Thursday, 4 July 2013

NEW Vapor Blasters coming this year! Neo and Fusion blasters

The new 2013 range hits the shelves this Summer! and they look pretty awesome I have to say!

Props to AwesomeNerfer for this find! I originally did a review and interview earlier this year of the Vapor Blasters, and I have to say it was an awesome time playing with them at a Summer picnic :)

So what is new? Here we go with a TV Commercial set to hit set to hit your widescreen:

I have to say that the video is done really well, and they have completely avoided the whole "cheesy" voice that we see in so many cringe-worthy promos.
So! What's exactly new? Here we go!
This is the new Fusion blaster. It is semi-auto and fires 3 Gel Ammo a second, up to 80 feet (very achievable and realistic) - I would say 100ft+ arc'd.
I have to say, that playing with the Atlas and the Delta, you found that the firing mechanism did at times fire 2 Gel Ammo at a time. I think that was just a working error, but an acceptable one. It looks like they have taken that feedback and created a purposeful firing mechanism.
These guys give Nerf Super Soakers a run for their money - the best thing is that it's a "dry wet mess". You get all the fun of a water blaster without the mess AND other ammo blasters without the big clean up. The Gel Ammo come in packs of 500-1000 rounds and they last forever. Even if you don't use them all up, pop them back in the water sealed bag and drop them when you next need them.
We sadly see no info on the Neo, I'm assuming it is a sexed up Atlas pistol. Looking forward to my care package to play test these thru!
I'm looking forward to this - are you?

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  1. the fusion blaster fires 3 rounds per second, not 3 rounds at a time, so basically slam fire