Saturday, 24 August 2013 solution to the Mega Centurion? gem for the mod community - a Mega-Elite-Upgrade-Kit for NERF Centurion

"Here we describe our mod-kit for NERF Mega Centurion which allows you to use normal CS-darts instead of Mega-Darts."

Got to say I'm blown away at the prospect of the Mega Centurion being a viable blaster. It will be available soon, and will update when I know.

EDIT: Range test and results!

So, what are we thinking folks?


  1. In my eyes a very dangerous move; There's a reason the centurion does not fire standard darts and thats not just the money side of making people buy new darts and clips.

    Although I would love a Centurion with normal darts...if it keeps the same power and doesn't loose air or range somewhere in the barrel this will have the power to cause serious injuries.

    Modifications to Nerf blasters can lead to very good things or perhaps even new lines - but in this case I think its gone too far and I wouldn't be surprised if some big guys at Hasbro are already in the works of shutting this (Seemingly easy) modification down.

  2. I wouldn't worry about the Centurion's power mate. The plunger and firing mechanism are terribly flawed. A brass-breeched Longshot is still way more powerful than a Centurion, unless maybe you fit the Xplorer kit. But for $280, I find it unlikely to be a common mod.

  3. You obviously don't know anything about modding. There are things that already hurt far worse than I'm sure this will. Hasbro doesn't care. They have your money. If it's modified they are no longer liable.

  4. a singled titan is like the scariest thing you can have and if it is firing stefans prepare for injuries. This probably has nothing on a singled titan.

    1. Of course this doesn't. I don't know why that idiot is saying they're gonna get shut down. This is an expensive and(unless you specifically want the centurion to do the same job another gun could easily do better) redundant mod. It's still a good idea though.

  5. A very clever product idea, for which they should be applauded!
    It solves the ammunition problem, you only need to take your usual darts and can freely scavenge darts at wars. It is not the best solution for range IMO, reflecting the aversion to non-stock darts in the continental NIC. You are still left with the failings of the elite streamline but just in a bigger shell.
    The MC is all about the crazy size of the shell, its a statement blaster. If you are capable of modding a longshot, you wouldn't buy this blaster in the first place. This well designed and clearly simple to install kit is a neat solution to one of the biggest gripes about the MC, I can't wait to see future developments.
    Personally I would be using 22mm foam backer rod to make mega stefans, rip out the dart post and then you'd get accurate shots!