Wednesday, 4 September 2013

NEW Nerf Zombie Strike Sidestrike blaster comparisons

Thanks to Ryen Phua for sending these images of his new Nerf Zombie Strike Sidestrike blaster.
(*Warning pic spam*)
Ryen thought it would be handy (and we Nerf fans appreciate it!) if he did some blaster comparison shots of sidearms that might be holster friendly.

Before you get excited, the OJ blaster shown is not a new one, but the old Dart Tag Strike Fire set blaster (shown below)

It would appear Ryens holster DOES fit his Firestrike.

Whilst this blaster looks cool, I think the Strongarm has it beat in the sidearm category, unless you want to be beardy and bring in the Stryfe, then that is the king of the hill right now.


  1. [Alex] I'm still mega-stoked for the Sidestrike on the grounds that it's essentially an Elite Scout upgrade. I've always loved the slide-action priming.

    Plus I prefer the look of it over the Nitefinder and Firestrike <_<

  2. I dislike the Sidestrike's design. It looks like a rejected Scout. They couldn't have made the top slider a little longer to hide the butt sticking out? Or hide that orange nosepiece in the chassis? Come on Hasbro...

  3. I'm more interested in the Sweet Revenge kit which also comes with a holster. It would be nice if they offered a Zombie Strike branded version to go with the Hammer Shot, but just finding one has been problematic enough. Maybe it's just me, but the only Target in the city doesn't carry them (only the Sledgefire that nobody seems to be buying) and when I happened to have access to a car and be out in the suburbs today and stop by a Target they were out along with pretty much every other store around.

  4. how is the the first nerf blaster to come with a holster with dart storage when the sweet revenge kit has been out for a few months?

  5. does the holster fit the hammer strike

  6. Hammersmith. It fit the sweet revenge so I assume so