Friday, 2 August 2013

New Nerf Elite Range P.A.K Accessory

For a long time, fans have wanted more accessories. Be it to simulate MilSim, or for others to just be able to head in to battle and be able to pack just that bit more foam. It would seem Hasbro have finally heard the calls!

Nerf Elite P.A.K accessory  $9.99 @Target  DPCI: 087-11-0362
Comments from RandomShadow09:
"Introducing the "Range P.A.K.", which stand for Precision Action Kit. This is the first we've seen of the accessories that were supposed to come from Hasbro licensing out the Nerf name to other companies. 
Basically it's a pouch designed to carry five of the 12-dart magazines and some loose darts on the outside. The price at Target was $10. All I can say is it's about time stuff like this came out, but they should have made it for the 18-dart magazines."

Close but no cigar Hasbro! It packs a healthy 5x CS-12 clips, which is not a bad thing, but for those veterans with a batch of CS-18 clips this isn't going to cut it. UNLESS they start to sell CS-12 clips individually..? Fans will remember that the original PAK actually came with 50 CS camo darts, and many users complained that the fabric lost it's shape due to over stretching. Need we fear the same thing... again?

The promising thing is that we are seeing a investment to more accessories - which should be praised and encouraged. It has been reported you can get a couple of 25 dart drums in there too. At some point we all had a ton of CS-12 clips from buying certain blasters (who doesn't have multiple Retaliators?), and it would not hurt to pick them up and encourage sales and stats fans DO want accessories and that they DO sell - yeah, screw you TRU for telling Hasbro fans don't buy accessories, and fans don't want accessories. #1 example would be Hasbro not thinking retailers will stock the EPPS in the States+++ or any other single sales accessory.

The strap on the back is interesting - it's either for a belt or integrate with a new Tactical Vest? Wouldn't that be something. Actually why the hell not? Hasbro seem to be catching us all off guard right now.

Right now, the DPCI code is not showing anything online right now, but they are in store. Be sure to call ahead if you can to avoid being disappointed - that goes for much of the new stuff rolling out.

Nerf Elite P.A.K accessory - credit to Spicy Fireballs
Loaded with Clear CS-18 clips, and it won't close right - credit evands

It will take a 25 dart drum OK... but is that versatile enough? - credit evands
So, who will be picking these up?


  1. Um... isn't it true you can't just buy 12 round clips? They only come with the Retaliator and the Elite Alpha Trooper. Whereas you can go and buy 6 and 18 round mags packaged separately as accessories. So, the only way you'd even end up with extra 12 round mags laying around was if you bought multiples of a blaster. I see little logic in this accessory in this configuration... unless they start selling 12 rounders separately.

  2. I already have a pouch that holds 18s. 6 for a loose fit, 7 for a snug fit, and 8 if you plan on dropping spent mags to the floor.

    For 10 dollars I can buy a medium sized hard shell can cooler with a shoulder strap from Wal-Mart and use it to hold loose darts, small weapons, 6 magazines of any side on the side, and roughly 20-30 darts worth in magazines in the zip-open lid.

    While I agree that this may be a sign Hasbro is listening to the buying audience instead of catering to their imagination of the target audience, and while I agree that it should be encouraged, I have zero interest in this "PAK" whatsoever. Assuming it's real, it sounds like something from the mid 90s.

    Personally, I would rather that Hasbro take this product back and stop calling those long orange things that hold our darts "clips".

    They are not clips.

    They are magazines.

    There is a difference.

    It matters.

    1. You are a cantankerous bastard. I think I love you.

  3. Impressive, but the fact that it's made for the 12 dart clips kills me...

  4. I'm Famous!!! - Spicy Fireballs

  5. It looks nice and I am sure it will sell to kids or casual players but it has a flap, making it hard to get a mag quickly, I have lots of 12 clips so capacity is fine.
    I will stick to either duct tape pouches (£1 to make) or my BSUK kit, especially holsters as the plastic ZS one is naff. BSUK have no flaps, just shock cord and their mag holders are made for both 12 and 18 dart mags.
    I do wonder why they made a bag for a clip you can't buy as a refill! Enlarged for 18 dart mags I can't help thinking that this would have been good in a RS mission pack, with 3 18 dart mags.

  6. Well if they really wanted this to sell they should up the price and include maybe 3 or 4 12-clips with it. That would get me interested. As it is, a tac. vest holds four 18-clips already.

  7. is it available in singapore

  8. I saw the pak along with all the new goodies like the Centurion, Rapidstrike, Machette, Sledgefire, Hammershot, and z bombs at target today.

  9. Got hands on time just today.
    Holds 8 6rd mags if you take 3 and stack em horizontally. or 8 6rd mags if you stack them all horizontally. (problems with spilling and need for a separate dump pouch if you do so)
    Having the 12rd mags in single or pairs would be the best way to take advantage of this.
    Will not hold 30rd drum. Will hold 1 25rd drum barely. Will hold 2 18rd drums with room to clank.
    The material and stitching quality on this is much much better than the previous PAKs. It has some rigidity and includes a more durable inner lining. The Velcro on the flap is about a medium density, making for a good grip to keep it closed but not so much area that you have to keep fighting with it. It does exactly what you want it to.
    Same goes for the velcro strap on the back, which is a notch sturdier. And that part is my one I-wish for this item. it has only the one strap to attach it to anything in the center. The pack will sit at the right height so it won't lean or get in the way but i'd have preferred two straps to hold it more secure.

    Also, it is the exact perfect size to stow and go a NERF NVG goggle set. . . yeah.
    And you can get a Hammershot fully secured in it. But the balance is going to go off sooner or later and you'll need two hands to put it back in. So okay for the emergency quick draw but that's it.

    1. Typo-
      stores 10 6rd mags if you stack them all horizontally, equalling the dart capacity of the 5 12rd mags. Though not nearly as nice and simple to reload swap with.

      I actually just grabbed another one of these to replace the two camp PAKs i had been using for 'grenades'.

      I wanna know what happened with this new footlocker and transport bag. There's like no info and they seem to have disappeared already.

  10. Elite Soft Transport Case

    No one seems to be talking about this anywhere i can see. It's like a pistol suitcase with the blue digicam pattern. It's labeled as carrying a small blaster and 4 6-12rd mags.
    It's advertised using the Stryfe, which really is the best blaster for it IMO. You can squeeze a Rayven in there if you want or you can use a Stryfe and still have room for all the attachments you use, with plenty of reload.
    Has a shoulder strap that crosses the zipper, so no fear of flopping open but might get in the way of intent work (yeah right).

    It also TRIES to promote combining it with 1-3 Range Paks in a sort of MOLLE style using the orange loops on the one side. Even the photo on the packaging was butchered to try to make you believe that would be a good idea.
    The velcro straps on the range bag make attaching it a minor annoyance at best, or a consideration if you don't want to rip out the loop seams. carrying it with attached bags throws the balance way way off and leave the range paks to flap and bob around smacking and rattling and waiting to spill or snag on something.
    I still have confidence in the range pak straps so you CAN do it and it should hold together just fine, but there are better and much more comfortable alternatives to such a configuration.

    So who is this for?
    Players who love their pistol blasters and want to carry that and all the ammo they need in a bag just right for the job and look tacti-cool doing it.