Thursday, 29 August 2013

Top C Level Staff unload Hasbro shares - should fans worry?

Something fans should worry about? Top C level staff at Hasbro unload large amounts of shares.

Citigroup upgraded Hasbro shares as hot property and signalled a "Buy buy buy" call for them. However a number of C Level staff at Hasbro have sold shares worth $10.71 million, according to SEC filings - should fans be worried?

Goldner sold 138,000 shares for $6.06 million, at an average price of $43.93. He still owns 206,518 shares, worth an estimated $8.88 million.

Others who sold shares included Deborah Thomas Slater, CFO and Senior Vice President, who unloaded 55,738 shares for $2.45 million.

Barry Nagler, Senior Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and Secretary, sold 49,969 shares for $2.2 million. It was the second major sale in less than a month for Nagler, who sold stock worth $3.2 million in July.

Hasbro to date filed losses for this quarter, stating the lost more than $2m last quarter compared to a $17m profit last year. You can read more about that in a previous article I covered at Hasbro Q2 Net Falls 16% in Boys Toy Sales .


  1. They may be cashing out in anticipation of (or maybe even to encourage) a downward trend, but I don't think that it's an indication of long-term problems. It's just been a relatively slow year, even though the stock is *up* overall (to the point that they're even giving out a dividend this fall).

    Nerf isn't the problem at all, of course--it's actually been up over the past year. It's more about Transformers (with no movie, and a lackluster main line with Beast Hunters), Marvel (Iron Man 3 merch getting lost in an aisle already saturated with Avengers products), Star Wars (again, no major developments and no gotta-have-it products), and GI Joe (a flop movie and a botched release schedule for the toys).

    But we already know what's on the horizon--a new TF movie, Guardians of the Galaxy and a new Avengers movie, and a new Star Wars movie.

    So if the stock is going to drop because of 2013 numbers, it seems to be that the smart thing to do is to sell the stock early, wait for the stock to hit bottom, then rebuy at that point, because the next year or so is going to be pretty sunny for Hasbro.

    1. Yeah I agree, but it is still very odd they are doing this. I would hang on to the stock and cash out when I retired.

    2. Mike as always awesome points to note and after speaking to some contacts at Forbes they agreed on the exact same. Kudos and thanks for the input :)

  2. Does this have to do with the toy factory riots in Shaoguan?