Sunday, 29 December 2013

New Nerf Elite Transport and Storage kit

New Nerf Elite Transport and Storage hits!
Ok, if only... right? ;)
Courtesy of Perpetual Play, we have seen to date, a number of tempting and useful Nerf Elite accessories. This one I think hits a tempting battle field mark for those that do not pack anything like this:

Got to say, I think this absolutely rocks and see so much utility for battles. Yes you could easily do this all by slings and by hand, but for those weapons specialists this might be an answer?
Most fans do have some mil sim and homemade solutions, on the whole fans don't have much retail choice.
I almost overlooked this when I was flicking thru, and thought back to when Bay Area Nerf hit us up with an update on the Perpetual Plays Mobile Mission P.A.K:

This comes in at $14.99 at ToysRUS - and is yet another useful option for the battle field. Whilst they look similar the utility they offer is pretty awesome if you are heading off in to battle with an assortment of blasters. Lets not forget back in September when they thru us fans off with a curve ball - which was welcomed well, the New Nerf Zombie Strike Blaster Sleeve

Whilst many have honed their loadout to 1-2 blasters, there are many who prefer the classic 3 blaster loadout. Adding this to the fray I can see some new Protect the VIP or new elaborate battle missions popping up soon :D Here is to hoping 2014 bring yet more "ooooooh accessory" factor!

The in thing is to have your own blaster wall rack, but for those who don't have that option, this is perfect solution; sporting a listing for a  Nerf Elite Footlocker, $19.99:
So let me know what you think - will you pick them up, or what are you using to fix this issue?


  1. Whos is buying this cr%p?!?

    1. I know right? I got the sleeve but everything else is so badly designed and worthless when coming to nerf use. No one who would need to buy one of these uses 6 dart clips anymore, other bags are cheaper and better, the mag pouch designed for 12 dart clips, seriously??

  2. These are great products, but there's a few pitfalls too. I'll highlight the pros and cons of each.

    Nerf Elite Transport and Storage:
    (+) Nerf is putting out storage products for blasters.
    (+) It looks and feels like it belongs.
    (+) It holds 3 blasters and clips, plus darts.
    (-) Not much space for clips.
    (-) $30? Seriously? Get a backpack. (Mine holds a Pyragon, Stryfe, a whole 40-dart drum, 18-dart clips, sidearms, and a lot more...)
    (-) Not practical for strapping to your body. Again, get a backpack.

    Nerf Elite Footlocker:
    (+) Good for storing a small amount of blasters.
    (+) Lid closes, and container folds flat.
    (+) Holds blasters, clips, and darts of any size. (Yeah, about that super-modded Longshot with mile-long barrel extension...)
    (-) $20? Go to Lowe's and pick up a Rubbermaid tote (or two). They hold a lot more and are cheaper.
    (-) Doesn't hold that much. See above.
    (-) Ash, you were right, a wall rack would be better. I actually had a pegboard shelf for blasters, but my collection expanded and that was no longer viable.


  3. Ashley Bradley-powell5 January 2014 at 17:59

    lets be honest, while the fact nerf is trying is good thing, these are pretty poor attempts. If you want something to make it easier to carry your stuff, store it or build a tactical aspet to your loadout for a good price, I *highly* reccomend