Monday, 30 December 2013

New Zuru Toys X-Shot Zombie Scope blaster

New Zuru Toys Scope blaster - sure looks promising!

Just spotted this on the website, the new Zuru Toys Scope blaster in their X-Shot Zombie range - and I got to say if it is anything like the Vigilante setup this is going to be a promising blaster from their range!
The blaster is the first of their 2014 range - and we should hear more from the upcoming Toy Fairs. The Scope makes it's debut in their Zombie range, and it's product description is interesting:

"Exercise precision vision with the X-Shot Scope! The scope froms with a detachable 'scope' and stock so you can go from quick-fire pistol to a mini-shotgun in no time!"

From this it sounds like the blaster barrel may be removable - along with the stock. I remember from my Vigilante review (video below) that I suggested a mod for a sawn off or I could see something to that affect being done. They mention you go from a pistol to a mini-shotgun. The firing mechanism on the Vigilante is straight forward enough that you can understand how it might be removable. How this single-shot blaster goes down with fans is down to its performance and range. There is no range or price points on this yet, but I'm sure we will start to see it popping up soon.
Zuru Toys Vigilante shotgun blaster - looks like they've singled the new Scope

What is cool is that we are starting to see accessories for the Zuru Toys blasters - something many fans have asked about so it's promising to see they appear to be listening.

I'm definitely keeping an eye out for this one - you?

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  1. Wow. Looks good. I might give it a try.