Friday, 16 August 2013

4x Rapidstrike worldwide giveaway!!

That's right folks! To celebrate my milestone of 500,000k page views and 1,000 FB followers, I am giving back as always to you folks! - to say "Thank You" to all those supporting me, I did a poll on what you would like to win in a Giveaway.
You wanted the Rapidstrike, so a Rapidstrike you will have the chance of winning!

First, sorry for taking so long to throw this post up, I have just been mad busy with projects, some of which I will be able to share soon with you (I have been given the opportunity to write for some leading Toy Magazines!
Ok so details on how to enter, roll video:
All entrants will be thrown in to a hat and drawn randomly for 3 territories: The Americas, Europe, AsiaPAC! The rules to enter are simple:
  • Subscribe to my YouTube channel and leave your Name, Age and Location - simples!

  1. Giveaway Ends September 30th, 23:59 GMT+0. 
  2. Winners have 1 week to claim their prize(s)
  3. Trying to trick or abuse the giveaway will result in disqualification.
  4. I require valid shipping details - a local post office will do.
  5. You should not incur any customs charges. If this can't be avoided I will notify you.
  6. If you need it, get your parents permission before entering.
  7. Your private information will not sold to 3rd parties.

Best of luck to you all :)


  1. May the odds be ever in your favour. (sorry, had to say it)

  2. James Hunter, USA, 15, great blog!

  3. Name's João, 23, from Portugal!
    GL everybody! hope I get the one from Europe!!

  4. Pete Allinson, 21, Barcelona

    Regards and great blog

  5. Karl S, 19, Düsseldorf (Germany) ^^


  6. Dale Tomlinson 14 Syd Aus thanks :)

  7. Ben Rochford, 22, USA
    Always enjoy the read and the news good to see this and keep up the good work MyLastDart

  8. Shin Hobin, 13, Singapore. You are simply awesome!

  9. Really great for do this! Wow I pray to win :)

    Miguel Sontos, 24, Portugal

  10. Thank you for maintaining this blog i really love it :)
    Maiky, 13, Norway (Europe)

  11. Dennis M., 22, USA

  12. Winston Weaver, 27, Missouri U.S.

  13. Andrew Bytheway, 13, US.

  14. William C., 13


  15. Kyle W, 19, CA USA

    Good job on the giveaway love the blog and the news you bring us and congratulations on the magazine authorship. Keep it up MyLastDart

  16. Darryl Chua, 15 , Singapore

  17. Country : Singapore

    Name : Jerrick Goh

    Age : 12

    Look forward to your give aways results thks hopw to win it
    Love rapidstrike a lot

  18. I subscribed to your Youtube channel and RT'd you/followed you on Twitter.