even parents.

For more information or to register, contact the Ken-ton YMCA at 874-5051 or stop down to the branch located at 535 Belmont Ave., Kenmore.

Have fun!!!

Love Nerf? Love Zombies? You'll love this!


Wow. Wow. Wow. That is all I can sa-  what in the Nerf... ?!


Only 1:41 long??


At first I thought my Wifi had crashed. Then I blamed YouTube for overloading. I then suspected foul play from that Squirrel that normally comes by my window for nuts and raisens.

Then I realised this was a teaser-trailer.


For many of us Nerf fans we love staying up to date with Nerf news, reviews, range tests, unboxings and other shenanigans the Hasbro blasters can bring us. Believe me when I say I went crazy for this trailer-tease and had to speak to the brilliant mind of director Nate Sorrentino.

Friday, 11 January 2013

New 2013 Nerf Elite Counterstrike blaster? Don't get too happy!

A fan in Portugal recently asked if they might have a list of Elite product dates for retail release in Portugal.

He was sent an email with this list:
He asked me if I knew anymore on this item - it didn't sound like a name they would choose to be honest. I got in touch with suspecting this was more likely a case of lost in translation from American English to Portuguese to English ( the Nerf Elite Incinerator).

Nerf Elite Rayven in battle!

Hello guys!

Here is a great video from BasicNerf with his Elite Rayven in a Team Death Match battle:

Note that Jason has a modded 8.4volt Rayven

Thursday, 10 January 2013

TIMEOUT: For the kid in all of us

This is a light hearted article about Nerf at Xmas. Infact over Xmas there were so many people Tweeting about their family Nerf wars :)

It was nice how everyone in their own way basically said how they set all the troubles and worries aside, and just had a good soul-happy laugh :)

Belvoir Eagle - TIMEOUT for the kid in all of us

How was your Xmas? Similar to the article? Let us know!

Dream Cheeky iLaunch Thunder turret

What are they?

There has recently been a BOOM of new Nerf like soft dart iAppteractive toys for your iPhone, iPad or similar OS system.

Here is just one of the makers and developers of the toys - DreamCheeky


Toys trying to imitate tools of war

This is an interesting article I found.

I don't want to sound overprotective of Nerf (it holds a very dear place in all fan hearts) but it's more toys in general, and what they meant to me growing up, and still want to mean to others.

Letting kids be kids, and grow up without being blasted with grown-up politics when their main motive is a media frenzy pushing for those extra hits/sales/numbers vs competitors.

Simply said, toys are toys, and should be treated as such, That's fine right?

I think overall, there is a level of hysteria after the terrible school shooting that took place in Newtown, Conn, USA. A lot of people feel helpless and want to do something to stop it happening again. That's great, but use your heads to think clearly, and your hearts passion to drive that change.

I don't see any sense in knee-jerk actions to punish the innocence of children.

Growing up, my brothers and sisters always played knights and pricesses, cowboys and indians, cops and robbers. We made costumes, props from sticks and endless supplies of my Dads electric tape, and my Mums sewing threads.

We live in a world today where we see this in the newspapers, TV, Internet, even kids movies, where we see guns or lasers or somekind of weaponry.

Whoever thought Toy Story was a bad impression on kids?
... no didn't think so.

Grovetown man fined $291 firing BBgun

Credit: JIM BLAYLOCK/STAFF Augusta Chronicle

An interesting piece I found about a 19 year old man in Grovetown, USA fined $291 for firing his BBgun in his backyard.

That doesn't sound too bad? If bad at all? Right?

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Happy 1 month Nerfversary MyLastDart!!

It was 1 month today that I started sharing a world with other brilliant Nerf fans :)

I'm not sure what to say, or where to start, but as Boromir from LoTR would say...

....I don't know how or why this is relevant, I thought it's funny.  

Things you probably never knew about Nerf

So, it started all the way back in 1969 did it NerfNation? I vividly remember the TV ads back in the mid 80s  (I would have been 6) and dreaming of having Nerf blasters and of course, like any kid with sisters - a Super Soaker to annoy them - Who else is with me on this??

This toy has graced the toy store shelves for over four decades, and still going strong today. Only last year in 2012 did we start to see the N-Strike (Light It Up), Vortex, Firevision Sports and Elite ranges expand and grow quickly. The lines were definitely an instant hit with fans old and new.

But what did it start with?

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Why toy Nerf guns can be good for kids

I have been following Petula Dvorak on my professional LinkedIn account for as long as I can remember, and have been a fan of her honest thorough-thought provoking style of writing. It made me smile when I saw her write this article about Nerf - I knew it was going be a good read - more later on this.

Since starting this Nerf blog, I have had the opportunity to bring a lot of Nerf related news to you all, and i'm glad for all the support and messages.

One in particular thing that I have been thinking of posting about is praise from others in my position in the Nerf community. I was pretty gobsmacked when I saw this message on our Facebook page:

I can't explain how super happy I was to hear this.

Wanna go Duck Hunt-ing with a Twitter-powered Nerf gun?

Wanna go Duck Hunt-ing with a Twitter-powered Nerf gun?

Well this innovator has created something definitely digitally interactive - with a modern fun Nerf spin :)

Center City-based marketing company Neiman Group made that happen last week: tweet with the #tweetoshoot hashtag and that would cause a Nerf dart to peg an old-fashioned NES duck from Duck Hunt. (These are the same people who used Foursquare checkins to gauge cheesesteak joint approval.)

More than 1,500 shots were fired via Twitter, spokeswoman Caitlin Vivian tells us. Check out an illustration of the gun in action below.


Neiman have launched a little projected called Tweet to Shoot. It’s a Twitter powered Nerf gun in their office that will be housed and functioning at Why? Because of reasons.

Actually, according to Neiman, it’s because they’re doing something fun in order to explore bigger things. The idea of bringing the digital world into the physical one.

“We’ve identified several industries and brands that could benefit from a variation of this execution, and we’re hoping that we can find a brand who is willing to partner on a pilot project like this,”
“The innovation doesn’t stop at a Twitter-powered Nerf gun; rather, that’s where it starts.”
says George Ward of Neiman.

So load up the site and fire away. Use the hashtag #tweettoshoot to fire the gun, and follow @NeimanNerfGun to see when it is reloading.


Sadly, the project is now over, but it was a resounding success to see people interacting digitally. Brillaint stuff :)

Monday, 7 January 2013

Kate Middleton Launches a Nerf Rocket!

Certainly a bit off the track on all things Nerf, but still related :)

I was speaking to my mother-inlaw told me about an article she remembered. She is a massive Royal fan, she recalled "the young Royal couple throwing a rocket foam-thingey."

With that said, I set about looking into this, and found the very article :)

"Attending one of her final Royal Jubilee tour obligations with Prince William by her side Wednesday in Nottingham's Vernon Park, the 30-year-old Duchess (a field hockey champ during her high school days) threw a rocket-shaped foam javelin when visiting with local schoolchildren.

Credit: Stephen Lock/iImages/Polaris.

Ed Sheeran starts a Nerf War!

I totally love Ed, I have been to see him a few times, and was really suprised to see him breaking into a Nerf war in the video because he ran into bit of a writers/creative block, so he wwent to chill out with some Nerf blasters!

Love this guy more!! Check it out, if you only want the Nerf war stuff, it begins are 3.08!

Awesomeness :)

If you are a fan also, check his YT info page for more details on his many tours!!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Uhm... what happened to copyright?

Don't you hate it when cheap knock offs come along? But when it's on this scale, what good is copyright?


Toy Fair 2013, January 22-24, London Olympia

Hello guys!! I will be attending the Toy Fair 2013 in London Olympia with my Media Press Pass :)

Follow me on my Twitter @MyLastDart  to stay up to date with what we can expect from all the NEW 2013 Nerf products!

Other Nerf products((non-blaster)


We are seeing more and more Nerf products that aren't limited to blasters. I think this is great, and makes you want to pick some of it up because it looks so much fun :)

Check out some of the items I was able to find!

Nerf electric scooter! (Toy Fair 2008)

Shoot to Snooze Alarm Clock

Nerf football clock

Nerf 4gb USB key
Nerf Desk Toy
(Nerf 2.1MP camera)
Nerf Spy & Battle Video Glasses
The list goes on - do you own or have you found any other really cool Nerf items? Let us know!

Reeboks creates Nerf inspired trainers!

Recently stumbled upon these whilst shopping with my nephew :)

Of ccourse he loved them, so I got him a pair! they are similar to the Nike KD 5 Energy trainers

They are the Reebok Vibe 2.0 trainers, they are really tough and put together well, and have the fun-factor of Nerf in them :) They sport the Nerf Grey, and Nerf Blazing Orange scheme.

He found them really comfy too, and they are ideal for him running around in day and night. They cost around £30 GBP, in the US price is around $45 USD.

They come in little and big kids sizes, so suitable for little kids and teens. Reebok also have another range for teen+ called Reebok Nerf Venture, pics below!
What you guys think? Will you pick up a pair? :)