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Friday, 2 August 2013

New Nerf Zombie Strike Machete hits Target shelves

Still think they need to get Danny Trejo to promote the Nerf Zombie Strike stuff

New Nerf Zombie Strike Machete product hits Target shelves on schedule, more below.

Did you know this range has been in the works since 2010?

It was hinted back at the London Toy Fair earlier this year, that N-force would indeed see some love, and we got just that with the new Nerf Zombie Strike range. Lo and behold, we first heard about these new products in the Nerf Zombie Strike range when Hasbro unveiled a fresh load want @San Diego Comic Con (SDCC).

Nerf Zombie Strike Machete $14.99  DPCI #087-11-0368  - credit to thenerfguy

It looks mean, it looks meaty, it looks like something that every Nerf fan should have in the their collection - how many of you will dual-wield this choppa? I really like the look, even if I had hoped for it to be a little longer I guess it is proportionately sized. I'm sure we will see some bayonet mods coming in soon, but I can't help thinking if they will indeed release more melee weapons? I guess Hasbro are looking at this from the point of view that this blade is more accessible real-life wise compared to a Katana (what if I live in Japan? :P ) or a polearm. A lot of fans wanting a cricket bat (as seen in 'Shaun of the Dead'), other fans would just like to see a foam baseball bat. Personally I'd love to see a revamped hatchet. Speaking of all this melee and HvZ, I know zombies get perks, but can humans get melee perks..?

Nerf Zombie Strike Machete at, Credit to Jet
Nerf Zombie Strike Blade Toy  $12.99

We have come to see quite some developments, and indeed direction hidden away in the development labs at Nerfs head office in Rhode Island. I'm not talking about the new blaster shells we see popping up, the advancement in internal mechanisms but what looks like a fresh way of thinking from Hasbro. I still withhold judgement on the Zombie Strike single shot blasters, but I like what I see so far.

In a year that has seen their #1 competitor Mattel file consecutive quarterly losses, all eyes and much pressure is on Hasbro, who have seen some rough seas themselves with 2nd quarter losses in their Boys Toys. I have to say that with the launch of Nerf Rebelle (an untapped market that has shown strong popularity and sales already), Nerf Elite releases (Rapidstrike CS-18, Elite Spectre REV-5, Elite Alpha Trooper, Tactical Mission App Cradle, etc), Mega Centurion aaaaand not forgetting the Nerf Zombie Strike range I think they are in for a solid year of profit. This end of the day benefits us as Nerf fans. Boy is my wallet and bank balance in for an epic battle it simply can't win.

I guess what I should ask is "will this open up more melee options in HvZ?" - hopefully you folks in the know can give me a hands on heads up if you see this happening or not!

From a bunch of HvZ  interviews I've done to date, one thing I've learnt is how organisation is paramount. Not only keeping things fresh for the Humans, but most importantly the Zombies. Overtime I've learnt that some people prefer to be a zombie than a human, so that really raises an eyebrow or two from me. I would instinctively go straight to being a human, but I guess the bonus of playing a zombie is that you can learn their tactics, how they corner and take people out.

You have probably guessed I am yet to experience a HvZ game, and I imagine it would be pretty crazy hard to get stuck in on melee with a zombie. As far as I can tell, zombies just need one touch, be it a pool noodle or a badass American football takedown, that's all it takes to get us humans. Does anyone have a group where they have a special game type where there are no blasters and just melee? Perhaps you have a game type where a sidearm + melee and it works pretty well? Or does HvZ without being blaster centric simply not work.

So, let me know what the chances are of opening up the melee in HvZ?


  1. Good write up MLD. We have used melee only in our HvZ games and it has worked just fine. We actually had more fun - zombies and humans!

    1. what rule set do you use?

  2. Nice will pick this up at my local Target - thanks for the heads up MyLastDart. They will go nicely with my 2 Hammershots

  3. Hey while you were at target did you see the centurion at all? I'm going to get mine today so it would be nice to have a heads up.

  4. Not sure why everyone is calling this a machete. It is actually a Bowie.

    And I want 2 of them.

    1. Hey Anon, the product is officially called Zombie Strike Machete, I think too it looks like a Bowie Knife. It just needs a compass in the butt haha

  5. Why oh why is there no information on ZS in the UK! Thats what I want to blumin know :(

    1. Hey Anon, apparently UK retailers feel there is too much Nerf this year, so won't take anymore stock until next year. So maybe after Xmas we will see ZS. *scream*

    2. ...What in the hell..? So if you wanna get the Zombiestrike stuff you'll likely have to import..?

      Shit dude..

  6. That machete might be exactly what i was waiting for... i have a remote-control car that is waiting to be fitted with a new battery and Nerf blade of some sort on the front. With a new battery, it would outdo a person in both speed and agility, so it would be very difficult to outrun. I call it the Earthglider, since its shock absorbers are pretty much top-of-the-line, and theyre even better after i did a few tweaks to them to keep them from coming down hard in a turn, since it can turn very sharp.

  7. One thing for people to keep in mind is some areas haven't gotten the Zombies stuff yet. I work in a Target in Maryland doing stocking and we have spots on the shelves for them now but most of it isn't coming in until next week, so it might behove people to call their local store and inquire about the items being in stock if you've got a bit of a drive to your local Target.