Sunday, 21 July 2013

Toys R Us UK throw up the Nerf Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 at an odd price...

Thanks to Darren Booth for this heads up!

Got to say, I was pretty shocked at this new Nerf Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 listing price... are TRU feeling ok? Or did someone make an error? :)

Nerf N Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS18 Blaster
Ref:  027453
  • £39.99

    Our recommended age is 8 years +

    The Nerf N-Strike Elite RapidStrike CS-18 blaster delivers motorized rapid-fire blasting for awesome dart-firing action with an elite distance of up to 75 feet. It's fast and easy to get ready, get moving, and get blasting with this Nerf N-Strike Elite blaster. Load the 18 Elite Darts into the see-through clip, then attach the clip to the blaster. Hold the acceleration trigger to power up the motor, then pull the launch trigger to let the darts fly fast and far!
    • RapidStrike CS-18 blaster
    • 18-dart see-through clip
    • 18 Elite Darts and instructions

    Full Specifications

    Colour Blue  
    Battery Description  4 x C (sold separately)

    It's not available right now, but as Hasbro UK have informed me, it goes on official release 1st August 2013! This said, some lucky fans have got them early :)

    It's just real odd that it's up at this price. But I won't complain, maybe we are seeing a new pricing strategy by TRU. For it's regular customers they will feel some change, for us smarter shoppers we will most likely not shop with them, unless they release items earlier or, god forbid - cheaper!


    1. I'm expecting these to sell for close to $80 here in Australia... we're getting screwed!

      And why does that model look like he has a hair cut from the mid 90s?

    2. That photo.... Ugliest....model....ever!

    3. I was too surprised to see TRU seem to be price matching the Rapidstrike. However, the clear winner will be whom so ever puts it on discount first...