Friday, 12 July 2013

Tek Recon throwback-Thursday images of prototypes!

Tek Recon have been kind enough to give the TRibe an inside look on the development path of the Hammer Head, Havok and the NRG rounds. Check it out :)


The first prototype blaster. This was the first design for tek recon. The curved bottom is the barrel for the NRG rounds! (MLD: I can imagine a bullpup sniper rifle with this!)
The next prototype blaster with the recoil added into it! (MLD: Something very Halo-esque about this prototype, I would love to see it as a sidearm if they ever worked out any bugs)
This prototype adds the smart device mount in its preliminary stages. This one only fits an iphone.

 The next generation of prototype that puts the slide action and the trigger in one blaster.

The next generation had the smart phone mount that fit multiple smart devices.

The final version! This is the production orange hammer head available in the Battle Pack!

Our first Havok prototype! (MLD: Looking very raw, I still love this!)

Our NRG has gone through numerous facelifts. Beginning as a fat green donut and ending up as a small redish-orange oval with grooves in the rubber! The 1st one (fat green donut) went a shorter distance and was less accurate than our final version.