Saturday, 28 December 2013

GREY TRIGGER Nerf Mega Magnus hits

"Holy Grey Trigger Batman!" *Homer Simpson scream*

Thanks to few updates on this from fans and ExtremeNerf.
Got to say that we are but a few days early from the official release date, so this must be a soft sale of the Nerf Mega Magnus from, retailing at £14.99.
Now they list the blaster with the following Product Description:

Product Details
High-caliber MEGA power in the palm of your hand! This compact-size blaster with MEGA performance is ready to fire farther than ever before for a hand balster,up ti 85 feet! Comes with an intergrated internal clip for loading the fly as well as three MEGA darts! Ages 8+
To my knowledge we are yet to hear the confirmed range of the grey trigger range - please do correct me if you know. But I assume (dangerous I know) that it will be sub par compared US/EU/Asia. Well according to this info, scratch the UK from that list. I just got the same sinking feeling when I heard the UK Centurion was getting castrated like our friends over in Aus. Speaking of which, Aus fans can expect the Magnus to hit shelves in Feb 2014, thanks to SBNC. US fans if you haven't had the chance to head on in to a Walmart $14.97 (few states still waiting tho).
A fan did leave this testimonial, which has now been removed by (tum tum tummm!):
"Edward Leader A whole ton of MEGA magnus in my local Smyths toy store. I'm in the UK and I noticed it has a grey trigger? Has anyone else seen this? I was also surprised to see them selling for £8, same as a firestrike?"

Plot thickens, hoping to get to a local store and get this all confirmed as I'm still away for the holidays. Fans have reported consistent ranges of at least 50ft. I got to say any Stock sidearm blaster reaching this is good - any blaster doing this is good. But with mod upgrades this is fast turning in to a favoured sidearm.

Has the Sweet Revenge / Hammershot / Strongarm met its day?

If you haven't had the chance to check out pSykSG review, here you go plus his mod workshop:



  1. I can confirm the grey triggers are detuned generally its just the spring which can be an easy fix aside from the ugly look of the triggers themselves

    1. Got you Greig, I have since been informed that the grey trigger now sits at 20m (was 15m).

  2. In Germany, the Nerf Elite Magnus is available with a grey trigger in retail stores since the 20th of december (I found it at a Müller back then). I contacted about the grey-trigger-issue, according to them, the whole European Union will only get the grey-trigger-version.

    1. Interesting... the UK is not part of the EU tho? :P Hahaha

      It's sad indeed, I don't like this detune business....

  3. I recently stumbled over a problem concerning the darts: One of my mega darts started to fall out of the blaster when loaded, although it doesn't feel more soft or is more damaged than the others. I bought my Nerf Magnus two days ago, did anybody else have these problems?