Saturday, 10 August 2013

Nerf Sonic Ice Hail-Fire hits US Toys R Us shelves

US fans get some Ice cool love as the NEW Nerf Elite Sonic Ice Hail-Fire pops up at Toys R Us!

Props to Chris Cartaya for this scoop. We first heard about this range back reader cpx from China mailed images of accessories he got his hands on.

Since then, we have had confirmation of the Nerf Elite Sonic Ice Retaliator and the Nerf Elite Sonic Ice Rampage as part of the upcoming range. With much controversy over whether this is actually worth it / needed from fans, I can personally say that some of the previous 'Clear the way' series have been pretty shocking (in a bad way). Will I pick them up? Not really, tho I do find them appealing. In a recent comment Hasbro said that the cost of plastic prevents them from looking further into accessories. If they stopped pumping this needless stuff, then maybe fans will recoup their expensive plastic costs. Right?

This for me is more of a "grab it in the sales" than gotta have it now. I don't know about you, but I have much bigger fish on the radar to pick up first. It's something different, it might be a waste of time for some fans but for collectors it's much worth the investment.

It's not confirmed if there are any new blasters in the range on the back of the Sonic Ice Hail-Fire edition - many fans are hoping that we see a Rough Cut in the range for them to complete a Sonic Ice Masterkey.

I personally have been wanting to make one myself (anyone got a decent guide please let me know!), but the deco art on the Sonic Ice would definitely make for one funky Masterkey :)

They are retailing for around $29.99 - some 5$ cheaper than the existing Nerf Elite Hail-Fire ($34.99? Odd. Yep.

So let us know if you be picking up any of the Sonic Ice range or if it is not worth it


  1. The sonic ice range looks good. But it doesn't make want to buy a Hailfire

  2. [Alex] The only reason I'd buy *another* Hail Fire is if they fixed some of the issues with it such as the clip carousel not supporting heavier mags / drums very easily.

    I honestly find that a joke that "Hasbro said that the cost of plastic prevents them from looking further into accessories."

    ...I'm sorry but *not only* like you said if they stopped putting out "silly" re-makes or re-paints of blasters, if they made accessories and put them at a good price then isn't the idea to sell products to make a profit?

    Accessories such as scopes, separate clips/mags/drums, shoulder stocks, dart/disk holders, bi/tripods and so on would sell like hot cakes! I mean just look at guys like SlyDev and others who MAKE custom Nerf accessories and how popular they have become D:

    Anywho back on topic... I'm not all that excited about the Ice range... never really been fond of the clear stuff at all. Now Whiteout series on the other hand... imagine a Whiteout Centurion or Rapidstrike or Stryfe!! D: ... but again I'd prefer accessories over repaints any day xD since there is always such a thing as a paint spray-can :P

  3. Cool, so now we can see the trash can lid suck both externally & internally :)