Thursday, 4 July 2013

Unboxing by Baidu of upcoming Nerf App Cradle

Props to Xian for sending these images to me. We get a closer look at the upcoming Nerf App Cradle. AFoN confirmed that we will indeed be seeing an Android cradle in the future... that's great but none of my friends use an iPhone or iPod Touch...

So here we go, you can check out further London Toy Fair info here:


If you have not seen the package drop by Big Pete from Hasbro Australia to Canberra & Southern NSW Dart Tag (Nerf Wars, HvZ) check it out!

So how many of you will be taking the plunge on this one, and pick it up?


  1. Looks just like the LTAR cradle, minus the LTAR's headphone jack connection, plus compatibility with newer iOS devices. Someone with a iPhone 4/4S or fourth-gen iPod Touch could conceivably glue an LTAR cradle to a secure tactical rail part and have a reasonable substitute.

  2. Based on the ability to remove the iDevice housing, could that mount hold more accessories in the future? different upgrade packs could be made(PINPOINT SIGHT UPGRADE!!!!!!!!).

    1. No it is permanent once attached (you can see a latch in picture 4).

    2. I was mistaken, urban taggers had better pictures and it does come off sorry.

  3. don know when can come to SG haha

  4. Gah, no point. Im a droid user not a crapple fan