Monday, 30 December 2013

Nerf Rebelle Sweet Revenge hits TRU UK online 1/1/2014

Rejoice UK Nerf fans! The Nerf Rebelle Sweet Revenge finally hits UK shores!

Thanks to TRU PR for the heads up here. Nerf Rebelle has been somewhat of a mixed bag to date for Nerf fans, but there are a few gems to be had out of the range to date.
The Sweet Revenge (originally Wildshot), comes in at £4.99 and is expected to go live for sale on the 1st of January - an absolute STEAL and no excuse for not dual-wielding people :D More details below:

Who says you can't look stylish while you suit up for Rebelle action? This Sweet Revenge is a complete and chic kit that has everything you need for high-style missions. It includes a sleek, fashionable blaster with a 5-dart rotating barrel and a holster that attaches to belts, bags or packs! When your mission is about to start, put on the included Vision Gear so everyone knows you mean business. You'll be the sassiest warrior on duty with the Sweet Revenge kit!

Kit includes blaster, holster, Vision Gear and 5 darts. Ages 8 and up.
As much as I love the Hammershot, this blaster has had my attention for sometime. Will you be adding this to your armoury? Or do you already have it - let us know how it performs!


  1. The 4.99 GBP price appears to mean the starting price point of the entire Rebelle line (e.g. the dart refills or the Angel Aim/Pretty Paisley, perhaps), and not specifically the price of the Sweet Revenge itself.

    1. Hello Mike - hope you had a good Xmas holiday!

      I have to say, I have emailed them twice about this, and they are sure it is right. I'm sure it will be £19.99 when they realise the mistake, because my thought are with you - it's not in their pricing nature!

  2. I'm waiting for the Sweet Revenge Kit to hit UK shores, because the blaster with it's holster will work very well with my HvZ setup.

  3. I'm waiting for the Sweet Revenge Kit, as that will fit well with my HvZ setup where I don't have anything to holster on my right side, but want to get a pistol for my right side.