Monday, 8 July 2013

Not sure fans are sold on the latest deal by Toys R Us

Summer Stryfe goodness for Nerf fans..or not?

Thanks to James Holly for the email, and my buddy Mike over at Tactical Tag for this find!

Nerf N Strike Elite Stryfe
Our Price: $24.99

It looks like they are pushing this as part of the Double Your Darts promo we saw back with the Strongarm and Firestrike earlier this year. I won't complain, double is always good. But i'm not sure about that price point you're giving us fans Toys R Us...

The darts appear to be rocking Elite digital camo scheme, but if it is anything like the other packs- they will be plain jane Elite blue... damn i'm a sucker for those things, how about you - are you sold on this?

Edit: You can check out ExtremeNerf review of the unboxing


  1. The fact that I own a Stryfe aside, I don't see the extra 12 darts being worth the $5 they tacked on to the price of this thing. I never buy from Toys R Us unless it's an exclusive blaster. Always more expensive there.

    1. Actually it is $5 for an extra 6 darts.

  2. Ha. That price is nothing wrong with me. A normal Stryfe at my local Toys R Us is sold for $29.99

  3. I thought this version of the stryfe with digital camo darts had been out for awhile?

  4. I alredy saw this Special Value pack of the Stryfe.
    I have a post on this.

  5. This has been out for a while. I ordered one from their website. When I got it the darts were NOT the exclusives shown, but just plain blue elite darts. I returned the blaster, but wasn't refunded shipping. Not thrilled with TRU right now.