Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Official launch of new Nerf UK site kicks off with nationwide Rapidstrike CS-18 tour!

Nerf in the UK gets ready to ramp up the fun with nationwide tour!
This is a press release I was sent last night, and it's going to be fun for Nerf fans in the UK! Check the video below:

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As I found out at the London Toy Fair 2013, the plans for each territory to create it's own relevant presence for it's fans. Right now, it's all about the US based Nerf site to produce videos and content for fans who may not even understand or find appealing. The initiative should be rolling out with more territory specific sites this year. This tour should be happening in the States too.
So! What is Nerf: The Vault all about? The Nerf Vault is an interactive shooting gallery in a mysterious branded shipping crate, that will be touring festivals and city centres across the summer, allowing fans to get hands on with the latest blasters from the N-Strike Elite range, as well as step inside the unit for a first look and feel of a top secret new Nerf blaster.
The bespoke build incorporates sound, light and music for the ultimate Nerf experience – and visitors will be the first consumers in the UK to try the new blaster before it hits stores.  The tour coincides with the launch of a new UK Nerf website – www.nerfelite.co.uk.

This sounds pretty awesome, and I'm excited by The Vault - it's a perfect chance for fans to get their hands on blasters, and give exposure to new fans about the hobby :) The locations and times at each venue are below:

The Nerf Vault Tour Schedule
11-13 July NASS Action Sports & Music Festival, Bath & West Showground
  • Thursday 11th July: 3pm – 11pm,
  • Friday 12th July: 11am – 9pm,
  • Saturday 13th July: 11am - 9pm

  • 2-4 Aug  Rotunda Square, Bullring, Birmingham
  • Friday 2nd August: 11am – 7pm,
  • Saturday 3rd August: 11am – 7pm,
  • Sunday 4th August: 11am – 6pm

  • 9-11 Aug Smithy Row, Nottingham
  • Friday 9th August: 11am – 7pm,
  • Saturday 10th August: 11am – 7pm,
  • Sunday 11th August: 10am – 6pm

  • 16-18 Aug Exchange Square, Manchester Arndale
  • Friday 16th August: 11am – 7pm,
  • Friday 16th August: 11am – 7pm,
  • Sunday 18th August: 11am – 6pm

  • 24-26 Aug Shepherds Bush Westfield London
  • Saturday 24th August: 11am – 7pm
  • Sunday 25th August: 10am – 6pm
  • Monday 26th August: 10am – 6pm

  • UK Fans can sign up to join the Nerf Elite, take on missions, unlock badges and move up the ranks, with the chance to win a 1 of 10 FREE Rapidstrike CS-18 - details at the link!

    Are you ready??


    1. wish Hasbro did things like that south of the equator, I'm jelly right now

    2. the awkward moment when people in the UK already have them :)

    3. Will the vault come to the us?

    4. That awkward moment when you walk into Target and buy one.

    5. They've announced the Rapidstrike, the Centurion and the Rebelle and Zombiestrike lines... so what's in the crate? I assumed it was a Rapidstrike, but it says the blaster in the crate is top secret. So unless they think it's still top secret even with it's name splashed all over the same site... there is something else here.
      So what, I ask you, nerf fans... is in the Vault?
      I'm hoping for a second new Elite blaster for this year that they have somehow kept off Baidu. But then it's probably more likely they are using top secret in a... 'figurative' sense and it's the blaster in the Vault.

      1. The blaster in the vault is the top secret September blaster that NO ONE knows about, nerf does this every year.

      2. I would agree, except that they have said blaster on the same page...