Thursday, 29 August 2013

Avengers unite! New Nerf Avengers Hawkeye Bow

New Nerf Avengers Hawkeye Bow based off the Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker bow?

Avengers Hawkeye Bow
Estimated to Arrive
October 2013
Our Price: $12.99

This year is most definitely the year of the Bow. With the Hunger Games 2 fast approaching cinema screens, Rebelle have been quick to jump on this band wagon with the Heartbreaker Phoenix and Vine bows. Recently the Golden Edge Bow (a TRU exclusive popped up).

Props to  MikeJonas from Reddit for this find. From first glance, I would say it's a Firestrike PT encased in the shell. But as we have been shown, there is little mod upgrade that can be done with the bow mechanism in play. I'm hopeful that the modsmiths in the NIC can come up with something funky for this because if a blaster deserves it, this would be one of those up in line. Still to see the boxart, so ranges remain unconfirmed. The size of the blaster bow is looking to be small. Small. Really? Ok, small for us Kidults. I'm hopeful after discussions with Hasbro UK that they will start to roll off blasters aimed at the older base of Nerf fans.

You can see the original is to the left, and that they have done a rehaul on the Rebelle Heartbreaker model.

What interests me is the trigger on the grip. Apparently it is for a light source - if so this bow just jumped up the list for many Nerf fans!

I'm glad to see that the new Avenger Hawkeye Bow can take Elite darts. There has been a lot of uproar regarding the fail Mega Centurion Mega Elite darts.

So folks, be good to see your thoughts on this, and if it has made it to your Xmas list :)



  1. Hmmm... looks tiny... but then it'd match my small scale Thor hammer and Cpt America shield...

  2. I can see fun things happening with that compound bow setup and some non-elastic cord...

  3. Wow, thats what I call a downgrade.

  4. First of all, the AHB seems to be not much larger from front to back than two Elite darts. Perhaps the size of the old Longshot scopes? Secondly, on the positive side, is that a trigger I'm spying underneath the loaded dart? If this thing has a half-way decent, spring-based, trigger-operated set of mechs, then I'd be tempted to pick one up just to chop off the arms and either create a wrist blaster or a subtly mounted secondary (or tertiary?).