Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Singapore YouTube video unboxing of Sonic Ice Retaliator

Props to Urban Taggers for the heads up on this!

I have been following this from the start with breaking the leaks on the Clear Blue Stock and then the Drum. When I saw this on sale yesterday on the Toys R Us Hong Kong website, aaaand then got word from pSyk that Der Kenji had picked up a Nerf Sonic Ice Retaliator at Singapore TRU, I was getting that step closer to fist pumping that we might see this on European/US shores.

Thanks to Yuki Nagato for this unboxing!
So I'm excited to see this, i'm really hopeful that we will see a Rough Cut... we know that there is a Hail-Fire coming, but we will see on the RC.


  1. hey MLD the rapidstrike is now on preorder on amazon here is the link.

  2. I just picked up a Sonic Ice Rampage and a Sonic Ice Retaliator. Both blasters appear to have a smoother priming mechanism than their regular counterparts (at least the ones I've used - I own 4 regular Retaliators and 2 regular Rampages) Due to the smooth priming mechanism I'll likely pick up another 1 of each... and a Hail-Fire... just to complete the collection.

    Now if only I could make my own masterkey using a Sonic Ice Retaliator Barrel, Rapidstike & Rough Cut 2x4... and wire in some LEDs into the barrel... that would be sweet