Thursday, 15 August 2013

Tek Recon Havok internal video

Hoping all you modscientists can figure out how this is working, and help evolve gen2 :D 

By popular demand, uploading a video of the Tek Recon Havok internals. It's a bit weird, but hopefully makes sense to all you modscientists. Sadly I don't have an Allen key on me so no go on breaking it open for now. I will try to get my hands on one and give it a whirl.
Basically, if the slider is on the max Rapid setting, there is an orange priming bar that slides away from the trigger. If you move the switch to the max Power setting, then the bar move closer and eventually is on top/over/behind to the trigger. What gives? I will use this post as a marker to help be a main source of discussion. You can check my REVIEW: Tek Recon Havok unboxing and review here.
So what you folks thinking?


  1. Uhm do the RS giveaway?! xD

  2. I think I have an idea of whats going on... that hook could hook on to the back of the ring, and something in front of the ring makes the ring compress, and to fire, the front stopper moves out of the way and the ring pushes off. The orange bar could be attached to the front stopper, and as the bar moves back, the ring is forced to compress further, thus storing more energy into the ring.

    1. I think you are right here the mechanism looks to fit the fact we see a hook and pull system. I am dying to see these internals, and can't wait to get it open. The challenge in on right first Havok opening so I am all over this. Thanks for the video MLD

  3. Ok so I am ever more intrigued with this set up. WTH is going on here...